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Chapter 119

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The students couldn't help but be pleased when they heard Ye Fei's words.

Gu Ling, for example, is a little shocked and inquires with a puzzling tone, "What music is it? Why don't you give it a go, Mr. Ye?.”

At the same time, Bai Ruoxi was also very curious.

Ye Fei examined everyone's emotions, noticing the students' eager gazes in the auditorium, as well as Bai Ruoxi's sparkling gaze.

Then, there were a variety of odd expressions and delightful surprises from numerous music masters, including Gu Ling and Lai Rongsheng.

Ye Fei smiled, then sat on the piano bench with a graceful look, "Well, I'll try it out for a while."

Thousands of eyes were fixated on Ye Fei's body, but he did not rush, as they saw his fingers move softly, followed by the lovely "six, two, three" movement.

It captured everyone in the scene's ears like the sound of the sea's waves.

Ye Fei's piano performance is one-of-a-kind.

This piano song's passion has a sorrowful tone, yet it's also as warm as the breeze.

At times, it's as delicate as a rainbow, like a lover whispering.

The soothing piano melody envelops everyone on the scene like a stream or even a rainbow.

Everyone was taken aback by it and concluded that this is unquestionably a piece of piano masterwork!

Once again, it was a classic!

Needless to say, the students who studied music theory had undoubtedly heard piano masterpieces before, but never anything like what Ye Fei was playing.

Furthermore, it wasn't simply the students who were taken aback; the piano grandmasters were as well.

Their expressions were tinged with excitement and astonishment.

Principal Zheng hid his heart's ups and downs behind his glasses.

This astounded the other senior lecturers and professors who studied and performed music.

The tune flowed into everyone's thoughts at the scene, and they were all captivated by the melody's high and low tones.

The piano sound is as clear as crystal, as clean as a stream, and as mysterious and appealing as a starry sky.

Ye Fei's ten fingers move as if they were dancing, and the rhythm was all-natural, just like breathing.

Ye Fei’s piano title as the ‘Golden Boy’ indeed wasn't wasted.

Undoubtedly, this is a golden level of piano music, an absolute classic hands down!

In an instant, everyone was shocked by the song "The Wedding in a Dream", and they remembered Ye Fei's quote just now in their minds.

To be more precise, it is what he had said during the questionnaire, “Actually, I don’t have a secret to playing the piano. Simply with pure passion and motivation, a melody will start to form.”

Sure enough, Ye Fei is composing and playing piano music live!

It is as he said, sometimes there will be a melody in the mind.

It turns out that there is such a young genius in this world.

The audience was shocked and immersed in the piano song, "The Wedding in a Dream."

The same is true for Bai Ruoxi

Her long eyelashes shook slightly, her nose was pale and lovely, and her lips were wet and twitching as her little mouth opened slightly, revealing the astonishment in her heart at this time.

Ye Fei has thus far performed three piano pieces.

The audience did not hesitate to applaud, and their thunderous clapping nearly toppled the auditorium's ceiling!

Bai Ruoxi's piano talent is good, and she frequently listens to piano music, and her appreciation ability is much better.

Of course, she may determine that Ye Fei's "The Wedding in a Dream" is a golden masterpiece!

Bai Ruoxi's eyes flashed brilliantly.

She then closed her eyes firmly and became completely engaged in the music.

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The melody of "The Wedding in a Dream" encompassed everyone on the scene, and the piano music stunned everyone in the audience.

The audience was filled with a wide range of emotions. Everyone's hearts were brimming.

Ye Fei's fingers moved in a dreamy manner, and exquisite sounds spilled from them, infecting everyone.

This lovely piano composition with a touch of tenderness and melancholy came to an end after a while.

There was a moment of silence in the auditorium.

After the silence, there was thunderous applause from the audience. The cheering burst out like a tide!

The piano music written on the spot by Ye Fei captivated the students, teachers, and music experts present.

They did not hesitate to applaud, and their thunderous acclaim nearly toppled the ceiling of this auditorium!

Many students also took out their phones and cameras to film this priceless moment on tape.

They got to see the creation of a golden piano composition!

When Ye Fei's hand came to a halt, it signaled the conclusion of the music as he rose elegantly, bent slightly, and graciously bowed to the throng in response to their warm hands.

The tsunami of applause finally came to a halt after a long time.

Everyone at the scene felt a profound shock, and their minds gradually became at ease.

Music master Gu Ling stood up, and he stared at Ye Fei. His expression was more excited than before, "Mr. Ye, you created this song?.”

"Yes." Ye Fei nodded.

Gu Ling took a deep breath, "I dare to ask Mr. Ye, but, what is the name of this song?.”

"This piano piece is called "The Wedding in a Dream". Ye Fei smiled slightly.

"The Wedding in Dream"

Sitting underneath the platform, all the listeners couldn't help but wonder, especially the female students who were impacted even more by this song, which was titled this.

Every girl has fantasized about her own wedding and the wedding castle in her fantasies. As a result, when they heard "The Wedding in a Dream," they felt quite emotional.

The same is true for Bai Ruoxi.

Ye Fei cast a peek beneath the stage towards Bai Ruoxi.

Sure enough, seeing Bai Ruoxi's starry eyes partly closed, he appeared to be engaged in the dance right now. Then she opened the pair of stars like stars slightly.

Her eyes progressively softened as her demeanor relaxed.

This song clearly touched her as well!

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