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Chapter 196

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Why had Lin Xiao asked Huangfu Jiquan for a favor?

Lin Xiao examined Ling Luo in puzzlement, but was unable to read Ling Luo’s expression. He didn’t even know where to start, when it came to figuring out Ling Luo.

“I wanted to see my father.” It was the only answer Lin Xiao could give.

When Lin Xiao had argued to stay in the Nebula country and find Huangfu Jiquan to bid farewell, Ling Luo instead took Lin Xiao away. A flash of white light and they were in the qiling.

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Ling Luo asked in a low voice, a hidden fist clenched in his sleeve. Ling Luo’s face was still. But Lin Xiao, confused, saw the anger roiling in Ling Luo’s eyes.

To Lin Xiao, Ling Luo’s behavior was becoming more and more baffling.

Lin Xiao started feeling a little angry himself. Ling Luo brought him here with no explanation, without letting him see Huangfu Jiquan, and asking him silly questions. “You’ve been gone for days, without a trace! How would I find you, even if I wanted to?” A hint of dissatisfaction creeping into his voice.

Ling Luo’s mood worsened. Lin Xiao, whose temper was usually even, was getting upset at him? Because of Huangfu Jiquan?

Chiding Ling Luo for not being there, when Ling Luo had been hopelessly harried, searching for his parents and a cure for Lin Xiao’s dantian? Ling Luo hadn’t rested for many days. And when he had rushed home, to fetch Lin Xiao, he’d found that Lin Xiao had run off with Huangfu Jiquan.

This was a bit too much to bear.

Ling Luo gave no response to Lin Xiao. He fixed his gaze on Lin Xiao’s body, and his expression grew more distant.

Being stared at so closely, Lin Xiao started feeling a little guilty again. But then he thought about it. Huangfu Jiquan truly had helped him out, and deserved recognition. Lin Xiao’s attitude stiffened, “Get me out of here! If Huangfu Jiquan can’t find me, he’ll worry!”

Well, Lin Xiao really knew how to cut to the bone.

Ling Luo’s rising jealousy hit a new peak. “Are you so concerned about Huangfu Jiquan?” Ling Luo’s eyes were burning, no longer able to feign calm.

Step by step, he came closer to Lin Xiao, his cultivation filling the air, making him even more imposing.

Lin Xiao, with no power, could only back up, step by step.

Then Lin Xiao’s leg hit something. There was a bed behind him, and not expecting it, he sat down on it.

Ling Luo stood before Lin Xiao, arrogantly towering above him.

Their difference in position made the overwhelmed Lin Xiao a little breathless.

“If you had really wanted to find me, I would have appeared,” Ling Luo growled, looking down at Lin Xiao. Lin Xiao’s face was pale, and he was gasping a little, in an oddly enticing way. A fire ignited in Ling Luo.

He closed his eyes, so he couldn’t see Lin Xiao, afraid that if he looked any longer, he’d pounce and turn to a wolf. He and Lin Xiao had been separated from a long time. Ling Luo had thought that maybe his feelings would have faded over time.

But he was wrong…From the moment he’d let Lin Xiao out of the cave, his heart hadn’t beat normally. Lin Xiao disturbed his every rhythm…

“How was it wrong to ask your junior for help?” Lin Xiao still couldn’t understand Ling Luo’s thinking. Hadn’t it been better to ask Huangfu Jiquan? After all, there was hatred between the Lin family and Ling Luo.


Lin Xiao scored another deep cut to Ling Luo. Ling Luo thought about how he hadn’t confessed yet. Lin Xiao had no idea Ling Luo liked him. So, in Lin Xiao’s heart, was his status the same as Huangfu Jiquan’s? Or was Ling Luo’s position even lower?

Those memory fragments started sliding through Ling Luo’s mind once more.

He was losing his grip on his anger, faced with Lin Xiao’s indifference. And Lin Xiao’s sweet lips, contrasted with his pale skin, hit Ling Luo in the gut. He wanted to kiss them. It had been too long since he’d touched them. If he laid his lips on Lin Xiao’s, would Lin Xiao understand his feelings?

Ling Luo’s heart wanted it, therefore Ling Luo did it.

Lin Xiao’s sight was shrouded by shadow, as Ling Luo kneeled on the bed. Lin Xiao opened his mouth, to ask what was going on, but Ling Luo’s slightly cold lips covered his own.

Ling Luo didn’t close his eyes, and neither did Lin Xiao, taking in Ling Luo’s suddenly, incredibly close face. Ling Luo’s eyes were fathomless, swimming with unreadable feelings, but they seemed to draw in Lin Xiao’s whole soul.

Too stunned, Lin Xiao didn’t push Ling Luo away.

Ling Luo slipped his tongue between Lin Xiao’s parted lips. Lin Xiao tasted as beautiful as Ling Luo remembered. Unwilling to separate, Ling Luo’s tongue tangled with Lin Xiao’s, over and over again. Occasionally, Ling Luo licked one of Lin Xiao’s sensitive spots, and was rewarded by Lin Xiao’s trembling.

Finally wanting more than to just kiss, Ling Luo pulled Lin Xiao’s clothes open at the chest, and reaching in a hand, covered one of Lin Xiao’s nipples. Ling Luo rubbed it softly while Lin Xiao made muffled moans.

Consternated, Lin Xiao tried to recover his senses. Being kissed by Ling Luo felt better than it should, and Lin Xiao, using all his strength, pushed the off-guard Ling Luo away.

Ling Luo’s eyes went wide, then narrowed. There had been too many years of recalling the time with the illusionary Lin Xiao. And faced with Lin Xiao’s attitude towards Huangfu Jiquan…No, Lin Xiao was not allowed to refuse Ling Luo’s feelings…

Saying nothing, Ling Luo retrieved some qing grass (aphrodisiac) that he had stored for a long time.

Ling Luo had been holding onto the grass so long he had almost forgotten he had it. Until he had recalled it a few days ago. Well, it would come in handy now.

Ling Luo placed the qing grass in his mouth, then grabbed the back of Lin Xiao’s head, prying Lin Xiao’s lips open again and kissing him fiercely.

When Ling Luo was sure Lin Xiao had enough qing grass in his mouth, Ling Luo forced him to swallow it.

Ling Luo had studied the properties of qing grass. He knew their bodies wouldn’t be damaged, and with his level of cultivation, he would still be in control of his emotions.

Lin Xiao, unknowing however, asked: “What did you make me eat?” Ling Luo licked and kissed Lin Xiao’s teary eyes, still silent and continuing to do what he wanted.

Lin Xiao shouted for Ling Luo to stop, but Ling Luo went on fondling and kissing, ignoring Lin Xiao’s words.

Slowly, Lin Xiao’s voice faded. Every place Ling Luo touched electrified, until Lin Xiao lost his energy, his resistance melting into the sensations.

His mind confused, while his body craved the feel of Ling Luo’s cool fingertips.

What had Ling Luo fed him? Something that aroused people? He could barely think why Ling Luo had done it, as he writhed his body, wanting more.

What Ling Luo was giving him, it wasn’t enough…Lin Xiao wasn’t satisfied…

Ling Luo removed all of Lin Xiao’s clothes, throwing them under the bed. Hands roaming, lowering his head and using his mouth, Ling Luo covered Lin Xiao’s body with red marks.

With Ling Luo sucking his nipple, Lin Xiao trembled and groaned. So, thought Ling Luo, the grass did make bodies more sensitive. He lightly bit on Lin Xiao’s other nipple and Lin Xiao’s noises got higher.

Immersed in pleasure, Lin Xiao was no longer struggling at all. Ling Luo let go of Lin Xiao’s hand that he’d been holding down, and stroked Lin Xiao’s member, which was already erect.

Moving his hand up and down on Lin Xiao’s cock, Ling Luo leisurely licked Lin Xiao’s torso. Lin Xiao’s skin was still delicate, but he was a little thin. Ling Luo, enjoying the moment, thought he should fatten Lin Xiao up a little bit.

Ling Luo knew, when Lin Xiao sobered up, he might hate everything they were doing together. Would probably hate Ling Luo.

Ling Luo closed his eyes, sighing. This might his last chance to have Lin Xiao. No matter how Lin Xiao felt afterwards, Ling Luo wanted to act on his own desires. He liked Lin Xiao…

If Lin Xiao loathed him, so be it. Ling Luo would not regret, nor repent. He pressed down Lin Xiao’s body with his own.

No, he won’t regret.

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