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Chapter 89: Chapter 89

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From what Xiao understood his affinity to fire was far above what anybody could ever understand, by cultivating Omega Asura's Wrath, Xiao has earned the perfect affinity to flame, this has many functions that were helpful to him, and the moment Xiao reached a certain cultivation level information regarding the cultivation technique was imprinted in his mind by Omega Asura's Wrath.

Xiao would have perfect control over fire, by now he has a certain aura that would make him more approachable to ones that walk the path of the fire, it would make Xiao feel more comfortable with them, if a flame spirit was here then its sure that they would all be surrounding him but all these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Once he reached the pinnacle, flames would be under him, as long as the other person was a user of flames he would be unable to even touch him, all the flames under the heavens would be under his control, and powerful flames will be willing to bow down and listen to him, of course, this was in the far future.

Right now all he could do was make other flame users more comfortable around him, this does not mean that they won't become his enemy, users of flames would just be more friendly and has a lesser chance of becoming his enemy,

'What a terrifying power'

Xiao wasn't completely surprised by this, the Asura were the primogenitors of fire, when the heavens were born and the cosmos lacked heat, it was their flame that lit up the darkness that surrounded the world, and the birth of the sun to heat was under their control, flames were born from them and it should be returned to them,

'I thank the Asura's for their gift'

Giving his prayers, Xiao focused back on the topic at hand, by now his growth in his affinity is abysmal, he had started to increase his affinity a month ago and only 0.5% had increased, before it was 8.5%, and now its 9%, the problem here lay at the fact that he didn't have the quality fire particles he needed.

The ones he had were low tire and he needed to get his hands on some powerful Fire crystals of higher grade, from his past life memory he knew the perfect place where he could get some but the problem was that he couldn't leave the family now, his absence would raise questions, he already left once and leaving again would not be easy.

'Sigh, what a load of shit'

Cursing his family, Xiao was about to head out, when his communication talisman lit up, soon the voice of his mother was heard,

'Xiao, head towards the meeting room, that old bastard is calling for a meeting'

After hearing the message Xiao didn't hesitate as he headed towards the meeting room, his eyebrows tightened, he couldn't remember anything of value that was about to take place, though before leaving he had to placate the pouting purple flame, things didn't become better when the ball flames started to show off.

It started provoking the purple flame, seemingly stating that it was more helpful, Xiao was sure that those two might be having another bout within his Flamescape, he would have to pamper the purple flame later, lost in his thoughts he soon reached the meeting room, where most of the family members were already gathered.

Seeing his mother, he walked up to her standing beside her, his eyes traveled across the room and finally landed on Yun Hao that was standing at the top, beside him stood a girl that no one has ever seen before, the moment Xiao's eyes landed on them, his body stiffened as his eyes started to shake.

The girl looked to be around 12 or 13, with beautiful golden eyes that shined with apathy, shoulder-length black and brown hair that reached her shoulder, no one was able to see her face as it was covered by a veil, her posture stood tall, pride ingrained to the depth of her bones, her body that was just developing, yet when one's eyes landed on her, they couldn't help but have their heart beating faster.

Just one glance at her was enough to tell that the face hidden behind the veil was earth-shattering, just glancing at her made one heart beat faster, it couldn't be explained but she seems to have some sort of beauty that was deeply attracting them, pulling at their heartstrings, the greatest of fates seemed to bind around her, charm like no other wrapped around her.

The young were lost in it, while the old took some time before they were able to recover but among them the one that had the most different reaction was Xiao who felt his heart tighten at the sight of a person whom he himself felt was too dangerous, soon her status appeared,


Name: Valencia Ewald

Title: Whores Child, Slave, One Who Bears Above All...etc

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Cultivation: Heaven Core Realm-[Level. 3]

Legacy: Fate Severing Chaos

Bloodline: Bewitching Fates Heart

Physique: Mirror Of Indifference and Death

Heavenly Eye: Heaven And Fate Eyes

Affinity: Charm, Fate, Sky

Power level: Supreme Tier Supreme

Specialties: World Bewitching smell, Seductive aura, World Falling Night

Qi Type: Bewitching Qi, Sky Qi

--> Profession :

[Swordsmanship]-High realm of mastery

[Fate Wielding Master lvl.1]-the minor realm of mastery

--> Cultivation Manual :

[Sky Breaking Night]-Minor realm of mastery

-->Martial Manual:

[Lighting Night] - Perfect realm of mastery

[Marking steps]-Perfect realm of mastery

[Sleeping Slash]-Perfect realm of mastery

[Dark Eyes]-Perfect realm of mastery




--> Skills: None

-->Familiars: World Bewitching Fox


[A/N: I have changed her name from before]

Seeing the information Xiao was sure that this was not a dream, if there was one person that he dreaded being against then it would be the girl in front of him, sure she had made Xuanyin's life almost miserable in the past, it was just one favor and it had almost ended Xuanyin's life, he would be lying if he didn't say that he didn't want some sort of revenge.

But she was someone whose level of intelligence and power was something Xiao felt was chilling, she wasn't someone that always dealt with strength, she might not be complete evil but she wasn't a saint either, when it helped her worlds would die under her control, the worst part being that no one knew that it was her.

If it was anyone else they would call her evil but Xiao knew the things that she has gone through, with what he knew, he had no right to call her evil, she was someone that went through things worse than him, from birth she suffered, it was a fate that on one should bear.

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