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Chapter 328: 328 Not Allowed to Film? Then Have a Showdown Between Beast Tamers With Me!

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328 Not Allowed to Film? Then Have a Showdown Between Beast Tamers With Me!
“Everyone, I’m sorry, Hall Master Lin is not free for the time being.”

Su Hongcheng’s words made many “esteemed guests” who had rushed over from the Central Province behind him reveal resentful expressions.

“Dean Su! What’s going on?”

“We came all the way here. Why can’t we see him?”


Hearing the dissatisfaction of these “esteemed guests”, Su Hongcheng only smiled at them.

He said some meaningless words to comfort her.

After all, these people had only jumped out after discovering that Jiangzhou City was safe after coming from Qingquan City.

It could be said that the composition was very complicated.

Most of them were not officials.

For example, Qu Weijie, the head of the Truth Corporation’s armed forces department, who had come with Su Hongcheng, did not say anything at this moment.


Su Hongcheng naturally could not be bothered with them.
As a matter of fact,

Just now, he had already given Lin Ye a lot of face by calling him.

If not for the fact that Jiangzhou City and the academy were fine, Su Hongcheng might have flipped out.

It was also because he understood that even after Jiangzhou City was attacked by the beast tide at night, only a small number of people had been lost that Su Hongcheng had the confidence to ignore those so-called esteemed guests.

“If you’re not in a hurry, you can rest in the academy.”

“When Hall Master Lin is free to take a look, I’ll definitely bring everyone over.”

After comforting these people, Su Hongcheng brought Qu Weijie and the others into the academy.

After returning, he had yet to understand the situation of the beast tide in detail.

He had only heard some “legends” about the Beast Taming Dojo.

Below the school building, Hu Yan, who had come to welcome Su Hongcheng, could not help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw that Su Hongcheng and the teachers and students had returned safely.

“Dean, you’re back!”

Su Hongcheng patted Hu Yan’s shoulder and nodded in relief.

“Thank you for this, Old Hu.”

Hu Yan hurriedly shook his head.

“Dean, I don’t dare to take credit for this.”

“When you returned, you probably heard that if not for Hall Master Lin, our Jiangzhou City would probably have been doomed.”

Su Hongcheng had heard this more than ten times on the way back, so he was even more curious about what happened that night.

It was the same for the “esteemed guests” of the Central Province who had followed Su Hongcheng over.

Of course, other than being curious, they were more disdainful.

These country bumpkins always liked to make a fuss and exaggerate certain people or things.

Actually, in the eyes of these noble Central Province people, many of them were ordinary existences.

“Teacher, I admit that those beasts are indeed very magical, but they shouldn’t have played a key role in the beast tide that affected the entire city, right?”

The person who spoke was the vice president of a chamber of commerce from the Central Province

His words also expressed the thoughts of the few people who had followed him this time.

Qu Weijie, who had not spoken and still had a smile on his face, had similar thoughts.

On the other hand, Xu Jun and the other students firmly believed this.

Hu Yan glanced at the few people behind Su Hongcheng and looked at his dean hesitantly.

Su Hongcheng nodded.

“Tell me, it’s not something that needs to be kept a secret.”

“Dojo Master Lin is not that petty.”

“Besides, we’re still helping him promote his Beast Taming Dojo!”

Hearing Su Hongcheng say this, Hu Yan nodded in understanding.

“Alright, everyone, follow me ~”

After bringing Su Hongcheng, the group of students, and Qu Weijie to a large classroom upstairs, Hu Yan did not waste his breath and directly turned on a device.

Then, a green dragon seemed to have really descended on everyone’s heads, giving them a huge pressure.

In particular, the dragon roar in the scene. The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, who was still very suspicious previously, could not help but tremble in fear.

However, no one mocked him for embarrassing himself.

After all, everyone’s performance was not bad.

Didn’t he see that even Minister Qu of the Truth Group had his mouth wide open?

This video similar to AR technology lasted less than a minute.

However, this short minute directly overturned all of their worldviews.

“This… there’s such a powerful beast?”

Hu Yan nodded calmly.

“Yes, it is.”

“Impressive, awesome!”

Xu Jun and the other students also took a while to recover before starting to shout.

“This is a dragon!”

“From the looks of it, isn’t Old Gu’s Strange Woof Flood Dragon like an earthworm?”

“Sigh! Don’t flatter others. Hall Master Lin’s beast is naturally not something ordinary people can compare to!”

“That’s true.”

“I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to catch new beasts too. Boohoo!”

“You’re already level three?”

“Of course.”

“Do you want to go out and fight later?”

Hearing his group of chattering students, Su Hongcheng could only hurriedly chase them away.

“Alright, alright. You’ve already watched the video. Hurry up and get out.”

“We still have something to discuss!”

Xu Jun and the others, who had been chased out by Su Hongcheng, had just come out of the classroom. Before they could leave the school building, they saw Guo Yuankai, Qian Fu, and the others waiting for them at the door.

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