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Chapter 190

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Meanwhile, on the island base on the sea.

“Julia! What do you mean by Princess disappeared from her room?!” Anna shouted at Julia right after she came downstairs.

She was just talking with Mischa and Dan-Bi and became friends with each other, and yet they got news from Julia that Naomi had disappeared as soon as Julia came down from the second floor.

“I don’t know. Princess just left a message not to open her room. But, because I was curious, I opened her room, and she was not there.” Explained Julia with a bitter expression.

“But…!” Anna wanted to ask Julia why she didn’t stop Naomi when she had left a message like that, but Dan-Bi stopped her by blocking Anna’s mouth with her hand.

“Anna… calm down…” She said slowly, “There is no need for you to get that agitated. Did you forget what Princess always did all this time?”

Dan-Bi had remembered what Naomi always did. Whenever she visited the base, there would be a problem that she needed to solve.

This base was like a stop for Naomi to rest a little and see the others before she went to solve the problem that occurred and was related to the Moon of Akasha.

“Princess was always like that. Don’t tell me that you forget about it.” Dan-Bi lowered her hand that she used to block Anna’s mouth when she felt that Anna had calmed down.

Anna bit her lips as soon as Dan-Bi lowered her hand, “Is there nothing we could do?”

She felt powerless. Naomi didn’t even ask them to help her even when they were on the base.

Julia didn’t say anything; she just lowered her head to Anna and Dan-Bi.

Mischa just crossed her legs and arms on the couch. She thought that Naomi would finally count on her, but she was wrong.

The Esper Association was strong. Even Naomi looked tired when she came back with Melaine.

Those who didn’t know Naomi may have thought that Naomi wasn’t counting on her friends or her subordinates because she didn’t trust them.

However, that was wrong. Mischa knew deep down that Naomi trusted her subordinates. She cares about them, so she went alone because she was afraid to lose her subordinates.

She cared about them to the point that she was willing to solve everything by herself so that her subordinates didn’t have to move.

“Tsk!” Mischa clicked her tongue loudly, gaining the attention of the others in the room, “That fool!” She muttered with a bitter expression.

Not only did she leave her again, but she also didn’t even ask her about anything.

“I can also fight…idiot…”

Mischa felt terrible. All this time, she didn’t know what Naomi had gone through. She was like a frog in the well, only thinking about herself.

“Sigh, where did she go?” muttered Mischa as she looked at the ceiling.

No one said anything anymore.

The silence was so awkward that even Julia felt uncomfortable with it.

However, a few seconds later, Mischa’s holo phone rang and broke the silence.

Even though she was not in the mood to receive it, she pulled out her holo phone and looked at her holo phone only to find out that it was Hotaru who had called her.

Then her eyes widened, “Oh… right… Hotaru!” She exclaimed as she had a smile on her face.

Anna and Dan-Bi were confused.

“Umm, what happened?” Anna asked Mischa.

Mischa turned to her, “It’s nothing…” Answered Mischa, “I will have to take the phone call first; it’s an important one.” She then walked out of the house, leaving the confused Anna and Dan-Bi.

They looked at each other before Anna asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know?” Answered Dan-Bi as she tilted her head.

Anna was confused. She had calmed down considerably before she heard Mischa was muttering something like she could fight or something, then suddenly Mischa smiled when she received a phone call while shouting Hotaru.

She herself was able to calm down rather fast because of Dan-Bi and the enhancement that she put on herself. She tattooed herself secretly and hit it under her clothes.

The effect of the enhancement that she put on herself was to calm her down. Mainly because she often worried unnecessarily when it came to Naomi and her brother, so she put the enhancement to calm herself when her emotion hit a certain level.

“More importantly… I think that Mischa thought of helping Princess, and she somehow found a way when she received that phone call.” Guessed Dan-Bi.

“Hmm, Hotaru? I felt like I heard that name somewhere…” Anna muttered, and she got the answer from Julia.

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“I believe Hotaru was the Public Defender with teleportation ability that Princess brought here on the same day as Mischa. On Princess's order, she had left the base to visit Akasa Inc.’s building in Japan. As for the order, I didn’t know what kind of order Princess gave her because they were talking about it secretly.”

“Princess’s order?” Asked Anna as she turned to Julia, “Could it be… Princess had predicted that Avos would wage war on us, so she asked this Hotaru to prepare something?”

“If that’s true, then…” Dan-Bi’s eyes widened as she imagined the truth, “Something will happen in Japan?”

Anna and Julia’s turned serious. Without wasting a second, Anna pulled out her holo phone and called Rekka.

A few seconds passed, and Rekka finally answered the call.

“Ah, brother? I have something to talk to you about… I think I know Princess’s destination.”


Mischa walked to the edge of the island and sat on the grass before she answered Hotaru’s call.

“Hey, Hotaru! Has something happened?” She immediately called out to her, surprising Hotaru on the other side.

“Kyaa! You surprised me, Mischa!”

“Sorry… but you called me because something happened, right? Especially regarding the favor that Naomi asked you…”

Mischa knew what Hotaru was helping on the underground base on Avos Island. However, she also knew something else.

Naomi had asked Hotaru to report back to the Esper Association about Mischa. After the press conference, she asked Hotaru to send a recording to the Esper Association.

Mischa didn’t know the recording’s content, but she knew that Naomi made a little declaration in that recording.

“Yeah! Hear this! Right now, I am at Avos School to help with something, but then… Naomi appeared.”

“Huh?” Mischa was genuinely surprised. Naomi, who was gone a few minutes ago, appeared at Avos School?”

“Yeah… she’s in the sky right now.” Said Hotaru as she looked at the sky, where Naomi was looking down with her arms crossed.


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