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Chapter 86: Chapter 86

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"This feels odd"

Xiao spoke surrounded by a sea of flame, he was in the training room allocated to the Yun family members and he was chilling or to be exact roasting in the flame tempering room but right now it wasn't that effective to Xiao, with his cultivation this was more of a breeze and you didn't even need to add his true flame resistance, basically, the fire didn't make him feel a thing.

Slashing that, by now it's being 3 months since Xiao has returned, nothing major took place, Xiao had spent the rest of the time in peace and tranquility, he would enjoyed his time playing with Xuanyin, since his cultivation reached this high, he stopped proceeding at it for, he was scared that perhaps he would break through and be forced to ascend.

Due to this he had a lot more free time on his hand, hence he would spend his time with Xunayin, making her happy all the time, Xiao was trying his best to make up for the mistake he made in the past and he truly enjoyed each moment he spends with Xunayin, somehow it was healing on the soul, making fun of Xuanyin and seeing her 'reactions' became the new fun for him.

The other thing he had to deal with was Yunbai, that crazy bastard was a handful to deal with, his lack of common sense and fear was the perfect recipe for a shit show, wherever he went he kept causing problems, thankfully the lower heaven wasn't that advances on technology making it so that Yunbai's face wasn't known to anyone.

But there was still the problem of Xiao's 'servant' going out of line, and this caused a lot of headaches for him, thankfully Yunbai was teachable, Xiao spent a notable time of his teaching the kid about the truth of the world, he was already smart and ruthless, what he had lacked was the touch of reality, Xiao made sure to drill all of this in Yunba's head.

Another good thing was the fact that Xiao got much closer to Yunbai, by now he sees Xiao as an older brother to himself.....even though he was older than Yunbai, Xiao didn't reject it as he warmly treated Yunbai, he never planned to use him as a piece but as a true family, that's also the main reason Xiao was able to get close to Yunbai as he could tell that Xiao's care for him was true.

This didn't rise out of anywhere but after the two months they spent together this bond had naturally formed, Yunbai walked the path of slaughter, and as one that walked that path, Xiao could understand the pain and suffering he would go through in the future if he was not careful Yunbai would fall into madness and would just become a human puppet of slaughter.

Along with common sense, Xiao gave Yunbai tips and truly helped him understand himself better, in such a manner a unique brotherhood had formed between the two, even with all the terrible things Yunbai had gone through, he still has a small heart yearning for family and Xiao knowing the loss of family sympathized with him.

With time both of them naturally came close to each other, Xiao once again felt the nostalgia of the past, when he started his mercenary group, back then he went after the truly crazy ones, wanting only the best for himself, in such a manner he had his hand filled with crazy dudes, a lot of the time he had to spend time with them making the right choices for them

The situation again once reminded Xiao of it, hence they soon became closer, the other thing that had a big change was that Yurou woke up! the instant her eyes had opened Xiao knew of it, the enlightenment was longer than he thought but that just meant that her gains were of such a high level, the moment she woke up the two of them talked.

Yurou knowing that he was fine sighed in relief but she pouted at the fact that she was far from him, she made a scene that she wants to return to him but it would seem that her mother didn't agree to it, only when she was of sufficient strength could she move out of for her adventure, and speaking of her mother.

It would seem that a storm had filled the Fire shrine, and Yurou's appearance shook it whole, She informed Xiao that even the god of flames had descended down taking her as the divine one next disciple, this again shook the fourth heaven, the news of Yurou spread far wide, though none of it mattered to Yurou, in her words she just wanted to be with him.

Sadly that was not possible at the moment but the only good thing was that with their martial heart connected they still felt close to each other, even though they were separated by dimensions. One must never look down on the connection formed between Xiao and Yurou, it was something that even couples that lived together for thousands of years couldn't form.

The ability to feel close no matter where is something that the heavens awarded to the lovers that had their hearts connected by feelings beyond the common sense, the only reason that it was capable for Yurou and Xiao was because of the love that had passed through the barriers of time and space.

A love so deep, so strong that the heavens had to bend down to it, feelings that should have been buried under the rubble of forgotten were brought forth by the combination of luck, determination, and fate, this gave birth to the first defiance of fate, a change that would snowball into something that would change the river of time.

Leaving all this aside Xiao learned about the truth of Yurou's birth, it would seem that Yurou's mother had once fallen down into the fourth heaven, broken and useless, back then she met Yurou's father who unhesitantly raped her, and from that Yurou was born, back then she couldn't take Yurou with her and she didn't want to kill Yurou's father as she had left Yurou with him.

It took a long while for Yurou's mother to regain her power, hence she acted obediently as she stayed with Yurou's father but now things were different, as much as she loathed Yurou's father she couldn't kill him back then, she wanted him to look after Yurou, just until she had gained her standing and now after all this he had died.

After Xiao heard about it he was dumbfounded, hey at least he died fucking a phoenix, perhaps that could be the major merit in his life.

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