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Chapter 34: Chapter 34

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Silence regained in the room as Xiao had stepped into it, coming inside he was finally able to get a look at Li Lun, who was completely different from how she normally was, she no longer had her cheerful smile or her shy look as she looked at him

Her face was pale and haggard, while the rims of her eyes was red and dry from all the tears she had shed, her eyes that once twinkled like the stars now looked dark and lifeless, as soon as Xiao had entered the room Li Lun's head turned to towards him, her head rose as she 'looked' at him

"Are you here to throw me away to?"

Li Luns voice was barely a whisper but to Xiao they were crystal clear, when she spoke Li Lun tried to be confident but her shrunken body while her trembling eyes were not doing a good job but Li Lun waited she waited to hear Xiao's answer but as the seconds ticked by her heart contracted and wrenched in pain

"Tell me!, did come to cut ties with this cripple!"





From there on Li Lun just kept shouting at Xiao, she kept screaming even before he could speak, it was as if she was throwing all of her pain at him, even when he hasn't even done anything wrong, but to the young Li Lun who was already on the brink of emotional collapse nothing mattered anymore

She just wanted to vent without thinking about anything else, she kept shouting for several minutes before she finally calmed down, her ragged breathing was the only thing that was heard within the room and it was then that she understood what she had done but it was then that she 'felt' and heard Xiao walking toward her

'Is he going to beat me?'

The question popped up in Li Lun's mind, she tried to 'feel' anything coming from Xiao but all she felt was calmness from him and within seconds he was close to Li Lun, at that time Xiao raised both his hand towards Li Lun, 'feeling' it she she tried to cover herself with her hands but the thing that happened next completely surprised

Just as she was expecting to get hurt, she felt a warm embrace, Xiao had pulled her into a hug, she was so shocked that she could only lay within his embrace as he patted her back, his hand held her tightly as he calmingly patted her hair and head

"That's good, shouting's good, it's never to good to hold everything in your heart"

Xiao's calm voice was heard, somehow within his embrace she felt warm and safe, as she was feeling his heat Xiao spoke

"I'm sorry that I was late, I had only heard it a few hours ago, I can't fathom the pain you might be going through, no one can say they understand you unless they have gone through the same thing"

Li Lun was silent as she kept hearing him speak

"But I can promise you one thing, I will be with you all the way, I will shield you from all that wish to harm you, I will be a shoulder for you to lean on when you are tired, I will be with you until you never want me be by your side anymore"

Saying so Xiao lifted her head as he looked at her face, his warm hands rubbed her face

"B-But I am a cr-cripple, n-no one would want m-"

"Shushhh.....never say that Li Lun, you are not a failure and you are definitely not alone, did you forget?, didn't I promise that I would marry you?, unless you decide you don't want to marry me, I will be there with you till the end"

"Why should I care that you can't walk?, why should care that you can't see?, you can cultivate right?, then just focus on it, after all I don't want my wife to become a granny while I stay young"

"Li Lun I promise you, I won't go anywhere and I will never throw you away"

Xiao's words where thunder to Li Lun's ears as her eyes started to get blurry, tears she never knew was left started to flow out, warmth she never knew existed filled her heart, Power she never knew filled her body, for the first time her lips stretchedup as she smiled, to Xiao this was on the most beautiful smile she had ever given him

With tearful face Li Lun leaned her head over to Xaio's body, as she lay her head on his chest, Xiao didn't resist as he held her and patted her back, calming her nerves

'Mother, I found what you spoke of, I found someone special mother.....'

With those last thought Li Lun's eyes became heavy as she slowly closed them and fell asleep in Xiao's embrace, Xiao's eyes turned complicated as he looked at Li Lun but in the end he shook his head as he carefully lifted Li Lun off the chair and laid her on the bed, as he covered her in a quilt, just as he was about to leave his hand was caught by a smaller one

Looking to the side he could see Li Lun's hands unconsciously catching his hand, it would seem that even in her sleep she didn't want him to leave, with a wry smile Xiao caught her hand back as he sat beside her

"I am sorry but Li Lun, I don't think you marrying me would be easy...."

Xiao mumbled as he looked at Li Lun, he didn't lie when he said that he would marry her if she wanted to, knowing the future he definitely knows what kind of person Li Lun would grow up to be, moreover she would be beautiful woman that would make any mans heart to beat faster

After passing the legacy, she would be compeletly changed, be it her talent, power, to her beauty, she would be a new person, and once she does her cultivation would rise highly forcing her out of the lower heaven to the higher one, where she would be teleported to the void realm, where she would be adopted by the Void King, from there her legend would begin

A legend that would grow to become one of the heroes of this era, a haughty and powerful woman that would steal the heart of countless men, enchanting them not just with her beauty but even with her talent and power, there would be several great men that she would meet across her life and by then she would have already forgotten Him or that's what he thought....

It was yet to be seen how the future would turn out to be, after all the future is never set in stone, it is only your choices that determine it, so would the choice Xiao make now cause ripples?, well that has yet to be seen
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