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Chapter 30

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EP.30 Student council’s gathering!

Ring! Ring!

“Oh, you’re finally here…”

Saionji Kumiko turned her head and was surprised when she heard the store door opening.

That was because two people, who had to secretly support her, were standing next to Kim Yoo-sung.

The two avoided her gaze as if they were sinners.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo-sung, who didn’t know the situation, explained about the two.

“I ran into the vice president when I went to the bathroom. It seems that they went out to Nakano today. Since I’m indebted to him, I brought him because I wanted to buy him a meal.”

Fortunately, it didn’t seem that he noticed they were following them.

When they naturally joined the group, the four of them sat down at the counter seat, and Minami, who sat right next to her, whispered to Kumiko about the situation.

‘I’m sorry. He accidentally got caught because he bumped into Kim Yoo-sung when he went to the bathroom.’

‘It already happened, so it can’t be helped. Let’s act together for now. We can naturally part ways later.’


After a while, Kim Yoo-sung’s and her share of ramen were placed in front of them first.

She had seen it on TV a lot, but it was the first time she’d eaten it this way.

When she hesitated because she didn’t know how to eat, Minami helped.

“Excuse me.”

She took out the wooden chopsticks stuck in the barrel, broke them in half, and put the spoon to scoop the soup and the chopsticks into her hand at the same time.

“Miss, ramen is a food that tastes both soup and noodles. Although the order of eating varies from a person to another, usually you taste the soup first and then eat the noodles.”

“…I have a rough idea of what you’re saying.”

In other words, ramen is a food in which soup is as important as the noodles.

Recalling the memory of eating soba, Kumiko carefully took a spoonful of the soup and put it in her mouth.


It was neat and thick.

A slightly salty taste based on chicken broth spread in her mouth, conveying a pleasant warmth to the stomach.

After that, she took a bite of the noodles as Minami told her.

The chewy noodles that absorbed the soup were sucked in her mouth and formed an exquisite harmony.


Möbius loop, which can be completed by repeating a series of actions.

She couldn’t stop eating!

When she ate the ramen, she had experienced for the first time in her life, the three members of the student council who were watching the scene smiled happily without realizing it.


After the four of us ate ramen, and since we met like this, it felt like we had to play together, so we headed to the arcade on the first floor.

There was a total of three arcade rooms on Nakano Broadway, the arcade on the fourth floor was specialized in fighting games, so ordinary people usually used the other two arcade rooms on the first floor.

In the arcade on the first floor, there were various rhythm games and shooting games, and various arcade games, sticker pictures, and UFO captures which were the principal games that literally comes to mind when you think of arcades.

The president spent 1,000 yen in 10 minutes to pick the doll she wanted, when she used the UFO capture for the first time.

In fact, I didn’t know how much more she would have spent if Minami didn’t pick one for her.

The vice-president proudly challenged me to see if I had a strange pride in fighting games.

And there was a first winner,

“Oh, Kim Yoo-sung! Is that all? I guess it was all false rumour that Koreans are good at games!”

At the same time as he was bragging about his stunning control skills, the vice-president was doing T-bagging on the defeated character.

In fact, I didn’t think much at first, but I couldn’t stay still when I heard that I, a Korean, couldn’t play games.

For a fair game, I took out the main character and the vice president was literally unable to reach out his hands and feet, so I had my revenge match.

“Ooooh! I just let my guard down! Let’s play one more round!”

Since then, the vice president had repeatedly changed his character and tried again twice, but in the end, he never won again.

When I was in college, I used to always play this game at the arcade when I had a drink with my friends.

When I went back to the place where the president was, with the vice-president, who was disappointed by losing all games after his confident challenge, the president who was playing the wrong picture game with Minami asked.

“Are you done now?”

“Yes. I won all of them.”

“Ohoh, I think Shinjiro needs to train a little more. You used to love playing games.”

While waiting for the president to find the wrong picture, I was thinking about what to do next, and I noticed a punch machine lying at the entrance of the arcade.

I didn’t know if it was the same for the vice president, because after losing the games he followed me with his shoulders drooping, but suddenly his eyes shone.

“Kim Yoosung! Let’s compete one more time with that!”

“What? With a punch machine?”

“Yes! If you’re a man, you should compete with your body, not with a game!”

“No, I don’t want to…”

As I tried to say no, the vice-president said, flashing his glasses.

“Ohoh, are you scared to lose against me?”

I was a little angry hearing those words, but I nodded.

“I don’t want to break the machine.”

“Then I’ll hit it first.”

Saying so, the vice-president trudged forward to the punch machine.

A hot spot, a punch machine that boys could never ignore when they were together.

Standing in front of it, the vice-president laughed and said, unbuttoning the shirt he was wearing.

“Kim Yoo-sung. I didn’t tell you but I…”

When he took off his shirt, the vice president’s muscular body, which was hidden in his clothes, appeared.

“I look skinny when I wear it.”


I couldn’t help but look blank when I saw the vice president’s muscles, which seemed to completely ignore the laws of physics.

I knew that the vice president was very strong compared to his slender body, but I didn’t know there would be such a turnaround.

Were all those muscles completely covered by wearing his clothes?

Blinking his eyes like a manga character, the vice-president, who evolved from an ordinary four-eyes to an end-of-the-century four-eyes, took a perfect punch posture.

A straight punch carrying all the weight was stuck in the machine’s red target!


The score of the punching machine got up steeply with an unusual roar.

Diririririri- ding!

960 points.

The vice-president, who broke the punch machine’s best record with just one shot, told me, wriggling his big arm muscles.

“It’s your turn now, Kim Yoo-sung.”

Perhaps surprised by the unusual sound, passers-by who were walking around stopped for a moment and watched curiously the score we were doing.

It felt like I had to accept the challenge.

When I looked at the president and Minami with an expression of hope for help, the two were also looking at the punch machine with interest.

“I’ve been curious since before. What kind of power will come out if Kim Yoo-sung does his best?”

“If you’re worried about breaking it, don’t worry. If it breaks, we will compensate it fully.”

Minami said so and took a card out of her arms.

‘No, she’s not going to lay it out like this?’

It seemed to force a duel that I couldn’t escape from because of the flow.

Everyone had a look of anticipation.

I had no choice but to make a decision.

“…Okay, I’ll do it.”

I stood in front of the punch machine, turning my wrist.

I felt this while walking around the sports club to try them out, I had already reached a level beyond the scope of common sense because my body was made for me to be the muscled character.

It is said that the strength of the legs is usually three times that of the arms.

As such, punch power was bound to be weaker than the legs, but for some reason, I thought it would be possible to smash that punch machine with a blow.

But it was going to get too much attention, so I had to break it down a little differently.


Raising my fist at waist level, I took a short deep breath and twisted my back to power.


As soon as the straight fist collided with the mitt of the punching machine, the steel structure that supported the mitt bent in the opposite direction with the heavy sound, snapped, and fell to the floor of the arcade.

Diririririri- ding!

0 point.

The calculation of the score itself seemed to have been invalidated due to device damage, but the people watching breathlessly, cheered belatedly.


“I believed in you, damn it!”

It seemed that breaking down the machine with the impact was greater than just having a high score like the vice president.

As I breathed a sigh of relief, the vice-president, who was watching from the side, said to me with his tongue clapping.

“I’ll give it a draw for today. Kim Yoo-sung. But I won’t lose next time.”

“Ah, yes.”

I nodded with a puzzled face when I heard the vice-president who seemed strangely conscious of me.

He was so upset that he lost the game.

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