Ikemen ni Tenseishita kedo, Cheat ha Dekimasenseshita


Even though I reincarnated as a handsome man, I was lacking the cheat skill which usually comes with being a reincarnator in many similar web novels, that’s why I was thinking of living a normal life while enjoying it to the fullest.

And yet, why in the world does the duke’s daughter keep glaring at me? moreover, why does that pink haired girl keep saying nonsense? well, it was definitely unrelated to me I guess.

I’m satisfied with being able to enjoy my second life with cute girls.


Attention : Be aware this is not a harem novel !

Note : Even though the protagonist didn’t realize that he was reincarnated into an otome game, he just wants to enjoy his life. Yet, he still ended up getting involved with the otome game scenario.

Additional Note : The chance of the protagonist realizing the fact that he was reincarnated into otome game was close to zero, or maybe zero.

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