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Chapter 110

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The story told by the maid was simple; after Kaizen played with Theor, he took him to his palace.

“Theor will spend the night in the imperial palace?”

[T/N: According to the author, the imperial palace and the emperor’s palace are the same.]

“Yes, His Majesty clearly said so.”

Kaizen suddenly asked Theor to go with him to show him the imperial palace.

Hearing that he would show him the palace of the emperor, Theor followed him and said that he liked it.

But Kaizen told one of the maids that Theor would spend the night in his palace.

Blynn the hound also followed Theor.

‘Why did you……’

Astelle looked back at Hannah with bewildered eyes.

Kaizen took Theor to his palace without saying a word to her.

Suddenly, Astelle remembered that they had a fight in the imperial palace over a secret letter.

Kaizen was angry that Astelle did things by herself without telling him.

He didn’t take Theor to his palace to let her know he was mad, did he?

It was so ridiculous that Astelle couldn’t even get angry.

Hannah, who was next to her, quietly suggested, “Your Majesty, I will go and take care of the prince.”

There was no one in the imperial palace she could trust.

Although there were many courtiers in the imperial court, Astelle has yet to learn the faces of the emperor’s courtiers.

‘I just want to bring him back……’

The emperor himself took the prince to his palace, and she couldn’t just take him back.

Astelle nodded her head at Hannah’s words.

“Okay. Bring him a change of pajamas and the teddy bear.”

Astelle held back her annoyance.

“Don’t worry too much, Lady Astelle. I will stay with the prince.”

Hannah tried to reassure her, but she was not too relieved.

The thought that Hannah was the only one who suffered for nothing made her even more upset.

“Thank you, Hannah.”



Theor’s eyes lit up at the sight of the magnificent and luxurious palace.

The palace of the empress, where he lives now, was also dazzlingly splendid, but it was not this large and majestic.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s really cool! I have never seen such a wonderful place.”

Kaizen laughed at his son’s sincere admiration.

“You will live here later.”

The words had a deep meaning, but young Theor only tilted his head.

“Then where will you live? Are you going to live in the empress’ palace with my mom?”

Kaizen burst out laughing.

“Hahaha, I wish I could.”

Theor stopped and patted his knee with his little fist.

“What’s wrong? Does your leg hurt?”

“A little bit.”

He walked too much.

Looking around the palace makes his legs hurt.

Kaizen held Theor in his arms and headed to his bedroom.

Kaizen laid Theor down on the bed lined with the soft silk duvet.

Theor rolled over, hugging the pillow on the bed.

“Is the bed good?”

“It is fluffy and smells good.”

Kaizen ruffled Theor’s hair with his hand.

He had no intention of bringing Theor here. Originally, he had planned to return alone, but while he was playing with Theor, he didn’t want to leave him.

Kaizen went to the empress’ palace every evening to meet Astelle and play with Theor, and the three of them had dinner together.

Sooner or later, he got used to living with the two of them.

Although his relationship with Astelle was still cold and frozen.

“Blynn, look at this.”

Theor was showing Blynn the string from the canopy.

Then, Theor lay on the bed, grabbed the pillow with his arms, and looked up at Kaizen.

“Are we going to sleep here?”

“We will sleep together here tonight.”

Kaizen looked at the soft bed lavishly decorated with gold ornaments.

He didn’t know how long it had been since he had slept in the bed.

Every night from the day of the wedding, he slept on the sofa in front of Astelle’s bedroom.

Even though he had been with her every night, she didn’t believe him.

Kaizen felt the most miserable in that part.

No matter how hard he tried, Astelle didn’t believe him at all.


He still felt a chill in his heart at the thought of what had happened during the day.

The feeling of betrayal was so great that he did not want to see Astelle today.

‘I know I don’t deserve to feel betrayed,’ he thought.

Kaizen sighed in silence and sat down next to Theor.

Theor pulled the hem of his robe and asked, “Isn’t Mom coming here?”

“Astelle should sleep in the empress’ palace.”

The servant knocked on the door and came in.

“Your Majesty, Her Majesty the Empress has sent her handmaiden.”

Behind him was a familiar brown-haired maid.


Theor, who had been lying on the bed, jumped up.

The maid called Hannah calmly bent her knees.

She said, “The Empress has sent me to look after the prince.”

Hannah handed Theor an old teddy bear.

‘You don’t believe me, so you sent your maid here?’

Kaizen, who thought so, changed his mind when he saw Theor hugging his worn-out teddy bear dearly.

I guess it’s better for someone familiar to take care of Theor.

“Your Majesty, with your permission, I will go to the kitchen and prepare a meal for the prince.”


Even when she was in the empress’ palace, she went to the kitchen by herself to oversee the preparation of Theor’s food.

Theor is still a child. So they had to prepare a separate nutritious menu for him.

However, Kaizen was noticing that Astelle was concerned about Theor’s safety and sent her maid to oversee the cooking process.

‘You don’t trust the servants here as well.’

Hannah tried to go out politely.

Kaizen looked at Hannah and said impulsively, “Wait a minute.”

Hannah stopped and raised her head.

Kaizen hesitated for a moment.

Did Astelle not say anything else?

Kaizen wanted to ask if she had anything to say to him.

Or did she look for him?

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Kaizen realized that he had been looking forward to Astelle’s visit.

He thought that if he brought Theor, she would come to him at least once, using Theor as an excuse.

But she didn’t.

After he remained silent for a long time, Astelle’s maid bowed politely.

“Your Majesty, please give your orders.”

“Nevermind. Get out of here.”


The next morning, Vellian started work in a muddled atmosphere.

Yesterday, there was an incident because of the Croychen family, so the atmosphere became chaotic.

Last night, there was news that His Majesty the Emperor had a big fight with the Empress.

“Is that true?”

Before he even started work, the Minister of Home Affairs grabbed Vellian with a curious look.

“What are you talking about?”

Even though he knew everything he was talking about, Vellian pretended he didn’t.

“I heard that His Majesty the Emperor was arguing with Her Majesty the Empress.”

“That’s impossible.”

Vellian also heard a glimpse of the two of them arguing in the reception room yesterday.

He wondered if it was because the two of them had differences of opinion.

That very night, the emperor went to the empress’ palace and returned to the imperial palace.

He even brought the little prince.

‘Why did you take the prince with you?’

Vellian quietly shook his head.

His Majesty has always done unpredictable things in matters related to Astelle.

“I don’t know what you heard, but that’s not true.”

“What do you mean that’s not true? They said it was so loud. They haven’t been married that long……”

The middle-aged Minister of Home Affairs sighed sadly.

“That’s right. How heartbroken His Majesty must be.”

The other minister next to him said so and glanced at Vellian.

“Has your niece of the Viscount returned to the capital? I heard that she was in the countryside all this time.”

“She just came back.”

“She must have come of age now. She isn’t engaged yet, is she?”

Vellian clicked his tongue as he listened to the conversations of the ministers.

‘These people are talking nonsense.’

Yesterday, they tried to look good in front of the empress, but within a day, someone was talking about someone else’s niece with shining eyes.

“I don’t think it’s going to work.”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Vellian.

He said slowly, “His Majesty loves the Empress very much. His Majesty will not forgive all of you if you continue to dwell on such useless things.”

The ministers were embarrassed at the words, but they did not give up easily.

“But you never know what will happen. A husband and wife relationship can always be distant at any time. Shouldn’t we prepare for it from now?”

“What do you mean?”

The Minister of Home Affairs approached him with a serious face.

“The empress has too much power.”

“Her Majesty the Empress has only been in the imperial palace for about a month.”

“But she has been with His Majesty and involved in the affairs of the imperial palace for a long time.”

The Minister of Home Affairs lowered his voice, “The empress has already destroyed the Croychen family in about a month. What do you think will happen if she takes power?”

Of course, the Duke of Reston will come to power again.

“I think we also need someone to keep the empress in check.”


As soon as Astelle became Empress, she again worked with her father, the Duke, to destroy her enemies.

If this continues, the Duke of Reston will come to power again.

Vellian didn’t want that either.

“So, do you mean you’re going to find His Majesty a lover?”

At Vellian’s blatant question, the Minister of Home Affairs frowned.

“In the past, there were concubines.”

Nobility and commoners were not officially allowed to have mistresses, but the emperor was legally allowed polygamy.

It is said that it was because the descendants of the imperial family were so precious.

As the ministers said, it seemed like there would be no chance if it wasn’t now.

If you push another woman in when the imperial couple fight, the emperor may turn his back on the empress.

Is that also impossible?

‘But is there any woman His Majesty is interested in other than the empress?’

Vellian suddenly remembered Astelle, who drew a line on him yesterday, angry at him for being rude.

“So, are there any good candidates?”

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