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Chapter 69

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No matter how important the position, some were concerned that the next Duke would step forward in person, and some knights said that they would go instead.


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But Rudrick neatly ignored the dissenting opinion.


As long as the Crown Prince was suspicious enough to send him, it was safest for him to go to the negotiating table himself.


When someone asked him, “For whose safety?” Rudrick had nothing to say.


Because he also had no idea who he was doing this for.


To the negotiating place, he just had to struggle to bring down the excitement he was starting to feel.


But even if he didn’t bother trying, his mood was thrown back to the floor.


This is because there was a completely unknown man sitting inside the barracks in the center of the border, which was chosen as the venue for negotiations from the top.


Rudrick, who was somehow disappointed in him, knew only then.


The reason why he was so excited the whole time he came here.


“… There’s no way she’ll come out.”


Come to think of it, did the owner of the top say a stranger without nationality in the first place?


From the beginning, it seemed that she wanted to hide that she was involved in this matter, but there was no way she could come to this place where her true identity was revealed.


Nevertheless, Rudrick couldn’t hide his disappointment.


Maybe he didn’t know that he was looking forward to his reunion with her.


It’s already been more than 10 years since they broke up, and it was a short moment in less than a year that he was with her.


In fact, Rudrick’s memory now is as blurry as her face. He couldn’t remember how she spoke, how she laughed, what she liked or hated.


And yet, he doesn’t know why he keeps getting curious.


It wasn’t a feeling of sorrow. Just, sometimes he wonders.


“That’s all.”


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Rudrick shook his head and looked forward again.


After moderately exchanging mining documents and recipes of the medicine in a quivering atmosphere, he immediately headed to the Crown Prince.


And again, his face, which took over the recipe, was hardened.


As he thought, the Crown Prince had already planted assassins in the negotiating place. But they had already been dealt with before Rudrick arrived.


Of course, that fact must have all reached the Crown Prince’s ears.


But he won’t be sure. Whether it’s from the top or Rudrick that disposed of the assassins he’s planted.


In fact, Rudrick didn’t mind being suspicious.


Because of the achievements he has made so far, he has now established himself as an indispensable member of the Imperial Army. He was also confident.


No matter how much the Crown Prince suspects him, he is confident that he will make a contribution to quell the doubt. And Rudrick himself was right.


It’s been a year since the epidemic subsided and the Imperial Army, which had been reorganized for about half a year, started marching again.


Before they knew it, they were able to reach the main palace of Rohendell.


And in the final battle against Rohendell, which continued for a while, Rudrick and the Knights of Bouser were the main characters of victory.


The Knights of Bouser, who were at the forefront of the front line, were very powerful.


With hundreds of years of know-how, each of them had the power of several other knights.


Not to mention the division commanders who led the Knights.


They moved with the goal of taking over the palace faster than cutting down the enemy immediately.


A few elites woven by Rudrick broke through the strong gate, and he finally reached the throne after slaughtering countless people.


And just for a moment.


“Sa, save me… Please…!”


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He cut off the head of King Rohendell.


It was, indeed, a simple and futile ending.




The palace, where no one else survived, was horrifically quiet.


Rudrick looked at the blood on his hands. When he was suffocated by the thick emptiness that started with his fingertips and spread out.


A bell rang from afar.


At that moment, Rudrick let out a breath he had been holding back.




“It’s over.”



[My dear daughter, Dahlia.


Sorry for the late reply. In the meantime, I had no time to write to you because of the processing of the fleeing Royal Family and some of the defeated soldiers.


When I took over Rohendell, I thought I could go back quickly, but why do I have so much to do?


Still, it’s finally over, and I can share the good news with you.


The war is completely over. The Imperial Army is now preparing to return.


By the time the letter arrives, I may already be on my way.


Actually, since I replied late, I wanted to arrive in the capital sooner than the letter.


But if I did, your mother might really fall, so I stopped making a surprise appearance.


But I really want to see you and your mother soon. Every day feels so slow that I wonder how I’ve endured it before. Sometimes I got so upset that I looked at your letter over and over again.


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But now it will be over. I really have a lot of questions. How tall you must have been, how well did your debutante dance, and how is your mother’s health?


How is your mother doing? How upset I was when I heard that, she cried a lot.


Claire doesn’t eat well whenever she has a hard time, so I’m worried. I’d like you to take care of her.


I’ve already put a lot of burden on you, but I’m sorry that I have no choice but to keep asking it of you.


Not only that, but I wish I could go back quickly and relieve the burden that I put on you.


Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me, even for such an ugly father.


There are so many stories I want to tell you.


Things you want to hear.


Dahlia… Since when did you know?


I can’t write it in detail, but what did you send me? I have a lot of questions I want to ask, but somehow I feel like I can’t get a proper answer.


But I just wanted to say this. Thank you. And you must have had a hard time.


I feel sorry and proud to think that you tried hard alone. When did that small child grow up like this?


My wonderful daughter, Dad is always proud of you.


And I love you a lot. You and your mother. I should have told you all the time, but what’s so embarrassing about this simple word that I can’t say?


I want to tell you a lot now. Furthermore, I love you, I will always love you. From the moment you were born until now.


Don’t say the things you couldn’t say in person.


You don’t have to send me a reply. No, You’d rather not send it. Because I think I’ll get to the capital before your reply arrives.


Let’s talk about the rest of the story, then. So, until then, stay healthy, and hope to see you again soon in good shape.


-A father who always supports you.]


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I was looking at my father’s letter with a smile on my face. When things were about to be finished, my father sent me a letter.


Certainly, the return of the Imperial Army was not too late, given the news of the overthrow of Rohendell a few months ago.


He inevitably made me nervous. I wondered if there was a future that I didn’t know about, and I was also worried about whether another mishap occurred because I changed the future.


Fortunately, however, nothing unusual happened.


The remnants of the rebellion were quickly subdued by the Imperial Army, and although it took a while, the post-processing was done safely.


And finally, the news of the return of the Imperial Army was heard.


“Thank God, that’s a relief.”


The future in the dream didn’t come true.


Unlike the dream in which I had to witness my father’s death without doing anything, this time I was able to stop it with my own hands.


You will never have to feel that hellish feeling again.


‘I’m really happy.’


I smoothed my father’s letter with a relaxed face.


As my father said, it was not easy to support a family without an owner.


But it helped a lot as well. I was able to learn more about how Averine works, which I didn’t know when studying the successor alone, and what was most satisfying was getting the recognition of my vassals.


I’m not a Duke yet, so I’m not in the first half of Averine’s business. Still, the fact that the land was managed without any trouble as a lord of territory gave them a great score.


Of course, in order to be adequately recognized, I would have to produce results from the business side, but firstly, I showed my potential.


“I’m relieved over there.”


But it wasn’t all good for me. Although my position as the Princess of Averine was stabilized, I was still in a dangerous position as the Master of the Ghost Top. This is because the Crown Prince has put a person on top of our side.

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