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Chapter 329: 329 You're Not Allowed to Film? Then Have a Showdown Between Beast Tamers With Me!

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329 You’re Not Allowed to Film? Then Have a Showdown Between Beast Tamers With Me!
“What are you doing?”

Looking at Xu Jun, who was walking at the front, Qian Fu touched his small stomach and asked with a smile,

“How… did you feel when you went to the Central Province this time?”


At the side, Guo Yuankai nodded vigorously.
Compared to Qian Fu, he was even more curious.

After all, this fatty’s family was rich and he had been to the Central Province before. Although it was a long time ago, it had always been one of his assets to brag about.

However, he, Guo Yuankai, did not have this condition.

Although his family was not poor, he did not have the luxury to spend hundreds of thousands of credits to visit Zhongzhou.

“That’s right, tell me!”

“Are they all high-rise buildings? And those hover cars that fill the streets? Then, are the sheriffs patrolling the streets all level five experts?”

Xu Jun, who was about to speak, was gradually stunned when he heard Guo Yuankai’s question.

“No… When did you go to the Central Province?”

“How do you know so much?!”

Seeing Xu Jun’s dumbfounded expression, Qian Fu pointed at a rather handsome mixed-blood young man who happened to be walking towards the canteen from the teaching building.

“There, that’s him!”

“This kid seems to be from the Central Continent.”

“Last night, he even attracted a lot of attention in the academy.”

“Look at the gazes of those girls…”

Xu Jun looked in the direction Qian Fu was pointing and saw a handsome black-haired mixed-blood man in luxurious clothes with a slightly pale face walk under the teaching building.

Some of the surrounding girls who were about to go downstairs were also excited when they saw this person.

“It’s Tang Tian! Tang Tian, who protected us yesterday!”

“I heard that he’s from the Central Province. If he can…”

“No, you can’t. Tang Tian is mine!”

Hearing the girls’ whining and speeding up, Xu Jun could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“Brother Jun! Brother Jun!”

“My Brother Jun, you’re finally back. Boohoo!”

Before he could start to flare up, Xu Jun’s two loyal lackeys from before ran over and hugged him. They cried and complained about how Tang Tian had become the most popular boy on the academy’s forum overnight.

“Brother Jun, you don’t know. Other than being in the limelight, it’s fine for this kid. Later on, Teacher Hu asked him to rest in the academy for a while, but he was still unwilling.”

“That’s right. In the end, those girls even ran to send him off one by one. Don’t you think it’s very unreasonable?!”

Xu Jun nodded in agreement.


“But don’t worry, I have a way.”

With that said, Xu Jun took out the medal of the first place in the academy competition and hung it around his neck.


“Did you see that?”

“First place! Aren’t you awesome?”

Before they could ask about the results, Qian Fu, Guo Yuankai, and the others did not expect their academy to actually get first place.

“Damn! Is that true?”

Looking at Guo Yuankai’s disbelief, Xu Jun looked at Liu Guang, Wang Xiaomao, and the others behind him.

They also took out their medals.

“Amazing! You’re amazing! Young Master Xu!”

“Let’s see if those girls still dare to ignore our Young Master Xu!”

Xu Jun thought so too.

With the medal on his head, he walked to the corridor of the teaching building with his head held high like a rooster that had just returned from a victory.

He stopped at the corridor, but unfortunately, it did not attract anyone’s attention.

There were also a few girls who told him not to block the way.

“Student, please make way!”

Xu Jun: [○・`Д ́・○]


“Are you not going to let me show off anymore?!”

Xu Jun, who had been ignored, was furious.

It was not easy for him to bring glory to the academy, but in the end, his limelight was actually stolen by an inexplicable pretty boy.

He was already unhappy.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. Can you?”

Qian Fu, who was watching the commotion, fanned the flames at the side.

As the saying went, there were only wrong names and no wrong nicknames.

After being provoked like this, Xu Er immediately rushed down aggressively with his lackey.

Guo Yuankai looked at Xu Jun’s back as he went downstairs and turned to look at Qian Fu, who was smiling like a Maitreya Buddha.

“Aren’t you afraid that he’ll find trouble with you later?”

“I’m not. You’re not. Don’t talk nonsense!”

Qian Fu directly denied it three times.

“Moreover, I’m only letting him probe the situation.”

“I don’t like the aura of that Tang Tian’s beast very much.”

“Moreover, I didn’t find a suitable reason to attack ~”

At this point, Qian Fu pointed at Xu Jun, who had already blocked Tang Tian’s path, and smiled.

“He’s different. He’s publicly acknowledged as a fool in the entire academy. He doesn’t need a motive to do anything.”

Guo Yuankai looked at this sinister little fatty and moved his feet slightly.

Under the teaching building, Tang Tian, who had never attended a specialized mutation academy, was about to go to the academy’s canteen to eat after strolling around the academy for half a day.

In the end, who knew that he would come just in time for these students to finish class?

Looking at the female students surrounding him, Tang Tian could only politely refuse.

Seeing the delicate but disappointed faces leave, Tang Tian had just heaved a sigh of relief and was about to continue to the canteen when he discovered a rather “anxious and angry” face in front of him.

“You’re Tang Tian?”

“What happened?”

“You’re also a Beast Tamer?”

Seeing the person in front of him look at his Beast Taming Index, Tang Tian nodded.

“Alright, then go and fight me. Do you dare?!”

Tang Tian: ???

He did not understand.

Why did this person jump out to fight him for no reason?

Seeing Xu Jun stop Tang Tian, some female students were immediately unhappy.

“Xu Jun, be polite to him. Tang Tian is our savior!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Can you not be so rough?”

“Tang Tian, ignore him.”

Hearing the “pointing fingers” of the surrounding girls, Xu Jun was furious and provoked.


“You only know how to hide behind women?”

“If you don’t dare, as long as you say it, then forget it!”

Looking at Xu Jun, whose attitude was so bad that it made people want to go up and beat him up, Tang Tian looked at him and finally nodded.


“How do you want to compete?”

Seeing Tang Tian agree, Xu Jun was immediately overjoyed.

“What level is your beast at?”

“Level three.”

“Hahaha, that’s good. Let’s use a battle between Beast Tamers!”

Hearing Xu Jun say this, Tang Tian frowned slightly.

“A battle between Beast Tamers?”

Although he had already obtained the Seventh Gold Heaven Swallowing Python for a few days, he had never heard of any “battle between Beast Tamers”.

Looking at Tang Tian, Xu Jun smiled and looked at his two lackeys.

His two lackeys immediately looked at Tang Tian as if he was a “country bumpkin”.

“You don’t even know this? You’re even from the Central Province?”

“The rule is that on the Beast Taming Arena, only beasts can go on stage. Beast Tamers are not allowed to enter the arena or use their abilities. They can only command from the side of the arena.”

Tang Tian nodded in understanding.

He became even more determined to fight.

If he needed to go on stage himself, he might even hesitate.

After all, it was not appropriate to expose his superpower. Moreover, the burden on his body after using it was also very high.

However, if it was just a comparison between beasts, Tang Tian did not have any scruples.

Coincidentally, after obtaining the Heaven Swallowing Python, he had yet to fight his “companion” seriously!

Therefore, he looked at Xu Jun eagerly.

“Alright, then let me do it!”

“I’ll bring you to the arena.”

With that said, Xu Jun took the lead and walked towards the Beast Taming Dojo.

Now, they were already used to going to the arena of the dojo to fight beasts.

Or rather, if the battle was not there, they would always feel that it was boring.

Upstairs, Qian Fu immediately smiled when he saw Tang Tian follow Xu Jun towards the dojo.


“There’s a good show to watch!”

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