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Chapter 330: 330 Space Domain!

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330 Space Domain!
Because class ended at noon, when Xu Jun brought Tang Tian towards the dojo, the news of “Dumbo Battle Tang Tian” began to spread in the academy.

Some people did not even eat and directly followed them to the dojo.

Qian Fu was very satisfied with the popularity of this matter.

“Let’s go and take a look too! Hahaha!”

With that said, he walked down the teaching building with his round belly.

Just as Tang Tian followed Xu Jun towards the dojo, another guest who had come from afar arrived at the entrance of the academy.

Twain Flynn also arrived at the academy with a subordinate.

They arrived in Jiangzhou around the same time as Su Hongcheng and the others.

However, it took Flynn some time to find Tang Tian.

When he confirmed that his son was in the Mutant Academy, he heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, when he entered, looking at the corpses of the mutated beasts and various traces at the entrance of the east city gate, he was more or less a little worried.

The academy’s guard looked at the two foreigners walking over from the door and was a little stunned.

“Those two are… from the Western Continent?”

“I think so. She’s blond and has blue eyes. She’s the same as the two Western women I’ve seen in the West District.”

“You’ve even seen Western women? I remember that it’s very expensive, right? It costs a few thousand credits, right?”

“Ahem, I saw it when I was passing by.”

“Alright, stop bragging. Go up and ask.”

Just as the guards discussed and were about to go over to ask, Flynn’s subordinate took the initiative to introduce himself.

When they heard that he was here to look for Tang Tian, the guards came to a realization.

“So you’re looking for him.”

“I’ve seen that kid before and have a deep impression of him. He’s indeed in the academy.”

“By the way, you have to go to the dojo now. He seems to have an appointment with someone else.”

“A fight?!”

“Are you sure?”

The guard looked at this foreigner whose aura seemed to be even thicker than Dean Su and swallowed slightly before nodding.

“I-I’m sure.”

“It’s the news just now. It’s all on the forum.”

“Then can you let us in?”

“Of course. We’ll just make a record.”

After entering, Flynn was still a little puzzled.

Logically speaking, Tang Tian would not fight anyone.

After all, his physical condition was obvious.

In the end, who knew that he would encounter such a situation as soon as he arrived?

“Patriarch, should we get Su Hongcheng to come over?”

As Flynn moved at high speed in the direction of the dojo indicated by the guard, he shook his head.

“There’s no need.”


In the empty space outside the dojo.

When Xu Jun came here again after many days, he discovered that there were new changes here.

For example… the bone dragon “growing” on some treetops beside the dojo?

“Damn! What’s that?”

“I don’t know. We haven’t been here for a long time.”


“Where’s Old Guo?”
Xu Jun turned to look at Guo Yuankai and the others who were walking over.

Guo Yuankai also shook his head.

“Don’t ask me. After the dean and Hall Master Lin issued the ban, I haven’t been here either.”

At the side, Qian Fu sized him up a few times before touching his round chin and saying uncertainly,

“This… looks a little like a snake!”

“But this has to be seven heads, right? Is there such a snake?”

Seeing that no one knew, Xu Jun could not be bothered to be curious.

He directly walked towards the arena that had already grown a little grass.

On both sides of the arena, there were two small platforms specially made by students like them for the convenience of command.

Xu Jun directly jumped onto the small platform and pointed at Tang Tian.

“It’s not too late to regret now.”

“Otherwise, don’t say that I bullied you later.”

Looking at the condescending Xu Jun, Tang Tian did not reply.

Instead, he directly walked to another small platform.

After Tang Tian was in position, Xu Jun did not waste his breath. He directly pulled out the card of the Golden-Scaled Tiger King from the Beast Taming Index and threw it onto the arena.


With a tiger roar, the incomparably strong Golden-Scaled Tiger King appeared on the arena.

Tang Tian looked at the big tiger opposite him and was slightly surprised.

He did not expect this arrogant and brainless guy to actually have such a powerful beast?

“Seventh Gold Heaven Swallowing Python!”

Tang Tian also summoned his Heaven Devouring Python.

However, compared to Xu Jun’s incomparably strong Golden-Scaled Tiger King, the Seventh Gold Heaven Swallowing Python seemed much thinner.

Xu Jun looked at the golden python opposite him and raised his hand to tap his Beast Taming Index. Then, all the information about the Seventh Gold Heaven Swallowing Python other than its skills and overview appeared.

[Name] Seventh Gold Heaven Swallowing Python

< Quality > Gold

[Attribute] Metal, Space

[Bloodline] Golden-Scaled Azure Dragon

[Level] Beginner level three


“Or dual attributes?”

Seeing this, Xu Jun suddenly could not remain calm.

He had always thought that his Golden-Scaled Tiger King was already the peak existence among the students.

He did not expect to encounter a powerful golden-quality opponent today.

Moreover, ridiculously, this inconspicuous python actually had spatial attributes?

This time, Xu Jun had also encountered spatial mutants in the Mutant Competition.

These people were especially difficult to deal with.

Moreover, the Void Splitting Sword Teeth Tiger they had encountered in the Beast Taming Forest previously was also a spatial attribute. It was also an existence that left a deep impression on him.

Thinking of this, Xu Jun did not directly let the Golden-Scaled Tiger King charge forward like usual. Instead, he let it advance in a roundabout manner to test the situation.

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