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Chapter 80

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“Hyu, hyu~♪”


Um~ Nayu-san, isn’t that whistling clearly too unnatural or too bad?

So I was invited to Nayu-san’s house like this on the way home from the gym, and this strange atmosphere arose when she mentioned whether I wouldn’t be using the hypnosis app today.


“Um, what’s up?”

Why is it that I, the one who used the hypnosis app, am the one who is questioning her?

However, to tell the truth, it’s natural that I’m nervous inside, and from the looks of it, Nayu-san has always known about the hypnosis app.

I don’t know when it began…

“You knew about it? About the hypnosis app…”


Nayu-san’s eyes swam, but she nodded.

“…It’s not that I knew, it was only recently that I became aware of it, and that’s exactly when you last came to my house and spoiled me.”

“Ugh, since that time!”

That’s pretty recent… I mean, compared to Mari, and the others, I haven’t used the hypnosis app on Nayu-san that many times, but you noticed it that early!

Nayu-san continued to speak.

“Everything… I remember everything. I remember being spoilt by you, and I even remember having s*x with you.”


I was also worried about how to explain about that.

However, judging from the way Nayu has been acting, she doesn’t seem to have any bad feelings towards me, so I’m relieved about that, but still… I was about to bow my head, but she stopped me and told me to wait.

“You don’t have to apologise. Did I say anything bad about you when you remember that in the first place?”

“No, because…”

“I didn’t, did I? Even today I met you, heard you were going to the gym alone and wished to go with you myself. I’m like, you know? I like you, okay?”


It was an all too sudden confession.

These days, I often tell people my feelings and vice versa, so the shock was not that big… no, this is a big shock.

“Come closer to me, like you always do. Let’s talk a bit more calmly.”


“Fufu, when there’s a lot of confusion, it’s best to calm down. Here.”

Nayu-san’s outstretched hand was placed on my shoulder and held me close.

Nayu-san, who gently cradled my head against her ample bosom, stroked my head and whispered in my ear.

“To begin with, as you probably know, I have a propensity to desire such situations, as I said on social networking sites as Toki konoe, I don’t want to be forced to do it, but it’s even better if that person has a kind heart.”

“Ah… certainly.”

She had indeed said that as Toki-konoe, and above all, she had also said that during the hypnosis.

“And furthermore, you know what? During the hypnosis I trusted you wholeheartedly. I think the reason for that is probably nothing more than the fact that you have a beautiful heart.”


Not only Nayu-san, but everyone says that to me.

I’ve experienced first-hand that during hypnosis, the walls of your mind are removed and you’re in a state where you can understand the other person better.

“You, the kind man who helped my grandfather, use such mysterious powers and have a heart that strikes me right in the middle of my preferences. Being in contact with you, hypnotised or not, has been my greatest pleasure of late. Hey Kai, are you still going to apologise to me after I’ve told you all this?”

“…But I-I mean, Nayu-san’s–”

“That was mutual consent, so that’s good. Well, but it’s because you’re you that you’re troubled here, isn’t it? Oh dear, shall we do it again then? This time with the real me, who’s not in a hypnotic state, too.”

Gulping, I swallowed my spit.

When I reflexively looked up, Nayu-san licked her bottom lip in a manner that gave off a bewitching atmosphere.

I was almost swept away by the sight of her being so naughty, but I shook my head and moved away from Nayu-san for a moment.

“Haha, was that too sudden? But have you calmed down a bit?”

“…Yes, I have. My heart is racing more than I’ve calmed down, though.”

“That’s good. It’s a sign that you’re excited by me.”

He really is… but I can’t deny it because there’s nothing wrong with him.

I gave one coughing sound, and then I bowed my head, this time, still determined to apologize.

“Still, let me apologise. Even if Nayu-san wanted to, it’s not a lie that I had a relationship with you with the power of the hypnosis app, even if it was just a flow. So… sorry.”

“…Oh dear, all right, I’ll accept your apology. You really are a sweet boy, aren’t you?”

Saying that, Nayu-san hugged me again.

Having received this apology, Nayu-san said that this conversation was over and she left me and went to get something from the fridge.

She then brought me a glass of orange juice.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

I quenched my throat with the juice after a short pause.

“The memories are still there, which means of course I remember other things too. I also remember that you connected with other girls on the hypnosis app. Can you tell me what has happened since then?”

“Uh, yes.”

Then I told her about Mari and the others.

So far, the five girls and I have sworn to stay together forever… After hearing my story, Nayu-san patted me on the head, saying it was really like me.

“That’s the answer you thought so hard about, isn’t it? Then you should get it off your chest. Even if it’s something you can’t bring to light too much, I’m sure the girls would be more than happy for you to have confidence in the relationship.”

“Well… yes.”


Nayu-san is really great.

Not only does she have the dignity of an adult, but she also has a great receptiveness and a kindness that makes you feel as if she will accept anything.

I’m glad I talked to Nayu-san this time. I sincerely thought so.

“Um… Nayu-san…”

“Fufu, come here?”


I wanted to be pampered by her generosity today, too, and perhaps sensing my feelings, Nayu-san opened her arms and welcomed me in.

I approached Nayu-san without hesitation and this time jumped into her bosom myself.


“Ah, you’re really cute, Kai-kun. It’s also a high point that you’re honestly trying to spoil me like that, and your courage in saving so many children is really a mass of charm.”

That is why I don’t want her to praise him too much.

It makes me happy, and more importantly, it makes me feel good… but I’m only human, so often I get carried away.

“…All right, I’ve decided on a theme for my next manga.”


“Hey Kai, I’m not going to use your name. But I would love to write a story about a protagonist based on you.”


“Oh, yes! I’m getting into it, I’m feeling it, the ideas are coming in. I’ve got lots of creative inspiration, and I’m going to draw even better than usual!”

Nayu-san, she became supremely high-tensioned.

I was looking at Nayu-san with such high tension, but… talking like this made me realize once again – I want Nayu-san too.


I felt the phone in my pocket vibrate mysteriously for a moment… but for the time being, let’s confirm it later.

I have a few more words to tell Nayu-san.



After moving away from the softness and warmth, I looked at Nayu-san.

Compared to Mari and the others, we certainly spent less time together, but I still consider Nayu-san important to me as well.

The sense of connection I felt when I was looking at the app’s name page, that feeling is definitely connected to Nayu-san as well.

“I love you too, Nayu-san. Please, will you stay with me from now on? Nayu-san is very important to me.”

I clearly told her that.

And although I was concerned about the phone, which vibrated again, I was made to forget such things by the way Nayu-san looked down with a red face.

“…Well…I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting it. Because I wanted to be by your side all the time too. Because I’m already captured by you, who is younger than I am.”

Having been told that, I hugged Nayu-san.

The composition is completely reversed from before, but Nayu-san is quietly rubbing her cheeks in my chest.

“It’s also possible for me to be spoiled by you, isn’t it… no, but if you ask me which one it is, I think I prefer to be spoiled by you…”

“I like it either way, though.”

“Oh. I like them both too – I love you, Kai.”

“Me too.”

I then kissed Nayu-san without hypnosis.

After that, we remained clinging to each other for a while… but there was one phone in the corner of my and Nayu-san’s gazes.

“That’s strange, then. On what principle did hypnosis apps come to exist?”

“…I don’t know. Is there a developer or something for this?”

“I’d like to say that there can’t be such a thing in the real world, but still, the app itself exists, so it’s hard to say.”


Hey buddy, how did you really come into being?

That’s what I’m really curious about.
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