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Chapter 870. Sequence 13Maru picked up the cat roaming around his feet and sat down on a chair, the cat on his lap."You don't happen to be talking about a romantic relationship, are you?""Love is an emotion that transcends all of time. It's a strong source of pathos as well.""Are you really going to

Chapter 1848: It’s never easyTuren pondered in silence for a bit before continuing, “The angels are obviously in the Light Realm, and as you can imagine, they don’t get along with the demons very well. You should have noticed that they suffer a lot more during your fight when hit with Light Element

Chapter 1849: The Fragments“By the way,” Roan decided to ask. “How do we reach the Light Realm, Heaven? At some point, we’ll also need the fragments present there. Do you know if there’s any free fragment in that place?”Turen nodded, replying, “There is a free fragment in the Light Realm. However, u

Chapter 1168: "Disappointed With The Godfather"When the Godfather anxiously asked for help, the staff immediately woke up from their daze and hurriedly ran to get medicines and other medicinal technologies.  "Hurry, hurry! One of the challengers is seriously injured!"  "The challenger's family and f

Chapter 2958 Money Making MethodLuo Qingyang had actually caused Luo Bing to explode in fury. As a result, Luo Qifeng and the others were extremely embarrassed and could only leave with him.Mu Qingyun sighed and said, “Now I understand why you had to set up your own Luo Gate. That person’s intellige

Chapter 2959 Devil Battlefield“Oh?” Long Chen’s eyes also brightened. He was lacking in money right now. He had many books he wanted to read in the Divine Scripture Pavilion, especially the history section. He wanted to find more about Lord Brahma.“Qingyun, you didn’t tell Long Chen about the guild

Chapter 2960 Battle StrategyWhat shocked Long Chen was that this person’s aura was similar to the head judge, Chu Huairen, and the others, but his Blood Qi was already withered. Despite looking to be in his thirties, he gave people the feeling of an old man on the verge of death.“Senior’s words are

Chapter 567: The WhitebeardOn the vast sea, thousand of miles were frozen instantly, the eyes could only see ice, and the billowing waves on the sea froze like an exquisite piece of art.Not only Jimbei, who was also frozen, Ace, and even Ain, who had followed Naito for a long time, couldn’t help but

Chapter 1297 - White-Haired Youth“Rise!” When Lin Yun raised his head, the saint runes on the altar began to shine and a blade appeared under a boundless light.“Snow Heed!” Lin Yun saw that the sword had ‘Snow Heed’ engraved on it, and there was also an ancient seal.“Let me see…” Lil’ Purple took th

Chapter 1298 - Waited A Long Time For This Day!Lin Yun’s words made the white-haired youth surprised because he was also a prideful person. He smiled and said, “Interesting…”He didn’t hesitate to draw his sword, unleashing a blade ray, and the blade vibration was comparable to a draconic roar. His a

Chapter 1196: Cover BlownYu Yanluo looked at the two grandmasters beside her in disbelief, mumbling, “Ah Zu won?”She had every reason to be completely stunned. She had long heard about the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s achievements, all earned through repeated battles. The fiend races had always viewed

Chapter 1197: Feeling of DeathSang Hong looked downcast as he said, “Sir Xu, proof is important when investigating cases; you cannot randomly accuse others as you do. Could it be that now, after failing to capture Yu Yanluo over the past few days, you wish to instead blame Sir Zu?”Xu Yu replied with

Chapter 2149: Who Moved Her Grave?“I can tell. Are you here to show off?” Jiang Yao straightened her posture, but the expression on her face was still contemptuous and arrogant. “Li Hong, do you think you don’t have to go back in after you come out?“I’m very curious. How much did the person who help

Chapter 2151: Great KindnessThat answer surprised Jiang Yao because Lu Xingzhi had just told her a few days before that the only remaining member of the Qian family was lying in a hospital bed, clinging to life with the help of his medicine and doctors.“You mean Old Master Qian?”“Old Master Qian’s c

Chapter 2150: Helping The Qian Family“We can only wait until dawn.” Du Chen said, “I am a little suspicious whether the family who killed Zhou Xiaoxia’s family felt that killing those four people was not enough to vent their anger. So, they took Zhou Xiaocheng’s body out of the grave to vent their a

Chapter 2300: Love transcending a thousand years (Part 44)“So what if I killed you?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh, “You couldn’t kill me when you were human, let alone now that you’re an ugly ghost.”“Xiu, xiu, xiu.”  The entire crematorium started to shake violently.Luo Qing Chen’s goal was to a

Chapter 273: A Small DisplayShirou was waiting with a smile on his face, believing that Carol would immediately say yes to his offer.But strangely enough, no reply came back. Shirou’s expression gradually turned to bewilderment, and eventually, desperation.“…Uhhh, it would be great if you can give m

“Sheng Xiao, do your best tomorrow!”“Yes, let’s work hard together!”When Yu Huang returned, Sheng Xiao had just separated from Donor.Yu Huang could smell the alcohol on Sheng Xiao’s body. She teased him, “Don’t tell me you were hiding in your room to drink to relieve your boredom.”Sheng Xiao sat on

“I bought porridge with lean meat and century eggs. It’s still boiling hot. I bought buns with mushrooms and rapeseed stuffing, vermicelli eggs and corn stuffing, beef stuffing, and sauced meat stuffing. Not only do the buns have white and soft skin, but the pleats on the buns also look very beautif

Wei Wucai quickly dragged a chair over and sat by the table obediently.Seeing him like this, Yan Zhiqing just felt mentally tired.For a moment, she felt mentally and physically tired.“If you do want to stay, it’s not an absolute no,” Yan Zhiqing said, despite feeling that it was too late to utter th

The conflict between the Xia and Du families was not something to be discussed openly. Commander Zhong did not know about the twists and turns in the matter and only thought that the two chiefs were teasing each other.Ye Jian didn’t disturb Commander Xia when she walked out. She even told the guard

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsCommander Xia’s expression turned ugly. Ye Jian was the daughter-in-law of the Xia family!With a prospective daughter-in-law like Ye Jian, Commander Xia felt that no girl could compare to Ye Jian. Even the calm and polite Du Jiayi was infer

The honest Commander Xia shook his head and sighed with a smile. “Try to persuade her. Her child has grown up and joined the army. As a father, I can’t even see him once a year. Tell her not to keep thinking about pestering her son to come back to visit her.”Commander Zhong knew that the commander-i

As soon as this was said, Commander Xia’s expression was extremely cold. He glanced at Du Jiayi and then at Ye Ying. He shouted, “How dare you?!”Ye Ying, whose face was as white as paper, swayed and almost fainted.In front of Staff Officer Du and Commander Xia… Du Jiayi directly said that she suspec

Madam Li naturally knew that her phone was vibrating. Hearing this, she glared at her daughter. How dare she interrupt her? Did she want to be criticized?Madam Li, who still wanted to settle the matter at hand, took out her phone from her bag and said to Commander Xia, who looked so serious that the

Qiao Yanjue came in with Xia Xibei. After seeing his parents, he just wanted to walk over and introduce them, but then he saw his mother walking over with great urgency!Qiao Yanjue smiled in his heart.His mother hadn’t seen him for too long, so she missed him.Although he had grown up, he was still v

The old man, Qiao Zhengyuan, also came over and looked at Xia Xibei with a shocked face.“She saved you last time?”“Yes!” Liu Yiqin nodded her head, overjoyed. “She was the one who saved me and Ling Xiao.”If it wasn’t for Xia Xibei, they would have been seriously injured that time.Qiao Zhengyuan’s fa

The other party still didn’t make a move. If they were just doing it for the money, it sure didn’t appear that way by now. They really treated her as an honorable guest as they waited on her with one delicious serving after another. Of course, if she pretended that the two maids who never left her s

“To be honest, I got the idea of marrying ​​you after I watched your movie. Ye Tianxin, I would do anything for you.” Ye Tianxin felt his statement was seemingly affectionate yet threatening at the same time. She asked in a sweet tone, “Are you sure about that?” “Of course. I love you.” The man’s wo

Mo Yang raised his brows. “Uncle, are you sure it’s like that?”“This elder sister is my fourth cousin-in-law’s classmate! In that case, I should address her as ‘Elder Sister’?” Then my cousins should also address her as ‘Elder Sister’! Don’t you agree?”Han Jing looked at Mo Yang. Besides Chu Zheng,

Chu Zheng rolled his eyes. He was overcome by emotion!He practically never left his sister’s side. Why had that jerk still managed to steal her away?Mo Yang looked at Chu Yue and smiled. “Have you finished your homework? Do you understand what your teacher is teaching?”Chu Yue nodded. “Yes! You taug

Gong Jue’s kiss was so unexpected! Gu Qiqi was unable to resist his kiss. Behind her was the starlight and moonlight. In front of her was the man’s majestic body and hot lips! Faintly, through the gap in the sliding glass doors, there was the laughter of the party and the luxurious roo

In this situation where she was deceiving herself, how could she not fail miserably when she “belittled” Xu Xiaoshou in the name of “attaching importance” to him? “Perhaps this was how Yi died…” thought Rao Yaoyao. When she looked at Night Guardian again, her eyes were filled with surprise.

“From the very beginning, Xu Xiaoshou had mastered Sword Will. It was just like how he had mastered the Infernal White Flame which originated from the same origin, Saint Servant Sleeveless…” Rao Yaoyao seemed to have understood what Night Guardian had wanted to say: Xu Xiaoshou could also imitat

“Sure.” She said. This answer was what George expected. He turned around and gestured to a few staff members before leading Shen Li forward. He smiled and greeted Ronai. “Mr. Ronai, long time no see.” “George.” The relationship between both of their families was pretty

His momentary silence made Shen Li feel a little strange. She looked at the time. It was already midnight in China. Why had Gu Tinglan suddenly called at this time to ask about Lu Huaiyu? “Little Uncle, is it because of an urgent matter that you’re looking for Second Brother?” She asked.

Pitter-patter… Raindrops kept falling, thunder kept rumbling, and lightning kept striking the warship! Rumble! It was still sunny a minute ago, but the weather suddenly changed completely. Not only was there a thunderstorm, but there was also smog. “Damn it, it’s a weather weap

Chapter 850 Unbelievable, Primordial Ancestor God In the Universal Hall. Han Jue slowly put down the Primordial Judgment Sword. He had just used the Primordial Judgment Sword as the foundation and used the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger to kill ten thousand Divine Authority G

Chapter 849 Killing the Divine Authority Generals With One Sword Han Jue immediately disappeared from the Universal Hall after comforting the Foolish Sword Sage and Red Fate. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of the ten thousand Divine Authority Generals. He instantly used the simulation

“Because mother made a mistake and betrayed father, father hurt her while angry,” said Jing Yunfei. Although Senior Mrs. Jing was dead and he disrespected her by saying that, he couldn’t give Jing Yunfei a perfunctory answer. Even if he gave a perfunctory answer right now, Jing Yunyan would find out