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Chapter 122

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What It Truly Means To Be Ruthless

Finally, Chen Luo couldn’t control the urge to snap at Ye Fei.

Unfortunately for him, Ye Fei was waiting for this exact moment.

With unbridled rage and a clouded mind, Chen Luo took a step, sent his hand into a fist motion that sank vigorously, accompanied by a wretched smile.

It was as fast as a gust of wind that rushed directly to Ye Fei's face!

Although Chen Luo made a move, he wasn’t dumb as he knew that first a plan had to be formulated. As a result, Chen Luo requested that Lei Haoran send someone from the security company to bother Ye Fei's bodyguards, allowing him to deliver a devastating blow.

Chen Luo felt confident in his abilities because he had grown up following his teacher and learning medical and martial arts.

Ever since ancient times, medical and martial arts have not much of a difference.

His martial arts level is at least a master of internal strength, even in the martial arts world, he’s a formidable foe to battle against.

As Chen Luo continued the motion of the seething punch at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei was waiting for this exact moment!

"I got you where I want, dumbass!.” Ye Fei stuck out his tongue and of course deliberately used insulting words to provoke Chen Luo.

Seeing Chen Luo coming with a punch, Ye Fei was prepared. He sank slightly, then positioned both of his hands to his face directly blocking Chen Luo’s punch.


Chen Luo's fist collided with Ye Fei’s block, and both retreated a few steps.

In an instant, Ye Fei's eyes narrowed slightly.

Chen Luo really shouldn't be underestimated, his fist is as heavy and powerful as a heavyweight. If Ye Fei was an ordinary person, he would have been knocked down a long time ago, or even perhaps become a crippled.

Fortunately, Ye Fei had already prepared for this, and parried the punch.

At this moment, Chen Luo was quite surprised. Although he knew Ye Fei did martial arts, he didn't expect Ye Fei to block his punch!

Ye Fei is this strong!?

Immediately, Chen Luo's face became solemn. 

At first, he thought Ye Fei was just an ordinary rich man on the surface, and not the type of person who is proficient in martial arts. 

Luckily, Chen Luo discovered that Ye Fei's strength was not inferior to him when they exchanged blows!

Nevertheless, as he started the fight, there really was no way to turn back!

Therefore, he had to give it his all!

Thinking like this, Chen Luo's figure moved.

His movements were quick and merciless, as Chen Luo felt immense anger in his heart at this time, completely disregarding the surroundings.

All of this happened so quickly, almost like flint liting the wood, as Chen Luo had already moved towards Ye Fei’s back.

Even Bai Ruoxi who was looking at the fight in front of her could only admit that it was too fast!

This was the first time she had seen such rapid exchangement of blows.

But, being the business woman she is, Bai Ruoxi calmed down quickly and took a few steps back carefully so as not to get in the way of the fight.

After seeing the strength of Chen Luo and Ye Fei, Bai Ruoxi realized that if she stayed in place, she would only be a burden to Ye Fei

At this time, Chen Luo's offensive was even more fierce.

Since he’s proficient in Chinese martial arts, his punches are powerful.

He has a basic and masterful understanding of Xing Yi Quan and Bajiquan. At the same time, he integrates his own understanding making his boxing style very suitable for street fighting.

Chen Luo is also a true combat master.

His fist was held by Ye Fei. 

Chen Luo stretched out his right leg, adjusted it into a swing motion, then kicked and swept it towards Ye Fei!

When Ye Fei saw this, he knew that it was impossible to evade. Instead, he used his left leg with all his strength, and hit Chen Luo with a kick of his own!

Ye Fei had already made adequate preparations long ago. Knowing that Chen Luo's strength is very high, he has always attached great importance to martial arts.

These days, no matter how busy he is, he will take time to practice martial arts.

Whether it is boxing or the usage of legs, he trained intensively, and coupled with the improvement of the system skills, Ye Fei's strength at this time is absolutely more powerful and consistent.


Ye Fei and Chen Luo collided with their legs, only to hear the air bursting, accompanied by a dull sound, as the two of them collided, which resulted in both losing their balance.

As they tried to stabilize themselves, a sudden rush of pain invaded their bodies.

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Chen Luo was in pain as his eyes were bloodshot. He didn't expect Ye Fei to be so cruel. 

He even had a brief loss of consciousness.

Such a good chance, it's now or never!

Ye Fei who had sensed this opportunity sent out a punch with all the energy left in his body.

He seized Chen Luo's stunned moment and endured the injuries on his body and threw a punch.

This punch was extremely fierce, and it hit Chen Luo's face directly!

Chen Luo realized that evading wasn’t an option so he leaned back, his left arm hurriedly placed in front of him to resist the punch.

But Ye Fei’s fists incomed at an extremely fast speed.

Suddenly, there was a crisp sound. 

Although Chen Luo's arm was blocking his face, he still couldn't stop the force of the punch.

Ye Fei in these brief seconds saw that Chen Luo’s left arm was already strangely twisted, and at the same time, his face was scratched and completely red, and there was a bit of blood oozing.

It seemed that Chen Luo broke his left arm!

His face was also scratched, and was covered in redness and swelling!

Ye Fei's punch was so powerful!

In fact, Ye Fei's strength is no better than Chen Luo’s.

It was only that Ye Fei was prepared. He made up his mind to sustain his injuries and fight back.

Since Ye Fei did not hesitate to exchange injuries, it created the opportunity for him to fracture Chen Luo’s left hand and his face was oozing in blood.

Yes, it all came down to who could be the most ruthless.

Chen Luo and Ye Fei fought almost in an instant, and Chen Luo's injury was not light.

Especially for Chen Luo’s left hand fracture, even with his own medical skills, it would take at least two months to fully recuperate and recover.

Just moments after Ye Fei and Chen Luo fought against each other, the security team outside the Bai group building also moved quickly and stopped in front of Ye Fei and Chen Luo.

After all, this is the gate of the Bai Group, the security team members are responsible for whatever transpires.

At this time, Chen Luo held his injured left arm with one hand, and his face was even more swollen, red and bloody. His handsome face was completely disorganized and very ugly.

Chen Luo has never suffered such a loss since he was a child.

He stared at Ye Fei stubbornly, wishing to swallow Ye Fei alive, his eyes almost burst into flames.

The security personnel isolated Ye Fei and Chen Luo and the security captain of the Bai Group stood by Bai Ruoxi and reassured her that they had arrived.

As Bai Ruoxi motioned to the security captain to follow her, she walked quickly to Ye Fei's side, and said with concern: "Ye Fei, are you okay?.”

"Don't worry, I'm not too troubled." Ye Fei met those clear eyes, and his voice was faint. 

Although Ye Fei also had injuries on his body, it was an injury that was just caused by Chen Luo from the front, and it was not too serious.

In contrast, Chen Luo suffered the most in this match.

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