Guild Wars - Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: 66

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The Elites fell to their knees as they were overwhelmed by all that was going on. They weren't like the Five Generals who were true killers in the real world, having also built up some resistance to Riveting Night's eeriness over time.

They were experiencing her madness firsthand and in a very painful way, which was a direct suppression by her aura. They couldn't see her expression, otherwise their faces would pale with fear and they would regret joining Umbra.

Riveting Night's countenance was twisted by madness and evil!

"You think I don't know that some of you plan to enjoy our benefits and leave right after? Do you take us for fools?!"

Her roar blew back all the gathered elites before her, some of them spitting blood as they did. One must know, these were hardcore gamers who were a slice of the best that could be offered, but they still had to take steps back in order to stabilize themselves.

Riveting Night used a mixture of aura, bloodline technique and worldly energy manipulation to achieve this effect. After all, for her shout alone to cause this was a bit too far fetched.

There were of course, those who intended to join Umbra due to respect and willingness to rise with the First Guild.

There were also those who joined out of curiosity/half-heartedly. Mostly to find out what was up with this so-called First Guild as well as to see whether it was worth their precious time.

There were those who joined as spies from other Guilds. Just because the existence of Draco and Umbra was daunting didn't mean that they would completely flinch away!

Finally, there were those who had obviously joined in order to reap the harvest and default when it was time to put in the effort. This group formed the large majority unfortunately.

When the Elites heard what Riveting Night said, there was a wide variety of reactions. Those who were planning to be loyal were glancing at the others suspiciously while those who were curious had expressions of strangeness on their faces.

The spies swallowed their dissatisfaction and pretended to be part of the curious group while those with the nefarious intentions became fearful.

"Also, those dogs who were sent here to gather information, do you really think I have no idea about your existence? Come out!"

The spies, who had been blending in, suddenly stood out as they coughed, not blood, but just coughed. They felt their throats dry up quickly as their palms became sweaty and their knees became weak.

Those who were in the category of curious and loyal were unchanged, while those who fell in the category of spies and deserters were suffering immensely.

How was Riveting Night doing this?!

She wasn't like Draco who had the Divine Eyes of Caelo. Even then, Draco could only perform variations of 'seeing'. He couldn't directly affect their minds with it.

Well, now he could, with the skill share from Roma, but that was a recent addition.

The truth was that it was a mixture of too many things. It was a large part of a passive skill she bought for the Shadow Assassin sub-class called Dark Interrogation.

「Dark Interrogation – Passive skill

Rank: Rare

Effect: Your words have the ability to sway listeners into displaying visual effects that directly or indirectly answer your query.

Note 1: This only works on those within your Rank and to limited effect.」

That was the main reason. The secondary reason was the suppression from her aura while one of the prominent miscellaneous reasons was her usage of a technique that she had learned from her past life as an Assassin/Spy within Boundless that required a troublesome combination of Void of Perfection as well as Worldly Energy manipulation.

Draco had walked down the path of a crafter, mostly finding unique ways to use Worldly Energy to augment his crafting techniques. Riveting Night hadn't bothered with crafting Tradeskills and took up much darker Tradeskills that one would see in dark guilds.

Her usage of Worldly Energy was fundamentally different from Draco's, similar to how everyone had the same muscles in one arm but their handwriting was different when those arms moved a pen upon a piece of paper.

The Five Generals just watched this with sympathetic expressions, but they didn't oppose the Lady Boss, in fact they supported her behavior!

They were members of an evil and cutthroat organization, having to climb up from the bottom rung without losing their lives. They now occupied somewhat high positions, but they knew that there would always be those sycophants who would sidle up to them to curry favor.

Speaking generally, sycophants weren't bad. It was those who came with nefarious intentions or held 0% reliability that were a problem. How could one tell one sycophant from the other?

They all wore the same shameless smiles and spoke the same flattering words. A sycophant with good intentions will act almost the same way as one with evil intentions, so how to sift through them?

Everyone had their means, but the fact that their Lady Boss could directly oppress such people into revealing themselves made their respect for her climb up.

These Five were new to the game world and they were learning quickly. These gamers had different speech patterns and styles of thinking as opposed to those in the underworld.

Gamers were rude and crass, but they had an in-built kinship with each other that transcended race, sex or even spacetime. They were lighter in their actions and took most things lightly because they could respawn.

They couldn't yet relate with that, but they could certainly relate with managing an organization in the way the Lady Boss was. This showed them that the Lady Boss was a true genius.

That Boss of ours… which ancestor of his banged the Divine Celestial Amaterasu to get this kind of woman supporting him?

Haha, not that Amaterasu existed anyway, it was just a saying.

Sublime Notion was worried but she didn't stop this. She was long aware that something was happening to Riveting Night but she was content to wait until her best friend was ready to share it all with her.

For that matter, Riveting Night and Draco didn't mind letting Sublime in on the secret, only that they couldn't do so with the AI watching and listening so closely.

Sublime Notion might be a vindictive and carefree cutie, but she also had her strong points. The first one was her compassion towards boys with difficulties in socializing, like the old Draco, and her absolute trust in Riveting Night.

Riveting Night laughed out loud.

"Out of 413 people, only 30 plan to remain loyal and 69 of you are on the fence. The rest are either traitors or future deserters. Good! Good!"

Her manic voice suddenly calmed down and the people arrayed were finally aware that they were in the presence of a woman who had mental issues.

"I won't bully you all. Here are the guild membership contracts for Umbra. They are separated based on the level of benefits and detriments, as well as your caste, so take a look and sign if you will."

Riveting Night spoke extremely evenly as she waved her hands. A screen popped up before all the players in the room, detailing the terms and conditions of the membership contract for Umbra based on their tier.

When the players looked through these terms, their faces paled and their eyes widened.

What a good guild!

The benefits they were offering were amazing! All of the effects of the Guild Hall and the Guild Shop were listed, as well as previews for the housing and upkeep. It was like living in a 3 star hotel with everything they needed available.

All they had to do was work for the contribution points of the guild and they could get almost everything and anything needed to climb up!

Of course, certain limitations were imposed between tiers in terms of resources available, priority of purchase, discounts and accessible amenities as well as managerial rights.

But being a Basic member of Umbra was far better than being a core member of most guilds, including Kamisuo and the like!

One should not forget, Draco had to sleep in the long house of Darkrow's settlement as a harveey. Before that, since sleep was unnecessary,he got by through hard work and effort.

To get all of this in the early game was not completely lost on these players, they weren't like Kiran and co who were absolutely total noobs when it came to gaming. They knew Boundless would become a big hit in the future, and the recently opened Intermediary Trade Center was proof of this.

(Author's note: It's the thing that allows players to trade in-game currency for real currency in an auction-like manner with other players, and vice versa)

Normally, their eyes would be red as they wished they could move their damn hands to sign faster, but…

Umbra was truly ruthless.

There was a clause stated that once one signed onto Umbra, they could only leave if they satisfied some absurd requirements. Even Basic members had to pay out 3,000 platinum as well as one Epic item in order to sever the contract.

Where the hell were we supposed to get that money as well as such an item? Did you think we were like that sick Guildmaster of yours who broke records as if they were his plaything!?

Why talk so elaborately? Why not just say 'once you sign, you cannot unsign'.

And it was even worse for higher tier members.

This fact made many hesitate, but there were those who weren't bothered because they didn't plan to leave anyway. They signed the contract immediately and became official members of Umbra.

Under their name tags was their guild, as well as a guild emblem embossed onto their chest area. It was the symbol of a Black Dragon, with a circle of matagama symbols hovering around the serpent.

The emblem of Umbra alone looked so damn cool that these players began to drool.

Truly, the thought process of a gamer was too different from commoners…

"If you have signed, please come up to the stage and stand behind me for the orientation."

Riveting Night nodded to the people who were now official members and they walked into position with confident and excited steps. They had made it into Umbra! Finally!

It was like trying for your dream job and finally getting it! It was a feeling that was hard to describe, but one felt fulfilled and accomplished.

The spies and deserters though, were sweating bullets as the aura pressed onto them harder. Since the loyalists had signed and left the effective area of the aura, it had intensified on them.

Majority of the fence sitters shrugged and signed. The aura only pressed on them lightly, not enough to make them feel terrible, but it was a bit discomfiting. Well, they were already in Umbra and the benefits were great so, why not?

Soon, all the fence sitters and loyalists were arrayed behind Riveting Night.

A few of the deserters were moved by the benefits, and gritedt their teeth before signing reluctantly. The spies didn't dare to do so. Once they signed, they were as good as gone.

Majority of the deserters felt unwilling as well. Sure, those benefits were good, but what if Umbra became a shitty guild later on? We couldn't rightly leave the guild then, so during its ups and downs, we'd have to stick with it!

I don't want to fall with a sinking ship, I want to ride the luxurious cruse-liner!

This stalemate went on for a tense five minutes before Riveting Night clapped her hands with a smile. Of course, that smile was hidden, so she really just clapped.

All attention fell on her as she spoke slowly in an annoying drawl.

"Well, it seems like enough time has passed. Those behind me are those who are willing to join Umbra cleanly, while the rest of you are rats who hid nefarious intentions behind your application to join."

Her voice became so chilling that the remaining elites of the deserter and spy factions felt the aura of death upon them.

"And rats must be exterminated."

Riveting Night tossed out a plethora of throwing knives, the blades coming from her inventory and into her hand so fast that she looked like a turret. Each knife flew with precision and speed, piercing a player right in the eyes or throat.

They all screamed in pain and agony as they died, dropping one or more items each time.

By the time Riveting Night was done, the whole area was silent and the people left in the room all had white faces. They thanked the Gods that they hadn't been on the other side and also felt a bit worried about the ruthlessness of their Vice-Guildmaster.

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Could Umbra be a… dark guild?

Impossible! Not only were dark guilds harder to form, they also couldn't use the guild finder or be based in any city so openly.

Maybe the Lady Boss is the only one?

They all turned to the second Vice-Guildmaster, Sublime Notion, and felt warm when they saw her adorable face.

Ah, how could Umbra be bad? Look at this sweet and cute girl who is their Vice-Guildmaster. Ah, my days in Umbra will surely be fulfilling!

Oh, you poor fools…

In some ways, Riveting Night was better than Sublime Notion. Riveting Night would kill you outright if she was dissatisfied, but Sublime Notion would play you to death just because she could!

Riveting Night turned to the Five Generals, Sublime Notion and the newly recruited guild members.

"There are exactly 108 of you remaining here. Such an auspicious number tells me that you all are very special, since you're the first members of the First Guild."

Riveting Night paused before walking amongst them with her arms behind her back, looking like a military officer drilling her soldiers.

"There are 81 of you who are basic members, 18 of you who are advanced members and 8 of you who are expert members. There is only one core member for now."

The area was silent as everyone was riveted to her next words. Riveting Night might not radiate Draco's heroic and charismatic aura, but she shared his authoritative aura perfectly.

One couldn't help but listen to her seriously when she was like this.

"Starting from basic members, you will all state your names and your class. Optionally, you can state your level and age."

Riveting Night folded her arms as she commanded them.

Everyone couldn't help but share a look. Sure name and class was fine, even level was reasonably cool but… age? What did that have to do with anything?

Still, they began introducing themselves in such a rough manner.

"River Stone, Cleric. Level 10 and 23 years old."

"Johnny Sins, Axe Knight. Level 10 and 35 years old."

"Daoist Penetrator, Lance Knight. Level 10 and 32 years old."

"Fiery Winter, Cryomancer. Level 10 and 19 years old."

"Panty King, Spellblade. Level 10 and 17 years old."

The naming went on and on until every last one of the 81 fellows had named themselves. Many had red faces from stifling laughter at the mention of some of the names, which were just too funny.

Unknowingly, just this simple act of sharing some minor personal information had dispelled all of the earlier tension and added some liveliness, as well as the barest form of kinship to the people in the room.

When all 81 guys and gals had finished introducing themselves, everyone turned to the advanced members who numbered 18. Their emblems were azure blue in color, just like Rare items.

For that matter, basic members had dark green emblems, advanced members had azure emblems, expert members had violet emblems and core members had golden emblems.

The Five Generals had emblems which were a rainbow color, while Sublime Notion and Riveting Night had pure white emblems.

No one knew what Draco's color was.

"Hearty Stomp, Pyromancer. Level 11 and 21 years old."

"Midnight Fever, Assassin. Level 10 and 24 years old."

"Wee Cunt, Swordsman. Level 12 and 37 years old."

"Loli King, Druid. Level 11 and 23 years old."

"Eternal Lover, Guardian. Level 12 and 20 years old."

The introduction of the 18 soon came to an end and even more fellows couldn't help but burst out into laughter. It seemed like the more talented one was, the sillier their name choice would be. Even the Five Generals, minus Kiran, chuckled a bit.

Sublime Notion laughed along with the crowd, her sweet voice making some of the older men remember when their silly younger sisters used to follow them around everywhere.

The 8 experts had been somewhat calm throughout all this, although a few of them smiled.

"Lord Donger, Spellblade. Level 13 and 19 years old."

"Maple Forest, Cleric. Level 14 and 17 years old."

"Slimzy, Mage Guard. Level 13 and 20 years old.

"Kicked Bucket, Paladin. Level 12 and 25 years old."

"Cold Summer, Hydromancer. Level 13 and 27 years old."

"Warm Spring, Holymancer. Level 10 and 16 years old."

"Young Duel, Swordsman. Level 14 and 22 years old."

"Slight Breeze, Aeromancer. Level 13 and 21 years old."

The eight introduced themselves and everyone other than the Five Generals and the two Vice-Guildmasters looked at them with respect. They were part of the elite few who would soon climb to the top!

Riveting Night was startled out of her seriousness when she saw a Holymancer in their guild. What the hell was she doing as an advanced member?

"The Holymancer class is an instant pass to becoming a core member. Please join the other fellow here." Riveting Night stated calmly.

The one called Warm Spring was a cutesy and short young girl who wore glasses and seemed nerdy. She was almost barren on all sides and her figure was straight as a pole, but her visage was extremely pleasant.

Her eyes were light blue and her hair was auburn. She had a dash of freckles on her face and wore an oversized white robe.

She was startled when she heard what Riveting Night said but shook her head. "I'm not fit for being a core member. I quite like being an advanced member already. If Guild Mistress wants me to do anything, I'll do it."

Riveting Night could only sigh and remain silent.

Everyone turned to the last remaining fellow, who had been quiet through all the proceedings from the very beginning. The suppressive aura hadn't been imposed on him and he watched everything happen with disinterest.

When he saw it was his turn, his eyes became sharper and his voice rang out loudly, as his name was announced with unbridled pride and passion.

"Rambunctious Buttlover, Battle Bard! Level 15 and 21 years old!"
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