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Chapter 78

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You’ve been getting fatter lately, haven’t you?”

“That’s what I thought. You’ve gotten a bit fat”


That was a shock to me in a way.

It’s true that my body had been feeling a little heavier recently, but it seems that Akira and Shogo think I’ve gotten fatter… no, I’m sure that’s the case.

“Look, here and there.”

“It’s so plump.”

I was told this as he put his hand under my chin and on my side.

It’s not that I’m living an unhealthy or luxurious lifestyle… but there I turned my attention to Mari, who was talking amicably with her friends.

(..Is this what it is? Maybe it’s called happy-go-lucky…)

It seems that I may be storing up too much happiness in my body from the happiness that they give me.

And I eat a lot of sweets when I go to their houses or come to ours, so maybe that’s part of the reason.

“Maybe I should do a bit of exercise or something.”

“It’s a good time to sweat”

“Nah. I’m sorry, but…”

Since I haven’t scheduled any plans with anyone just this Saturday, there’s a popular gym in town, so let’s go for a light sweat session, shall we? I asked.

Although Shogo turned me down, I looked at Akira to see if he was interested, but he too seemed to not want to work up a sweat on his day off, and turned me down with a smile.

Then time passed and it was lunchtime and I was meeting up with Saika in an empty classroom.

“I see. But it doesn’t bother me at all.”

“No, look at this.”

I rolled up my shirt and pinched my side a little, and it was already magnificently squishy.

It was pathetic that I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out to me. But seeing my body like this made me realize that I was really getting fat.

“I don’t really mind if Kai-kun gets bloated and fat.”

“Thank you, Saika. But I also want to lose weight, or rather, I want to work up a sweat, so I’m going to go exercise, thinking it’s a good opportunity.”

“Well…yeah, I’m rooting for you. If I didn’t have anything to do that day, I was thinking of going with Kai-kun too.”

Incidentally, Saika seemed to be going out with her grandparents, and Mari and Emu were also unlucky enough to have just put in some errands.

I thought about asking Aika and Fiana, but this time I decided to go alone.

“…  it’s so soft.”

“That tickles.”

While Saika was on my lap, I was poking and prodding at the oversized breasts dangling in front of me.

Every time I did this, Saika would wriggle, and twist as if she was being tickled, but in some places she would tremble, so I was having a bit of fun.

“I know it’s a little late to ask these things, but…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Kai-kun really loves big boobs, doesn’t he?”

“I love it. I seriously love them.”

I almost told her that big breasts were supreme, but I felt uncomfortable with the idea of doing it to a girl, so I managed to suppress my inner self.

She giggled as her shoulders shook and laughed, touching her breasts with the hand opposite to the one caressing her head, and continued with these words.

“If Kai-kun is happy, I’m glad I’ve grown so much. It’s not easy in many ways, but the fact that Kai-kun is happy and excited… well…”


I got up to see what happened when she stopped speaking in mid-sentence.

The usually expressionless Saika, unusually red-faced and at a loss for words, is a new sight, but what she uttered while staring into my waiting eyes were words that I can confidently say are the best for me.

“As Kai-kun’s woman… as a lover, I’m so happy.”


Lately, I’ve been feeling a little tearful and useless, really.

Although she always gives me words of joy, she also gives me harsh words at times recently, so I guess we are really close regarding distance between our hearts.

When I took Saika, who was still blushing, in my arms, she also put her arms around my back.

“Is today good?”

“Today… is it good? Let’s just relax like this.”


There was nothing to do. We just stayed like that, holding each other for a long time.

The warmth of people is really a mysterious thing, why just by huddling together like this, the heart becomes so peaceful… that is probably an eternal mystery, but I guess it’s the happiness that everyone is searching for.

After that, I split up with Saika and went back to the classroom, and time went on as it was.

No particularly troubling events have occurred recently, and like that woman, I haven’t seen any men approaching Mari and the others, much less anyone who has a hypnosis app other than me.

“I’d be happy if the days would pass without incident like this…”

I couldn’t help but hope so.

Finally, the day came when I decided to sweat it out at the gym, and I was given a lot of instructions as it was my first time using the gym.

Only… I glanced to the side as I listened to the explanation.

“Fumufumu… I see. So there are rules like that.”


For some reason, Nayu-san decided to come along.

I didn’t expect this to happen in the first place, but I happened to meet Nayu-san outside and told her that I was heading to the gym from now on, and she came with me.

As for me, I had no particular reason to refuse, so I was happy, but… what is this slightly nervous feeling?

“Well then, Kai, let’s get changed and meet up.”


I parted from Nayu-san for the moment and headed for the changing room.

I put on the sportswear I prepared for this day and left the changing room, but Nayu-san wasn’t there yet, so I bought a drink at random and waited.

Finally, Nayu-san came out of the changing room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Kai-kun.”


I averted my gaze from Nayu-san.

It’s easy to move around in the clothes, so it shouldn’t be strange here. But even so, the navel is also exposed. But the cleavage seems to be a little visible, and my gaze is about to be sucked in.

After all, while thinking that the sex appeal of adults is frightening, I proceeded to the back with Nayu-san pulling me by the hand.


“This is amazing.”

When I went inside, I was thrilled to see that not only were there a lot of customers, but also a lot of equipment that you wouldn’t normally see in a normal place.

There were also machines that clearly smelled of big money, which I had only seen on TV or in magazine adverts… However, my aim was not muscle training. I just want to work up a sweat, so I do not intend on using them.

“Is this the first time you’ve been to a place like this too, Kai?”

“Yes, it is. How about you, Nayu-san?”

“It’s my first time too. How about we both work up a sweat on the running machine for starters?”

“That sounds good. Let’s do it.”

So let’s head for the running machine, shall we?


Even so, I’m ashamed of myself who fantasises about sex when Nayu-san proposes that I should work up a sweat.

In the first place, when I see Nayu-san, I get nervous in many ways because it reminds me of that time when I thought it was my first time, but it wasn’t.

“I don’t usually leave the house that much and I don’t exercise. I’m only here because you’re here, Kai. You’re changing me in so many ways”

The way she phrases it every single time is so naughty, this person!

Nayu-san pats my red-faced head, but there is one man who approaches us.

“I’ve never seen your face before. I’m a trainer here, and I’m pleased to meet you.”

The man was just huge.

The muscles that push up his shirt are so strong that if I were to fight him, I’d be beaten to a pulp in an instant.

He was also very handsome, and although I thought the tattoo on his arms was a little scary, he seemed to be a popular guy.

“I can teach you if you like. I’d especially welcome a beautiful young lady like you.”

“No thanks, I’ll pass. I’d like to sweat it out with him today.”

Nayu-san said that, but for some reason the man looked at me, smiled for some reason, and turned his back on me.

(…That guy is kind of unpleasant)

I thought Nayu-san was a little annoyed, but other than that, there was no problem with the way she handled the situation, so it would be useless to worry about it, but something still bugged me about him.

I was looking at his big back, and Nayu-san hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear.

“He looks like one of those muscular men who often appear in doujin works. The atmosphere is like that too, and I think there are quite a lot of girls who are made to cry by him.”

“… You’re so straight”

“It’s not like I haven’t written works like that. I kind of have a hunch, but I think you should be careful with guys like that.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

… I thought I might have carried away a little a bit, but Nayu-san smiled happily and nodded.

“I have a weakness for the coolness someone shows suddenly. When it’s Kai-kun, it’s all the more impressive.”


Please don’t say that and fidget as you hug your body, because I’m the one who’s having trouble keeping my eyes open.

But as long as Nayu-san said that, I’ll keep an eye on you too.

(… Protect Nayu-san, huh?)

It was almost a reflexive word, but I once again recognized that Nayu-san’s presence was also significant in me after all.
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