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Chapter 47: Chapter 47

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The world seemed to be burned as the sky razed with red and heatwaves blasted the grounds, decayed Qi flapped around the world, and now within the most dilated and destroyed place a boy nor more than 11 flashed towards his enemies with the desire for death, the two swords at his hands burned with a dark black flame that seemed to desire death and destruction

Xiao's mind in trace moved with a precise target, the abominations that seemed to seek destructions soon blasted out of their daze as they all started to run towards Xiao, a new target had taken over their mind and they at all cost will make sure that he would be part of the death they spread

Xiao moved at lightning speed as dark black flame-like wings appeared on his back, making him look like a little angel of death that came to reap the lives of his enemies, Xiao's speed kept doubling as he reached his first opponent, his right hand moved at great speed cutting the enemy in front of him easily

The creature he cut screamed in pain for the first time in its existence, and soon the black flame acted in greed as it burned the creature to nothing as some kind of power from it was absorbed into the black flame that existed within Xiao, the flame trembled in excitement, desiring more and Xiao moved at its desire

As the sword in his other hand flashed cutting the other enemy that showed at his back, the wings on his back seemed to flap as he dodged the mouth that desired to consume him, even as he kept being surrounded by enemies his mind kept analyzing all that was attacking him, Xiao raised his sword to his chest in an 'X' formation as he waved it forward

Overlords Fury!

As he waved it forward he used his combat technique Overlords Fury, he blasted a huge 'X' shaped fire towards the enemies in front of him, the black flame roared in approval to Xiao's move as the 'X' shaped black flame-like attack ruthlessly killed all that stood in its away burning them to oblivion as the flame took despair and death from the creatures

The creatures that were at the brink of unkillable and a headache to all that stood in its path could only be helplessly killed by the attacks of Xiao, he was the grim reaper as he started his slaughter, slowly the side of slaughter that he kept inside him was coming loose, in a blink of an eyes Xiao was at a different part of the battlefield as both his arms moved to reap the lives of his enemy

The creatures roared in a frenzy as they surrounded him and attacked him from all sides, Xiao smiled as he started rotating his body, making him like a human spinning device as the creatures got ruthlessly killed by him spinning through the ground, he kept his spin for a few seconds killing as many as he could

Soon he stopped as a sense of dizziness was hitting him but the creatures that numbered in hundreds persisted as ones with strength above Xiao attacked, Xiao didn't fear as his soul energy moved through his body at his command causing the strength of his power to increase, letting him fight above his power level

Both the swords at his hands moved as he battled the creature with 6 hands and a single eye with a humanoid body, the creature seemed to have a higher intelligence as it was using its body to its advantage, moving all its six hands to attack Xiao without rest but Xiao was no pushover as he fought back, his hands and body moved at impossible angles deflecting all attacks

Moreover, his mind was not at rest as he made several arrows like flame attacks that reigned down on those that tried to sneak attack him, at the same time he had to make sure the Yun Yurou was not hurt, with each passing second Xiao's control over the black flame was increasing at astonishing speed

Flame like arrows started evolving into a flame-like spear that seemed to have their precision and attack power increasing as each second passed, the cries of the creatures were heard across the land as they were slaughtered, the creature attacking Xiao seemed to have enough as it moved its hands in an irregular pattern evoking a strange move

Seeing it Xiao's eyes flashed as one of his swords moved towards the creature's neck while the other hand bend in an unnatural way back as it received an attack that was aimed at his back, a creature similar to the one he was fighting seemed to have sneaked up on his back, Xiao sneered as flames like ring started to surround him and at the nick of time a focused attack hit Xiao but sadly it was neutralized by the ring of black fires around him

"This is getting annoying....."

Xiao muttered as he focused on the strong enemies that seemed to surround him, at the same time he could see some creatures sneaking towards the cave Yun Yurou was in, even if there were several protective arrays ready Xiao didn't want to risk anything when it came to these creatures, Xiao's eyes burned with fervor as huge amount of Qi gathered within his body

The creatures sensed their doom as the strongest within the gathering tried their best to attack Xiao sadly it was for knot as a huge black flame-like dome covered him, Xiao stood straight as his hand stayed at his side holding his swords, the grip holding the swords tightened, as the Qi, soul power and the power within his mind realm churned

Soon several rings like flames started surrounding him, one, two, five, nine.....and many more black flames like spinning rings started to surround him, it would seem that the more he slaughtered these creatures the more powerful the flame would get, several seconds passed before hundreds of spinning rings surrounded him, Xiao smiled as he murmured

"This better work...."

And with those murmurs the dome protecting Xiao broke apart and as it did the flame rings that surrounded him blasted forth with desire, the small compressed rings grew in size until they were humongous, soon they rampaged on the ground killing the creatures with enthusiasm, none were able to stop the rings as they burned the ground and the creature to nothing

Be it the strongest within the group or the weakest all of them were being wiped out, it was an apocalyptic scene as the sky to the ground was blazed with the black flame that seemed to thrive on death and within all the stood Xiao with black flames out of his back, his face was pale from unleashing the attack

What he did was create huge and powerful spinning rings with power far beyond him with his Qi and soul power, meanwhile, at the same time he used his mind realm power to minimize the rings to small shape, while all this seemed easy it required almost precision and control, the cries of the monstrous reigned supreme for a few minutes before they settled down leaving Xiao the sole survivo
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