He is Too Stingy, This Sand Sculpture Cannon Fodder

He is Too Stingy, This Sand Sculpture Cannon Fodder
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Shu You transmigrated into a cannon fodder character in a novel who was greedy, hypocritical, selfish, and only cared about money. The original owner of the body had pursued the main character for his wealth but abandoned him when he fell on hard times. In the end, he died a miserable death in a foreign land.Upon arriving in this new world, Shu You dragged his suitcase and faced the main character who was trying to persuade him to stay. He shouted, “Do you still think you’re the wealthy young master of the Lin family? No! You’re just a poor man now!”Behind him, the main character’s eyes darkened, and he clenched his fist.“…So we have to live frugally! I’ll sell everything we don’t need!”Lin Mingxu: ???Shu You, who had been known as the stingiest dragon in his past life, looked critically at the branded bags, designer clothes, and diamond rings that the original owner had collected.“All of this, this, and this… I’ll sell them all!”Only money could provide him with the greatest sense of security! All he wanted was money!Once the main character was rejected by the main character he pursued and offered to break up, Shu You could happily continue to live as a single miser with his money.However, what Shu You didn’t know was that Lin Mingxu had been reborn.When the weather turned cold, Lin Mingxu admitted that he couldn’t afford to pay the heating bill, and Shu You left him when he couldn’t stand it anymore.Shu You was delighted, “Why bother paying such an expensive heating bill? Let’s just lie down together and use a couple of extra blankets!”When it got too hot, the antagonist came knocking, but Lin Mingxu’s expression turned icy, and he wanted to see him leave without explanation.Shu You flipped the table and said, “You don’t understand the trap of consumerism! You’re so vulgar! How could you, someone brainwashed by capital, understand anything!”The first time Lin Mingxu used an electric blanket, he thought, “What is this thing? It’s too hot!” It wasn’t because he was watching Shu You’s nosebleed!Later, Lin Mingxu couldn’t pretend anymore.He took Shu You to the company and implied that he was no longer poor and that Shu You didn’t have to be so thrifty.When Shu You turned his head and saw the original main character, he suddenly realized, “Don’t worry, I won’t delay things. I’ll leave right away!”Shu You asked, “Why? What’s wrong with the original main character?”Lin Mingxu said, “…he orders four dishes at a meal and uses too many napkins.”Shu You: ???…Wait a minute, weren’t you praising him for being open and generous?

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