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Chapter 901: 901

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“I heard that he likes Su Jiu! You know Su Jiu, right? Her father is an A-list celebrity, Su Shengjing. Han Siye has liked Su Jiu for a long time. He has been wooing her since Year One, but nothing has happened between them.”

“No way! Isn’t Su Jiu just a second-generation star? Why is she so arrogant? Han Siye is the school hunk, but she won’t even look at him? Then who does she like?”

“That’s right. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t even believe it!”

“Sigh… it’s a pity he won’t take a photo with us.”

Han Siye kept his distance and watched Su Jiu’s back. He could not help but think that even after knowing Little Jiu for so long, he had not even taken a photo with her alone. Does this mean that our relationship is not good?

He really felt like a bit of a failure.


At this moment, Rong Si was standing on the top floor of a skyscraper in the city center, talking with the manager of a western restaurant.

“Hello, Sir. Everything is ready for you and your girlfriend’s dinner tonight. When the time comes, we’ll do as you say and set off fireworks for half an hour. The lights on this side will project ‘I Love You’ on the opposite glass wall. We’ll also arrange for the roses to be delivered to your girlfriend. I’m sure she’ll be touched.”

“Yes, thank you!”

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“You’re too kind, Sir. If there’s anything else you need, just say the word!” The manager escorted him politely to the elevator. “Have a good day.”

Rong Si took the elevator down from the top floor and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

It was strange. This wasn’t the first time he had prepared a surprise for the girl he liked. He had racked his brains the last time he had confessed. Yet, preparing a surprise for Little Jiu still made him nervous.

It was said that girls were the most difficult creatures in the world to fathom. So he wondered if she would like it, or would she think it was unnecessary?

Feeling apprehensive, Rong Si checked the time.

At this hour, Little Jiu should have finished school.

He took out his phone and called her.

Su Jiu was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Rong Si. He should be waiting for me at the school gate, right?

She picked up the phone immediately. Just as she said, “Hello,” she heard Rong Si’s magnetic voice. “Have your classes finished?”

“Yes, yes. I’m almost at the school gate. Wait for me!”

“Come straight to the western restaurant at the skyscraper.”

“Huh?” Su Jiu was stunned.

Rong si added, “We’re having dinner.”

Su Jiu immediately replied, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

The restaurant at the skyscraper was considered the most expensive restaurant in the capital. Why would the little villain choose to go there? It feels like he has spent a lot of money. Is he making enough money to cover that?

Su Jiu got into her car and asked her chauffeur to take her to the western restaurant Rong Si had mentioned. The chauffeur was a little surprised. Su Jiu’s life after school seemed to be quite active recently. If she wasn’t being invited to shop, she was being invited to dinners.

She’s not in a relationship, is she?

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Should I… tell Mr. Su?


Su Jiu rushed to the restaurant excitedly. Under the guidance of the waiter, she quickly found Rong Si.

He was sitting in a seat by the window with his back to her. In the sunset, the large clouds outside the window looked like they were on fire. The afterglow of the setting sun filtered through the floor-to-ceiling glass window and shone on him. Even his back looked ridiculously good!

Su Jiu’s heart raced as she secretly approached him. Then, she reached out and covered his eyes.

Rong Si held her hand. “I know it’s you.”

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