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Chapter 486 Phoenix ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━The country of Phoenix was widely acknowledged as one of the most prosperous in the world. With the world's reserve currency being issued by them, and their capital also being the most popular spot to host international 'peace talks' and other matters of worldwide

Chapter 487 She Doesn't Get It At All ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━Emilia thought that both Crystal and her big sister were being a bit too optimistic, but she also hoped that their hunch was right. After all, if the prime minister of Phoenix had a good impression of her, it would certainly make things much easie

Chapter 488 Full Circle ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━Normally, even if her ability allowed her to do so, Crystal wouldn't bring other people's private matters to light unless absolutely necessary. But being already familiar with some of Emilia's more possessive thoughts, the blonde heroine was naturally a little

Chapter 511 Cracker of DimensionsThe air cracked like glass, and suddenly a whirling portal appeared. Isaac couldn't even see the bullet and only saw the crack in the air forming, like spider-wed cracks appearing in a broken window.''Wow, w-wait!'' Isaac, at first, was amazed, but then the whirling

Chapter 512 Caveman LegacyThe horse-faced man watched as the man with white hair evaded all of the bullets. A feeling of dread began to spread throughout his entire existence as it began to emerge from the recesses of his thoughts."Those moves are exactly like his...," said the man. He took a few dr

Chapter 513 The Gathering of LegendsTap, tap, tap.The front lounge was a mess due to all of the broken pieces of debris.The soldiers dressed in hazard suits glanced toward the entrance with anticipation and optimism because they believed their reinforcements had finally come.Isaac furrowed his brow

Chapter 514 High SocietyCreak!Arthur pushed open the two glass doors and entered the room. The view then shifted to reveal the room filled with thousands of monitors. They had a few cracks here and there and were dirty.After ascending the few steps of the set of stairs, the four men entered the room

Chapter 515 The Humanity's wildcardsEveryone fell silent.After getting up from the chair, Arthur proceeded to walk over to the window. He opened the curtains slightly and saw the never-ending devastation that had been inflicted upon the once unimaginably stunning location."The world is a beautiful p

Chapter 516 The Power to Crack Dimensions"We are going to leave tonight as soon as the sun goes down." After he finished speaking, Arthur passed over the masks.Amour was given the crimson mask with ears shaped like a cat. As soon as he put it on, his physical characteristics, as well as his clothes,

Chapter 801 Aren’t We Best Friend Shen Xieren's expression stiffened for only a split second before she shyly grasped Qin Yu's hand. "Qin Yu, you must be joking. You know I didn't mean it!"Qin Yu knew it very well in her heart whether Shen Xieren meant it or not.Shen Xieren loved to insult her in fr

Chapter 802 The Female Lead Will Definitely Be Mine Qin Yu shrugged her shoulders. "I'm not stupid. If I kill you, she will definitely snatch the token in my hand and kill me."When Shen Xieren returned to the hotel after the recording was finished, she was still fuming.She had restrained herself all

Chapter 803 Investing So Much Money To Make Shen Xieren Win The Female Lead Role When Hou Fen saw Xiao Nüying, she walked over to her with a smile. "Are you buying midnight snacks too?"Xiao Nüying pulled her hand and made Hou Fen sit next to her. "Yes. We're not full yet, so why don't we eat togethe

Chapter 804 Are You Really Going To Let Your Dog Loose Whoever couldn't make out the meaning behind her words was a fool.The group of people was extremely embarrassed as they all returned to their seats.What a joke.Shen Xieren's acting was worse than theirs.They hadn't even gone through the audition

Speaking up to this point, Xie Yuhuan snorted coldly and questioned, “Or is it because Ruoyun is a woman, so you’re selfish and don’t want her to treat Jiuhan’s wound? Aren’t you a little too selfish?”Upon hearing this, Feng Qing said neither humbly nor arrogantly, “Little Aunt, you should know Litt

The next second, Ji Yunchen’s expression froze. His mouth was covered by Xie Jiuhan. Ji Yunchen widened his eyes and looked at Xie Jiuhan in confusion. He didn’t know what was wrong with this man again. This was the first time he had covered his mouth after treating Xie Jiuhan for so many years. Hen

Chapter 415 A Demonic Soul Beast!Ace naturally saw and heard everything with his heavenly sense, and he was even more glad that he didn’t take impulsive actions and left Santos alone.Because Santos led him to this place where a very rare demonic beast lived with a demonic core. But he frowned a litt

Alora and Carlee were the most effective from this soul attack because they were the closest, and Carlee even screamed while clutching her head as blood was gushing out of her orifices.Alora somehow gets a grip of her sanity while biting her tongue, and she madly poured all her Qi into the runic whi

Ace was scrutinizing everything and also monitoring the Live Fate Map.But nothing changed as Santos remain the glittering silver point, but he kept his calm.Santos’s panicked voice fell in his ears at this moment, “Not good, it’s about to release its ultimate soul attack with everything it had!”Ace’

The combination of blinding light and a tremendous amount of mana instantly caused Mador to think of one person. This person was naturally the enemy of the demon race—the Hero.The proliferation of the human realm’s Hero novels in the demon realm in recent times allowed many demons to learn more abou

The Tale of Hero Alice’s Social DeathGenerally speaking, while psychic power had a broad range of uses, because it involved the magician’s spirit, psychic power was vastly different from mana. So, in the eyes of the average psychic magician, the action of replacing mana with psychic power to activat

Mador felt as if she had a strange dream.In the dream, Mador saw the Gryffin Kingdom’s princess knocking on her door and inviting her out for a chat. Then, this princess claimed that she was the Demon King, yet revealed a frightening amount of light mana that only the Hero could have in the very nex

“I apologize for my previous rudeness, Lord Demon King.”After Alice untied Mador, the latter promptly knelt in front of Alice and expressed her apology. Although magic technology and culture in this world had already reached a very developed stage, some formalities from the feudal era remain even to

Chapter 137: Extinguished Starlight (3)“—Ah.”Remembering a fact he had forgotten, Riak’s blue pupils dilated.“Kyahaha!! Yeah! That’s right!!”His expression was as if he had discovered a thread of light inside pitch-black darkness.Riak’s body trembled from thrill as he opened his mouth.“You were a Re

Chapter 138: Star of Celestial Pivot (1)“S-Star of Celestial Pivot?!”Ha-eun’s eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open.Star of Celestial Pivot, Cheon Sanggil.He was the ruler of the Ganghwa Special Autonomous Zone, also commonly known as ‘Paradise’.The person who came looking for Ohjin was both Kore

The two of them turned around. Qiao Xin couldn’t help but smile. She hurriedly ran up to Su Xue and grabbed her hand. “Mom, you’re finally here!”Previously, Qiao Xin had tried to persuade her mother to pick her father up when he was released from prison.But at that time, her mother said that she was

With that, Qiao Shan looked up and noticed that Su Xue was also there.His gentle eyes instantly turned cold as he glared fiercely at Su Xue.Su Xue spoke a few more words before taking a step forward. “Hubby…”“Shut up. We’re already divorced!”Su Xue was shocked by Qiao Shan’s tone. Her tears fell unc

Lu Nian handed the helmet to her and asked, “Are you planning to go to the charity banquet too?”Qiao Nian smiled and nodded. “Yes.”“Alone?”“Yes.” Qiao Nian nodded. Her relationship with Gu Zhou had yet to be made public, so she could only travel alone.1Lu Nian’s lips curved up slightly as he said, “

When the others heard Gu Zhou’s words, they instantly understood what was wrong.It turned out that there was something wrong with the way Gu Zhou was looking at Qiao Nian. He didn’t look like a patient looking at a doctor at all. Instead, he looked like a man looking at a woman.Could it be that this

That man was dressed very casually. It was impossible for such a man to be a young master of a wealthy family, especially when he was standing with a lowly person like Qiao Nian. It was even more impossible for him to be a young master of a wealthy family.A trace of ridicule flashed in Qin Lu’s eyes

Qiao Nian had initially thought that since this was her own event, she didn’t want to blow things up.However, so what if she made a scene? Someone actually called Mr. Dong Hua a gigolo in front of her.She could not tolerate this.At the thought of this, Qiao Nian’s gaze grew colder and colder. “Qin L

“It’s because we think that This Place No. 1 is a product developed in a joint venture with a foreign company. The materials should be examined and approved by the department in charge of imports, which is the Import Bureau. If you want the preventive medicine to pass the review, you have to go thro

Tang Mingkun fell into deep thought because of this statement. It seemed that it was not impossible. He subconsciously thought of Fang Tiancheng. With his vengeful personality, he would definitely not let go of any opportunity to get even. Moreover, just giving instructions to the review center was

The purpose of her mentioning the banned drugs was to stall for time. She had heard others talk about Lu Ming Corporation, a rather large, powerful company. However, she felt that such a company would definitely have something to hide. So she used this excuse. She thought perhaps she had really gues

At the end of the day, isn’t it just because of the shares? It must be because he has been sitting in this position for too long. Whenever he meets someone who rejects him, he will fly into a rage out of humiliation. He felt that Fang Tiancheng might be like this for the rest of his life. As the say

“Apart from being able to cure the new infectious disease, is there anything else you can tell everyone? For example, what side effects there are. You can also talk about special groups that might develop adverse changes after taking the drug.”What good could there be in eating too much inferior sta

They never expected that as the youngest child in the family, their fifth sister would be so patient. Thinking of the ‘great achievements’ she had made previously, they couldn’t help but sigh. No wonder she could succeed. In terms of patience, she was indeed matchless.Tang Rongrong said disapproving

“Oh, I forgot! My opponents will only be monsters similar to the Tang family or even more powerful. And you and Lu Ming Corporation are insignificant! You are at most an entertainment to me. When I’m in a bad mood in the future, I’ll come and have fun with you.”So what if they were sisters? Even if

When the preventive medicine made by Xingwei went on the market, the foreshadowing that they had done previously unexpectedly caused it to explode! In order to add fuel to the fire, they even hired many fake reviewers to publicize the benefits of this medicine on the Internet. Just by seeing the dai

This last ultimatum was like stamping a death certificate. The villagers looked at each other in disbelief. Among them, a man in a blue robe walked forward and said pleadingly, “Doctor! Please save our village chief! Our village can’t do without him! We, we can give you money!”As soon as he finished

As they could not explain their thoughts, everyone cast their gaze on the flying ferry.On the flying ferry, Leonard and the others had their eyes on the two of them.The two from the Nicholas family clan were also shocked and extremely confused. “Why are you looking at me? I’m also confused!”From the