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Chapter 336: 336 The Living and the Dead!

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336 The Living and the Dead!
He turned around and discovered that it was a blond foreigner.

“Is something wrong?”

Although there were very few foreigners on the East Road, there were still some.

Generally speaking, other than those “misguided” foreign women who were engaged in some “manual labor”, most of the men were rich people from the Western Continent.

In addition, not only did this foreigner in front of him have a lackey by his side, but his aura was also incomparably powerful, as if he was an existence at level seven or even level eight. Therefore, Wang Bo did not dare to have a bad attitude.


“I’m preparing to go to the dojo. What happened ahead?”
“Oh, it’s like this…”

Wang Bo briefly described the matter.

When Flynn heard that Hall Master Lin had saved a person who was on his last breath, an obvious shock flashed in his eyes.

For some reason, Wang Bo suddenly felt a little happy.

He had never seen this silly foreigner before, right?!

After thanking the mercenary who had answered his doubts, Flynn squeezed towards the dojo with his subordinates.

Thanks to his powerful strength,

Therefore, even after those hot-tempered mercenaries were pushed away, every time they turned around and glared, they would transform from lions into lambs.

He had no choice.

The aura of the foreigner in front of him was really too terrifying.

It seemed to be even more powerful than the level seven old man in front of him.

Shi Yun looked at Yang Wei, who had suddenly “come back to life”, and was pleasantly surprised when he felt an aura that was slightly stronger than his coming from behind.

Before he could be happy, Shi Yun immediately became vigilant.

Turning around, he saw two foreigners walk out of the surrounding mercenaries.

The thin, tall, and thin blond foreigner in the lead noticed Shi Yun.

The two of them looked at each other and Flynn was the first to nod slightly at Shi Yun.

Only then did Shi Yun lower his guard slightly, but he still stared at the foreigner.

A level 8 foreigner was definitely not a small figure in the Western Continent.

Looking at Yang Wei, who had already stood up, she reached out and patted his shoulder twice.

“Brother Wei… are you alright?”

After Yang Wei woke up, his brain and body had probably not recovered.

After being stunned for a few seconds, he blinked and looked at Lin Ye in front of him.

“Very good!”

“I’ve never felt so good!”

Seeing that Yang Wei did not seem to know that he had walked through the gates of hell, Lin Ye did not say anything. Instead, he looked at the foreigner walking over.

This person gave him a similar feeling to Tang Tian.

Coupled with Tang Tian’s mixed-blood appearance and what Su Hongcheng had said in the letter last time, Lin Ye could confirm this foreigner’s identity.

It was most likely Tang Tian’s father.

“Hello, I’m Lin Ye. What’s the matter?”

Looking at Lin Ye, who was still calm even when facing a level eight expert, those mercenaries who had retreated slightly only felt that Hall Master Lin was impressive.

This confidence was simply unparalleled.

“That’s what a man should do!”

“Old Wei, did you see that? Hall Master Lin is even just an ordinary person!”

Wang Bo patted Wei Zhou’s arm again and became excited.

Wei Zhou directly ignored the crazy Wang Bo.

Flynn looked at the very young Lin Ye and bowed slightly to him.

“Hall Master Lin, hello ~”

“I want to… come and buy a beast, please, the same kind as Tang Tian. Can I?”

Hearing Flynn’s rather polite, or rather, respectful tone, many mercenaries were stunned.


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