Hail the King - Chapter 719

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Chapter 719

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Seeing this burly figure, the soldiers of Leon suddenly started cheering.

“Mr. Revier, kill this dirty b*stard of Zenit!”

“Hahaha! Mr. Revier came to battle! Hahaha, this arrogant idiot of Zenit is dead for sure!”

“Kill him! Butcher him! Destroy this fool of this low-level empire!”

The soldiers of Leon rebounded from their silence. The king who was a weak warrior in their minds defeated three Moon-Class Elites of Leon consecutively, and that kicked their pride as citizens of a high-level empire. They were furious, so they were cheering to vent their frustration when they saw this man named Revier show up. It was clear that they had confidence in him.

In fact, Revier was famous among all the masters of Leon, and he was the idol for many warriors and soldiers in the Leon Empire.

Seeing this, the soldiers of Zenit weren’t going to take it.

“Revier? Who the f*ck is him? Our King of Chambord can destroy him with one finger!”

“Hahaha! You bunch of ignorant dumb*sses! How dare you to be so rude to the King of Chambord? Arrogant Leonians, you are already being looked at by the Grim Reaper!”

“Yuck! You are a high-level empire? So what? Back in the days, our Emperor Yassin battled with the masters in your empire, and none of your masters dared to challenge him afterward! Today, our King of Chambord can do the same thing! He is the new star of Zenit, and he will beat you so hard that you have to go back and cry to your mama! Hahaha!”

“F*ck off! He isn’t even strong enough for the King of Chambord to look at! Send another more powerful master!”

Right now, all the soldiers of Zenit stood with Fei, and they instantly cussed back at the soldiers of Leon without holding back.

The battlefield in front of St. Petersburg had changed from the cruel battle between soldiers to the thrilling battle between masters. According to ancient tradition, the soldiers all stopped fighting, sheathed their weapons, and moved back in agreement.

Like a falling tide, all the soldiers of Leon backed off the defense wall of St. Petersburg, creating an area of one square kilometer for the two masters to fight.

The thrilling and fascinating battle between masters was about to occur!

Masters were all mighty, and they were capable of destroying mountains, shattering the sky, and evaporating lakes. Therefore, even the residual energies coming from their battles could instantly destroy thousands of people, so the ordinary soldiers had to move away, or they could die.

Also, the people in this world admired masters. Therefore, the battles between them were respected by everyone.

The two figures stood in the sky.

“Low-class Zenitian, report your name! I’m Anthony Revier, the Legion Commander of the Hurricane Legion of the Leon Empire. I have killed many famous masters in my life, and I don’t waste my time with no-names!” blond Revier sneered and asked; it was clear that he enjoyed the cheers of the soldiers of Leon.

This arrogant legion commander of Leon never heard of the King of Chambord before.

“Anthony Revier? I never heard of you before; you don’t deserve to know my name!” Fei shook his head in disdain and acted even more arrogant, “Come on! Let me see how you compare to your peers! Let’s see how many punches of mine you can take!”


Revier was enraged when he got treated like this by the king. He instantly appeared before Fei, and he looked like an angry earth bear when all his orange warrior energy flames burned around him. He raised his hand and struck down with a power that was enough to shatter the ground.

He was a level 7 to level 8 top-tier Half Moon Elite who had strong earth-elemental warrior energy.

He was only one step away from the Full Moon Realm; no wonder he was so arrogant.

From the side, this also went to prove how mighty the level 6 Leon Empire was. Only a legion commander was capable of such strength!

Taking the Zenit Empire for example, even though there were geniuses like Emperor Yassin as well as Fei, the average strength of the masters of Zenit was low. Compared with a high-level empire such as Leon, a legion commander at Zenit had the average power of Six-Star or Seven-Star, far from Moon-Class.

Even though Fei sighed in his mind, he didn’t slow down.

He dashed forward and punched out at Revier’s head.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying energy fluctuations rushed in all directions, causing strong winds.

The residual energies from the two masters left deep grooves and trails on the ground, and huge rocks that were five meters in diameter were flying everything. Then, they were shattered into dust.

The ground shook heavily like a scared child.

The soldiers who were on the edge of this spacious zone felt the strong wind, and they were pushed back by several meters while having a hard time to breathe. Even the Star-level Warriors had to use their warrior energy to resist this power even though they were more than 500 meters away from the two masters. “Hahaha! You can’t win with that little strength!” Fei punched out several times with significantly reduced power as he laughed.

Then, he suddenly thought of something, and he used a bizarre technique.

The golden energy flames around him suddenly turned red, and the temperature in the area increased.

A burning sensation was coming from Fei.

Fei’s elemental attribute turned into fire!

This change surprised Revier.

Out of all the masters he had met so far, he had never seen someone who could change his or her elemental attribute this easily!

After all, mortals had a limited lifespan, and it was already difficult enough to cultivate one elemental energy to the Moon-Class Realm. Only super geniuses or madmen could practice two elemental energy and elevate both to the realm of Moon-Class!

“This opponent is a super genius!” Revier thought to himself and didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent. He knew that more changes might come up if the battle was prolonged, so he decided to end this as soon as he could.

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He slapped out with his palms and created some distance between him and Fei. Then, he put his hands together and pulled, and orange earth-elemental elements were yanked out of the ground through the cracks!

A series of dense energy fluctuations appeared, and it protected Revier who was in the middle of casting a powerful combat technique. The endless earth elements appeared before Revier and were compressed, slowly forming a yellow light sword which was more than 100 meters long.

Fei didn’t take this opportunity to attack. Instead, he observed his opponent carefully and tried to see how this technique was used.

In just a few seconds, Revier finished casting his combat technique. A huge sword that was more than 100 meters long appeared. It didn’t have a guard or a handle, and it looked ancient and carried a sense of vicissitude.

As a firm and mountain-like sensation emerged on Revier, a massive image of a yellow, roaring bear also appeared behind him.

“Hahaha! Idiot! You know nothing! You allowed me to finish my combat technique in peace, so now you can die! Hahaha! Enjoy the punishment from the land! Sword of the Land!!!”

Revier was covered in yellow and orange energy flames, and his laughter sounded strange.

As he laughed, he pressed down with both hands.

Instantly, the ground started to rumble as if the God of Land were angry, and terrifying energy was unleashed. As that yellow bear image behind Revier roared, the Sword of the Land cut through the sky and slashed at Fei rapidly, so fast that it looked slow.

Fei frowned.

This Sword of the Land was indeed a high-level combat technique; it wasn’t as simple as a sword strike.

Before this energy sword got to him, he felt like his body was stuck to the ground as if he was a magnet that got sucked in by a magnetic field and couldn’t dodge.

However, this level of energy didn’t pose a threat to the king.

Suddenly, orange energy flames burned on Fei, and it looked like he was on fire.

“Fire Hidden Fist!”

Right before the sword cut into his forehead, Fei raised his hand and punched out.

The faint red energy flames on his fist didn’t carry any aura; it made him look like a low-level warrior who just obtained warrior energy. Compared to the energy sword that was more than 100 meters long, it made people feel like the King of Chambord was trying to commit suicide.

The contrast was terrifying.

However, a series of cracking noises sounded.

Cracks appeared all over this large energy sword that looked invincible. Like a porcelain jar that was fragile, this energy sword started to crack at its tip where it collided with the King of Chambord’s seemingly powerless fist.


The king leaped into the air, as fast as lightning. He dashed forward with his body as the weapon, and his fist shattered the energy sword bit by bit as he punched at Revier who looked unparalleled.


Revier was shocked, and he punched out in a hurry to defend himself.

As soon as their fists collided, it seemed like the time had frozen. Then, their bodies shivered, and it looked like Fei got knocked back.

Soon, the dust settled, and no injuries could be seen from them.

However, the high-level warriors who were watching the battle discovered something strange; they clearly saw fear on Revier’s face. This master of Leon continued to shiver, and he looked at the King of Chambord as if he saw an undead creature during the daytime.

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