Hail the King - Chapter 560

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Chapter 560

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Jessie was the child of a family of Black-Cloth Shrine’s believers, and he demonstrated talent in cultivating holy power since a young age. Black-Cloth Shrine paid attention to him since he was four years old, and he was taught by elders in the shrine such as Batistuta and Totti. He was taught the code of the Black-Cloth Shrine, and he tightly measured his actions and words according to the code.

Therefore, you could say that Jessie was a person who held others to high standards, but his standards for himself was even higher.

Therefore, having a wild [God Favorite Child] like the King of Chambord to become the bishop of Black-Cloth Shrine was too much for him to take in at once. Even though people like Batistuta tried to open his mind, but he still couldn’t accept it that easily.

However, he had to listen to the orders of the elders.

Besides, the oracle stated that the [God Favorite Children] had the qualification of becoming bishops of the shrines. The only thing that confused Jessie was that why did the gods choose the King of Chambord, who never behaved according to the code of the Holy Church, as a [God Favorite Child].

To Jessie, the conflict in terms of beliefs felt worse than losing his life.

“The gods are never wrong. Perhaps my understanding of the code isn’t good enough. My path of cultivation is still long, and I might be able to grasp the truth by following Alexander His Majesty.”


As the young priest was still bothered by his thoughts, the warriors of Chambord such as Drogba and Pierce were swearing and insulting Andrew Arshavin, Zenit’s God of War who was being loved by the people in the empire.

“Humph! F*ck that man; he is only a con artist! If the five main battle legions were given to His Majesty, His Majesty would be able to conquer the Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire easily. After all, there are 150,000 elite soldiers there!” Drogba said ferociously as he bit into the delicious roast boar leg in his hand. He was furious, and he was calling Arshavin names.

“You are right! Alexander His Majesty is able to stop for 70,000 elite soldiers of Jax for 40 days with a legion that is recently made. He even killed a powerful master called [Snow Mountain Hermit] and suppressed all the masters who were there for the Mythical Palace. Can he, the Crown Prince, do it?” the other tough man of Chambord, Pierce, also raised his voice and shouted.

“Humph! I heard that Crown Prince Arshavin let his subordinates handle the southwest battle zone, and he went back to the Capital; he is planning to use this victory momentum to fight for the throne with Dominguez His Highness. People are saying that he accused Alexander His Majesty of prolonging the war, ruling the Dual-Flags City like an emperor, killing nobles of Zenit, and secretly getting in touch with the enemies of Jax……” Torres said. After hearing all kinds of rumors recently, he who was usually calm couldn’t hold back as well.

“The Crown Prince is trying to fight with His Majesty clearly! Damn! What an ungrateful pig! If His Majesty didn’t save him on the peak of the east mountain at Chambord, he would have been killed by Paris……”

“I heard that the situation at St. Petersburg is a mess; almost all the nobles are supporting the Crown Prince. Under the planning of the Elder Princess, Arshavin is pretty much in control, and the Second Prince is in danger; he experienced quite a few assassination-attempts now already.

“Damn! This Elder Princess! What is she thinking? His Majesty treated her well, and she is helping Arshavin to fight Chambord?”

“Eh? The Elder Princess? She didn’t do anything……”

“What do you know? If the Elder Princess didn’t allow it, how could so many noble families jump out and accuse His Majesty of wrongdoings? Hehe, in my opinion, we should go back to St. Petersburg! With His Majesty’s strength, who could stop us? We shall kill all those nobles who dare to bully us! After that, we can see who else dares to accuse us!”

The discussion soon got out of hand, and all sorts of treasonous things were said.

At this moment, a person slowly walked by and dried coughed to get their attention.

After he got everyone’s attention, he stared at the few warriors of Chambord who said outrageous things and scolded, “Do you even know what you are talking about? If there are spies around, and what you said are passed back to the Imperial Knight Palace, all of you would be captured and hung in the black prison! Do you think that the situation is not chaotic enough? Don’t get His Majesty into more troubles!”

The person speaking was the strategist for Chambord, Old Aryang.

Although Old Aryang joined Chambord pretty late, all of the leaders of Chambord respected him and listened to him after spending time with him in the Jax Battle Zone; his military knowledge and charisma drew them over. In addition, since Fei showed his respect to him and relied on him, he had a lot of influence over the warriors of Chambord. After hearing what he said, people like Drogba and Pierce knew that they went over the line, and they giggled and lowered their heads.

“If I could only describe the situation of Zenit with only one word, it would be chaotic! If I need to describe it with two words, it would be super chaotic! No one knows what is going to happen next! His Majesty is wise and patient, and that was why His Majesty chose to hold back his anger three days ago. His Majesty is kind, and he doesn’t want to drag Chambord into wars. You guys are the earliest followers of His Majesty, and His Majesty trusts you guys the most. Therefore, you need to be extra-patient at a time like this and not ruin His Majesty’s plans.”

Old Aryang felt like his tone earlier was a bit too stern, so he changed to a gentler tone as he reminded the warriors of Chambord.

People like Drogba and Pierce were all straight-forwarded, and they didn’t mind the scolding at all.

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Fatty Oleg instantly moved a little and made a spot for Old Aryang to sit down.; they all wanted to listen to the strategist’s analysis of the situation.

“Out of the three battle zones, Jax Battle Zone is the only battle zone where the troops of Zenit didn’t make a counter-invade. Therefore, it made His Majesty look bad. Also, in order to unite the forces in Dual-Flags City early on, His Majesty killed the leaders of the seven biggest noble families, and that created some weaknesses for ill-intended people to exploit. If the people who are hostile toward His Majesty could control the public opinion and influence the narrative in the elite circles, there will be a lot of issues for Chambord in the future.”

Old Aryang said down and analyzed in detail.

“Right now, Arshavin, Zenit’s God of War, got the victory in the southern battle zone, and he is now the hero in the minds of the citizens. Many nobles favor him, and his influence greatly increased. Also, he got the support of the Military Headquarter. Out of the ten old main battle legions, he controls six of them, and he is going to control four out of the ten new battle legions. He is in a dominating position in the fight for the throne. If nothing else happens, after Emperor Yassin, who has been ill, passes away, the Crown Prince is going to become the emperor.”

“However, this hero of the empire is hostile toward His Majesty. If Arshavin actually becomes the emperor, Chambord would be in trouble.”

“The reason why His Majesty got the title of the Head Commander of the Jax Battle Zone and the Legion Commander of [Wolf Teeth Legion] stripped away is that Arshavin accused His Majesty of wrongdoings in the most recent conference in the Military Headquarter. Since the Crown Prince has so much influence over the military at the moment, his opinions could instantly become orders. Therefore, the Head Commander of the Jax Battle Zone is now Arshavin’s loyal subordinate Abonla. The native soldiers in Dual-Flags City are going to be reorganized, and people like Mr. Ribry who strongly favored His Majesty aren’t going to be in a good situation. Also, the [Wolf Teeth Legion] who was created and led by His Majesty will be reorganized as well. The chance of all the soldiers and commanders being discharged is quite high……”

“In fact, it is heard that Mr. Ribry has been discharged from his position as the Head Commander of the native troops, and the Military Headquarter is going to appoint someone else to take his position. Also, high-level commanders in [Wolf Teeth Legion] who favored Chambord such as Mr. Shevchenko, Mr. Reyes, and Ms. Cindy were all ordered to go back to their affiliated kingdoms to reflect on their mistakes…… Everything is showing that some people have detected the threats His Majesty posed, and they wanted to get rid of the threats immediately. I’m afraid that what is happening right now is only the foreplay. More despicable and dirty tricks are going to be used!”

Old Aryang paused after saying all that.

The warriors of Chambord looked at each other and didn’t know how to respond. After a while, Torres asked as he played with his bowstring while a flash of cold light appeared in his eyes, “Mr. Advisor, what should we do?”

“Nothing at the moment.” Lights of wisdom appeared in Old Aryang’s eyes as he said lightly, “Although the situation looks dangerous, as long as you guys don’t cause more trouble for His Majesty, there won’t be any big problems. Although it seems like His Majesty is backing off, we aren’t in the disadvantage. Almost no one in Zenit could threaten His Majesty! If I’m not wrong, His Majesty’s strength is on an unimaginable level! He is pretty much invincible at Zenit!”

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