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Chapter 116: Enemies Are Bound to Meet Again (2)

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Chapter 116 Enemies Are Bound to Meet Again (2)

Li Yu looked at the crowd in the sky in surprise. Although he did not know them, they did not seem to be in cahoots with Emperor Tianyun, judging from their appearance and attire.

“I am!” Li Yu replied.

It caused a stir among the members of the Grand Primordium Holy Land. They were still surprised to see the top prodigy despite confirming their guesses.

So this child is the number one prodigy of the human race. He does have the superior looks and bearing of an immortal.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you! I’m the Grand Primordium Holy Land’s Elder, Wan Chuzi!” Elder Wan Chu cupped his hands and smiled.

“Nice to meet you!” Li Yu smiled and cupped his hands in return.

“Wan Chuzi. You have no business here. Please leave!” Tian Yunzi glanced at Elder Wan Chu and ordered coldly.

After that, he looked at Li Yu again. “Hand over the fruit. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

“Tian Yunzi, the treasures in the Lingtian Mystic Realm are always first come, first serve. Since our young friend Li Yu’s company obtained that treasure first, it’s theirs. I don’t think what you’re doing is appropriate!” Elder Wan Chu criticized.

“Humph, first come, first serve? When I arrived, that fruit had just been born. I didn’t see anyone. If we’re talking about arriving first, I was the first to arrive. I don’t know what method this child used to teleport inside the tree vine and steal that fruit while I was fighting the ancient tree. So do you think he should hand over this fruit?” Emperor Tianyun snarled.

Elder Wan Chu paused before continuing, “I’m not trying to be a busybody. I’m just here to remind you that the opportunities in the Lingtian Mystic Realm are determined by fate. Don’t force it, much less kill each other for it!”

“I don’t need you to educate me. Are you done talking? If you are, get lost!” Emperor Tianyun’s voice became even icy. He was in no mood to listen to anyone lecture him. He was determined to obtain the Heaven Earth Dao Fruit and the Ancient God Body.

He had previously racked his brains to capture Gu Yuqi. Now that Gu Yuqi had come knocking on his door, how could he let him off?

Also, Li Yu offended him with rude remarks, becoming an enemy and injuring Hengyun. Emperor Tianyun could not spare such a person even if he was the number one prodigy. He was not like those people of the Holy Lands, identifying themselves as part of the orthodox sects and taking responsibility to care for the commoners of the world.

He cultivated for the sake of writing his own fortune, and he wanted to defy the heavens and break the shackles and the restraints of fate.

For this goal, he could sacrifice anything. “Li Yu, are you handing it over or not?” Emperor Tianyun’s voice was like a thunderclap reverberating between heaven and earth, pouring out massive pressure. The phantom of the war god outside his body became more majestic and mighty. Its aura became more overbearing. Thunder rumbled faintly between heaven and the earth. The golden chains of the Blood Disc Immortal Vanquishing Array were pulled back from the giant tree and instantly attacked Li Yu, Gu Yuqi, and the others.

“Tian Yunzi, no!” Elder Wan Chu shouted. However, he could do nothing as he was outside the array formation. He could only sweat for Li Yu.


Although he did not know what sort of formation it was, he knew that its might was unbelievably overwhelming the moment he sensed its power.

Even if Li Yu could withstand it, his fellow disciples would probably be killed by the grand formation on the spot. Rumble!

Golden chains came down with a majestic pressure. It was as if mountains were smashing down from the sky.

Li Yu knew that this pressure had no effect on him, but it was unbearable for his junior brothers and sisters behind him.

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Emperor Tianyun was indeed ruthless. He did not care about the lives of others at all as he was attempting to obliterate Li Yu’s group.

“Humph!” Li Yu’s expression turned frosty as he unsheathed his sword.

As he slashed once, it was as if the world was being split apart. The void shook as thunder rumbled.

A gigantic sword shadow that reached the sky seemed to slash down with a deafening rumble. The might of the sword was vast while the sky darkened.

The incoming golden chains stopped in midair for a split second before they dissipated with loud cracks.

The phantom of the war god extending from Emperor Tianyun’s body dissipated along with the eighteen giant light beams.

Emperor Tianyun’s pupils widened as he looked horrified. His petrified expression froze on his face.

His hands trembled as he opened his mouth, but nothing came out as his body split in half and fell from the sky.

Emperor Tianyun never imagined that his life of dominance over the world for thousands of years would end like this.

At the same time, the massive being, hidden above the forest at the top of the mountain tens of thousands of kilometers above the clouds, immediately fled. It instantly disappeared without a trace, as if it had never appeared.

Gu Yuqi’s figure zoomed past and instantly arrived beside Emperor Tianyun’s corpse. She grabbed his storage magic treasure and flew back to Li Yu’s side.

“Patriarch!” Outside the array, everyone from the Lu family cried out in shock. Their minds went blank.

It was as if they had seen the collapse of the world. Their souls left their bodies as they were stunned on the spot.

Everyone from the Grand Primordium Holy Land was also dumbfounded. Elder Wan Chu’s eyes widened as he watched everything in shock while Li Yu calmly sheathed his sword.

Initially, he was worried for Li Yu. He did not expect such a turn of events.

Emperor Tianyun, who was already at the peak of the Mahayana Realm and was half a step into the Immortal level, whose strength was practically at the top of this world, was killed by a single strike from Li Yu without any chance to fight back.

What was even more unbelievable was that a casual strike from Li Yu had not only killed Tian Yunzi, but he had also destroyed the grand array formation that even he was wary of.

How terrifying is the might of this sword? How strong is Li Yu?

What does that unknown cultivation level represent? Elder Wan Chu felt extreme fear as he thought more about it. The shock in his heart was indescribable words.

He had seen top-notch experts in this world. Tian Yunzi was one of them, and there were a few stronger ones, such as their Holy Land’s Grand Elder.

However, compared to Li Yu, those experts didn’t seem to deserve their title.

Even their Holy Land’s Grand Elder could not kill Tian Yunzi and destroy the grand array formation.

After killing Emperor Tianyun, Li Yu cupped his hands at Elder Wan Chu and was about to leave.

Although the Lu family members were grieving, no one dared to speak or move.

They were afraid that Li Yu would find them an eyesore and silence them.

“Hold on, Cultivator Li!” Elder Wan Chu hurriedly stopped Li Yu and flew over.

Li Yu looked at Elder Wan Chu in surprise, wondering what he wanted to do. “Cultivator Li’s strength is indeed extraordinary. I’m absolutely amazed. I expected nothing less from the number one genius of our human race. I’m afraid the title of the top expert in the human race belongs to you!” Elder Wan Chu complimented.

“Senior, what do you need?” Li Yu asked. He knew that this old man was definitely not here to simply flatter him.

“Hehe, Cultivator Li, you are certainly observant. I do have a presumptuous request,” Elder Wan Chu replied with a smile.

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