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Chapter 694: Fighting Ye LinProofreader: PapatonksRoar!The crowd was beyond excited now that the time had finally come to see these two teams face off and fight for the crown!On one side was the strongest sect in western lands, under Double Dragon Manor and above many, the Ultimate Clarity Sect. For

Chapter 950 To Scare You Out of Your WitsWith her mouth covered, the crying girl was dragged away so violently that the audience trembled with fear.Although they could not see what would happen next, they understood that a servant’s life was the cheapest thing in big families.These madams were frigh

Chapter 1364 There’s No Need to Come with This Little StrengthHiss!Jeffrey and his family were shocked.Mengmeng and the girls got up and slowly floated in the air.“What a bunch of scum.” Mengmeng said coldly, “A fish rots from the head.”“Who, who, who are you?” The old man was shocked because he cou

Chapter 3306 - Chapter 380 - DemigodChapter 380 – Demigod======TL Notes:Made a change to Chapter 380:Original:!!Meanwhile, as soon as these Flying Mounts crossed the 10,000-yard mark, each Flying Mount came face to face with over a thousand Void Sea Serpents and several dozen Void Sea Dragons. Trech

After hearing Lei Qinian's words, Ye Yun fell silent.did not think of.After the Lei family had experienced a hundred thousand years, they would be in such a miserable situation.Compared with the descendants of Chang Yuchun, it is really far away."Ugh!"Ye Yun sighed, looked sad, and looked up at the

Chapter 342: Protecting HerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations Old Madam Qu was already feeling much better and felt refreshed. She took a deep breath as she said, “I’m much better. Mo Rao, you’re really amazing. Ah Jian brought me to several large hospitals for a checkup, b

C189: Lanterns for the Abandoned (1)Chapter sponsored by Jae, Bromo and myo. Thank you for your support.Enya walked away at a quick pace. She held on to her breath, and her legs were about to loosen.Facing the past that she had barely forgotten here felt like the wounds which were deeply engraved in

Fury (2)As winter neared, the officers in the adaptation period will have seven days of field experience which was just the same as the “red caterpillar time trial” and also belonged to the usual training in the First Fortress of the Silver Big Dipper.If the latter focuses on training individual com

Fury (3)Three years ago.When Jiang Jianming received the communication from Old Marshal Chen, he was reading a book in the Aslan Library.It was early in the morning, during the season of midsummer. At that time, the Kaios Military Academy was still on summer vacation, and the Little Highness had gon

The Second and Third Born were playing with Soot and Marble. Due to the commotion the Fourth Born made, they grew scared and ran to the front gate as well to cry, “Mommy, if you don’t come back you’re going to become a dog.” Lu Jiao’s face dropped and she quickened her steps. She was only visiti

As soon as Li Tianyi finished speaking, a few eunuchs carried the brass lock over. The expressions of the hundred guards who had yet to change their swords turned ugly. However, when they saw that it was Li Tianyi who gave the order, they held back their anger. Only Lin Ran’s eyes darkened as if

Zhou Yun stood on the outskirts of the Spirit Valley and looked at the small path that slowly extended in from the distance. He couldn’t help but sigh when he saw the few servant disciples guarding the gate. Like most of the other disciples, he had spent almost all his time in bitter cultivation

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsHe lifted her skirt again and smiled. “Yo, are you wearing flats today?”At the same time, the smile on the corners of Boxing King Potian’s mouth became even more inexplicable. Feng Qing wasn’t at this height when she wore flats, and after ‘

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsThe reason why alchemists in the Martial Arts World were noble and rare was not only because of the conditions of becoming an alchemist. It was mostly because many alchemists cherished their skills and were unwilling to teach them to others

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsHearing the source of the voice, everyone instantly looked over and saw Ming Yue walking over step by step.Ming Yue looked coldly at the First Elder of the Immortal Mountain and said coldly, “A firefly dares to compete with the bright moon.

Chapter 427 “Let’s start, little Lu.” Ye Hua said in a cold voice, the business here is so good. Lu Hong dares not to be careless, smashing the scene means making trouble unreasonably. He glanced around, all the seats were full, and many people were standing. An opportunity has come. “Come here, wai

The sight of the ‘broken’ meat suit and Everchanger reversing all of the damage inflicted by the Point Break shocked a huge amount of observers! Though there were plenty of people who were accustomed to seeing expert mechs and expert pilots making a mockery out of the laws that governed reality, wh

Chapter 703: The Truth is…A/n: Help me reach my Goal on P4treon & Join Discord! ️ ⬅️ —————————— It was the Dragonborn, Jon Dare, Ulfric Stormcloak, General Tullius, and Master Arngeir in addition to every Jarl and Jarl replacement from the game. In other words, the Ruling C

Chapter 3327: The Lord of the Peace Region (Three)8-10 minutes 26.11.2022“Hmph, Jade Heaven, Heaven Fighting, did you ever ask me when you wanted to give the Peace region away for free? As long as I don’t agree, this isn’t something that just the two of you can decide,” the Blood Slaughter Ruler sai

Hearing that, the other men finally noticed that the car was totally flat on the ground, which meant that the four tires were all out of gas. In an instant, they became scared. “I-It’s so strange! Did we run into ghosts or something?” One man’s face turned pale and his whole body was shaki

Those abductors understood that the police would quickly chase them, so they decided to set a trap. When they drove halfway on the twisting mountain road, four men took Dai Xiongyu out of the car, and one man continued to drive away. However… Within five minutes, the Dai family had heard t

Dai Xiongyu didn’t believe it until now. Was this pill really as poisonous as Gu Ning described? Or did she exaggerate its effect? Those men might get stiff after taking it, but they wouldn’t really lose their lives three days later. That was Dai Xiongyu’s thought. “Do you think it’s possi

Hearing Gu Ning’s words, they were scared again. Although they were mentally-prepared to face the result since they dared to abduct Dai Xiongyu, they were still afraid of being caught. No one would choose to die if there was a possibility to stay alive. “Even though he was born in the

After the bunch of abductors were taken back to the police station, they were interrogated overnight. Although Gu Ning had already questioned them, only she and Dai Xiongyu heard their answers. If the police needed solid proof, they needed to interrogate them again. Because the bunch of men had

“I’m fine. This miss rescued me,” Dai Xiongyu said, looking at Gu Ning with gratitude. Dai Xiongyu wanted to ask Gu Ning’s name, but the abductors were still there, so he said nothing. Although Dai Xiongyu was fine, he was still scared. If no one came to rescue him, he honestly had no idea

Hearing that, Master Pei fell silent for a while. Who should do this job? No matter who was going to do it, it couldn’t be Pei Jiangchao. If Pei Jiangchao did that, he might be arrested for playing a role in the crime. Pei Jiangchao didn’t go to see Yang Feng before, but did at this key moment.

Now Pei Jiangchao was unhappy since Master Pei again compared him with Pei Jianghai. Obviously, he still couldn’t understand why Master Pei educated him. “Fine, I know I’m not comparable to Jianghai, but why are you always criticizing me? Am I so bad in your eyes? You only compliment Jianghai!”

They didn’t know that Dai Xiongyu had been abducted, but some of them had heard that the Dai family had collected a lot of evidence about the Chang family’s illegal deeds. In addition, many powerful families and forces were involved. Among those influential families that wanted to compete agains

Crackling- On Bai Zhan’s forehead, there is a powerful source mark power displayed. With the power of the source mark displayed, a large amount of current appeared on Bai Zhan’s body. The electric light flickered and suddenly there was a loud noise. At this moment, those incomparab

Lin Xiu continued walking alone on the Road of Ice and Fire. He held onto the black spear and continued walking on the ground covered with air. One entire day. He has been walking for an entire day. But now, the only thing that Lin Xiu could see ahead of him was grounds that were c

Xiu – – With the long spear that went across the sky, there was a bright arch that rushed toward the three other warriors! Boom – – With the loud sound, all of the warriors’ ‘spheres’ exploded instantly. Pfft – – As their ‘sphere’ exploded, all three of them had blood coming ou

Lin Xiu shook his head and stopped thinking about how to get onto the next level. He quickly flew back to the ground. As the flame dragon died, the body of it seemed to be turning soft. Lin Xiu raised the long spear above its head and gave it a clean chop. Blood went everywhere and

What was that?! When Lin Xiu saw what was happening before him, his pupil shrank uncontrollably. This was because he could clearly feel that there was a sudden burst of strong energy from the body of the flame dragon. With such horrifying energy, Lin Xiu could also clearly feel the pre

“Can we take a look at it?” Yu Tu hesitated for a moment before speaking to Lin Xiu. “Sure.” After hearing what Yu Tu wanted, Lin Xiu nodded his head. As Lin Xiu gathered his thoughts, the odd crystal as well as the horns of the frost dragon appeared in Lin Xiu’s palms. This is

On both sides of this gate, there was a large number of laser weapons hidden. At this time, all those laser rays were coming toward Lin Xiu! “Be careful!” Ye Kai watched this scene, the pupils in his eyes shrank a little and said subconsciously. Whoosh whoosh— But at this momen

Lin Xiu didn’t know what this Elder Yu wanted the horn of the frost dragon and its odd crystal for. But he already got what he wanted. At this time, Lin Xiu stepped out of the place. “wait.” At this moment, Elder Yu said suddenly. “Anything else?” Lin Xiu stopped, raised his br

Those warriors who rushed over died in an instant. Seeing this scene, Chen Jing’s expression changed greatly. What exactly is going on! He looked up at Lin Xiu and he could clearly see that Lin Xiu’s body was covered with a large amount of dark energy. There is no doubt that everyt

“Want it?” Lin Xiu shook the token in front of them. When Elder Bai saw this scene, the pupils in his eyes shrank slightly. “give it to me!” At this moment, Elder Bai moved and rushed towards Lin Xiu! His speed was very fast and the moment he finished speaking, he appeared in f

Jiang Yun woke up in less than half an hour. She opened her eyes and saw Lin Qingdai staring out of the window in a daze. Jiang Yun followed Lin Qingdai’s gaze. At this moment, the sky was already dark. There was only a curved moon hanging in the sky outside. It was thin and cold. “Wha

Once this statement from Nancheng University was released, the entire matter became very awkward. The various reports of Xia Wanyuan’s “history expert” were still hanging on the Internet media, and all sorts of reporters’ praises were still pouring out. However, as the most authoritative l