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Chapter 478: 478

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Chapter 478: So, Those Are Black And White Impermanence

Black and White Impermanence personally escorted Li Nianfan back to the ordinary realm immediately.

Along the way, Gao Yue seemed relieved despite her brows furrowed in confusion.

Li Nianfan curiously asked, “Miss Gao, did your father say who killed him?”

Gao Yue shook her head and bitterly said, “It’s certainly not Boo, but we still don’t know who did it. However…that person came for the Immortal Remains in Gaolao Village.”

“Really?” Li Nianfan raised an eyebrow and after a moment, he thought it was the right time to give her some pointers. “Miss Gao, do you suspect anyone?”

“Suspect?” Gao Yue frowned and shook her head. “There were too many people who came over. I really can’t think of who the preparator is.”

Li Nianfan advised, “You might be able to find out who did it if you consider the killer’s motives.”


Let alone Gao Yue, even the Black and White Impermanence were dumbfounded.

The Expert spoke profoundly such that they could not understand him.

Li Nianfan continued, “Putting it in simple terms, it’s the killer’s gains. If he wants to kill Master Gao, why bother framing the bull demon? Who stands to gain from this?”

“Who would gain from this…” Gao Yue started thinking as her eyes turned profound. She was already clever and with Li Nianfan’s pointer started to have many thoughts.

She said in a low voice, “What you mean is that…the killer is someone close to us?”

If it was an external cultivator, there was indeed no need to frame the bull demon. In addition, that person hated the bull demon and wanted to frame it. The most direct outcome would be…her falling out with the bull demon!

The person who would benefit from all that would be…

Sun Yun!

Gao Yue’s lips parted as she quickly used her hands to cover her mouth with widened eyes. She had a look of disbelief.

Sun Yun had been wooing Gao Yue and did not hide his feelings for her. Everyone could tell his motive such that he even made it clear to Master Gao.

However, Gao Yue only loved the bull demon, hence Sun Yun had no chance.

Gao Yue still found it hard to accept and said, “Impossible, Mr. Sun is the Qingling Mountain Young Sect Master. He was well-educated and defended the Gaojia Village from aggressive cultivators. Father even asked me to accept him. Why would he kill Father?”

Li Nianfan said in a calm tone, “Miss Gao, you might not be his only target. He might have other intentions. Sun Yun helped to defend the village from other cultivators doesn’t mean he doesn’t have ulterior motives.”

Gao Yue’s face changed. “What you’re saying is that…he’s doing it for the Immortal Relic, too?”

If Li Nianfan said that in the past, Gao Yue would not have believed him because she considered Sun Yun as a nice person. Furthermore, Qingling Mountain had been protecting the Gaojia Village. Why would an ordinary woman like her suspect a cultivator?

So the suspicion went from a demon to…a sect master?

It was too…mind-blowing!

Black Impermanence said, “Haha, what’s there to think about? Can Lord Saint be wrong? Just listen to him!”

White Impermanence said in a bootlicking manner, “Lord Saint’s analysis is so profound. He had seen through it all. Clever! So clever!”

It made Li Nianfan very awkward but he could not tell them to stop, hence stayed silent and seemed very mysterious.

Black and White Impermanence felt it was time for them to perform, hence they said, “If Lord Saint finds it troublesome, we can take action to remove Sun Yun’s soul. This evil man deserves to be dead!”

Li Nianfan pursed his lips and quickly stopped them. “No need, it’s better we gain sufficient evidence first.”

“Gaining evidence! Lord Saint is indeed a great role model!”

“Lord Saint is so clever and powerful!”

Black and White Impermanence continued their bootlicking attitude without holding back. Both of them felt self-satisfied and smiled.

Luckily they practiced bootlicking recently and improved greatly. Lord Saint must be pleased!

Unfortunately, they were stuck at the hard-sell phase of bootlicking. They needed to practice to reach the phase of bootlicking without seemingly bootlicking. It would then be great!

Gao Yue was speechless on the side. She was dumbfounded and shivered.

So they were the Black and White Impermanence…

Meanwhile, inside the Gaojia Village.

Sun Yun and the rest had gathered. An elder was standing in the forefront with dark eyes—seemingly disappointed.

He angrily said, “Yun! You disappoint me! It’s just a small cow demon and yet you failed!”

Sun Yun bitterly said, “Father, I didn’t mean to. Who knew someone would step in and start lecturing about the difference between a male and a female bull? We almost succeeded!”

According to their plan, the bull demon would take the blame and he could use the chance to comfort Gao Yue. He would be nice and considerate to her and then become the Gaojia Village’s in-law.

As for the Immortal Relic, he would eventually find the Immortal Relic once he had become in-laws! It would be a win-win solution!

Unfortunately…matters did not go as planned. What a miss!

The Elder scowled, “Rubbish! You’re all rubbish! How can you even use the wrong bull horn! Do I want to even keep you here?”

The crowd was terrified. They lowered their heads and did not speak.

The Elder sighed before angrily said, “We’ll be the biggest suspect once they’ve proven the bull demon innocent!”

“Master, the bull demon is still imprisoned, why don’t I…cut!” One of them made the slitting throat gesture.

“Cut your head! If we kill the bull demon now, aren’t we making it worse for us?” The Elder was disappointed by his disciples’ intelligence and shook his head. “This won’t work, we must plan something else. According to my source, Zhu Bajie must’ve left something in Gaolao Village back then. However, one must force it to appear or it won’t show itself. The quickest way to do so is to…massacre the Gaojia Village! However, this is a complex plan that we need to think through!”

Sun Yun angrily said, “The brother and sister pair messed up our plan! We can’t go easy on them!”

The Elder was interested and said, “Right, you mentioned that the two of them had an opportunity?”

Sun Yun nodded. “Yeah! A young girl at her age was able to become a Golden Core cultivator or even above that! They received an opportunity!”

The Elder’s eyes revealed a glint. “No matter what, we can’t let them go!”

Meanwhile, a disciple rushed over urgently and knocked on the door.

The Elder frowned. “What is it?”

The disciple replied, “Sect Master, the young girl is walking around on her own and went outside of Gaojia Village. She’s now walking by herself outside.”

“Oh? This is good news as we were just talking about her!” The Elder smiled coldly and nonchalantly said, “Send two Yuan Ying realm disciples! Remember, I want you to make it untraceable! Nothing can go wrong!”

“Yes, Sect Master!”

Two disciples instantly volunteered. “This is an easy task and won’t take long. Wait for us here, we will go and come back right away!”

They turned into lights and rushed out after speaking.

Meanwhile, Nanan was in a forest 20 miles away from Gaojia Village.

The terrain was wavy there with a few small hills. The scenery was nice.

She was sitting on a stone—bored. She hung her legs loosely as sadly said, “Why aren’t those from the Qingling Mountain here yet? Unless I’m going to fail again to bait the fish?”

“Eh, wait! The fish is approaching my bait!”

Nanan looked at the sky with a smile on her face and waited patiently.

It did not take long before two light beams arrived before her. When the two middle-aged men saw Nanan, their eyes lit up as they glared at Nanan from above.

One of them smiled coldly. “This young girl is so ignorant! She came to this secluded forest alone and yet had such a happy look on her face!”

Nanan innocently looked at the two. She blinked her big and innocent eyes before asking, “What? Both of you want to rob me?”

“Rob? Haha… Haha…”

The two laughed wildly at the same time with cruel eyes. “You’re right! We’re interested in the opportunity you gained, so be a good girl and hand it out and we might keep you alive for that!”

Nanan looked around and smiled, “How about this, let’s play a game. I’ll tell you if you can catch me.”

“This little girl still wants to play before her death! Okay! We’ll let you!”

One of them coldly said, “Run! Escape!”

“Haha! Come and catch me!”

Nanan giggled and a cloud appeared below her feet as she shot out toward a direction.

“Chase her!”

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The two middle-aged men did not even think. They were like two wolves whose eyes turned green upon smelling their prey and chased after her.

However, they realized that Nanan was not slow at all in the chase! It was difficult to keep up!

Most importantly, they were still being kept at the same distance from her no matter how much power they used. It made them very frustrated!

One of the men frowned as he took a closer look before his heart thumped, his scalp itched, and his eyes almost popped out.

His partner felt suspicious and could not help asking, “What’s the matter?”


The middle-aged man was trembling and could not speak properly. It was as though he had seen the most terrifying thing in the world! He wanted to cry!

“She has a…cloud below her feet!”

Only an Immortal could ride a cloud!

They both jolted as they were merely chasing and did not observe properly. At that moment, they scrutinized closely and started shivering all over while gasping at the same time!

The little girl was not a Golden Core or a Yuan Ying, but an Immortal!?

T-that… How could that be! How was that possible!?

They were arrogantly chasing after an Immortal all the while?

Oh no! It was over!

Their minds blanked out with only one word left in their heads—run!

However, they realized Nanan had somehow appeared behind them when they turned around—smiling at them.

“Boring! Why did you stop chasing?”

“Sorry! We’re nobody! Immortal, please let us go! Please!”

The other man was calmer and knew it was useless to beg. He then said in a trembling voice, “This is all a misunderstanding! Immortal, we’re the disciples of Qingling Mountain. Our Sect Master is an Immortal who’s recruited by the Heavenly Temple and is now a Heavenly Guard. We’re friends!”

“Heavenly Temple? You’re trying to threaten me with a mere Heavenly Guard?” Nanan pouted and looked at her petite palm before smiling. “Let’s change the game since you’re no longer chasing me. I will let you go if you can withstand my palm!”

She gently lifted her hand and nonchalantly reached out toward them with that said!


A gust of wind and rain came as though a powerful storm machine was launching storms all over. The places touched by those storms had all turned into dust.

Even the mountain not far away was accidentally pushed over and flattened.

“Sigh! I overused my strength! I’ve caused harm to the environment again.”

Nanan stuck out her tongue. “Luckily, Brother didn’t see it. Luckily…”

Half an hour later.

The Qingling Mountain Sect Master arrived at the spot in person. His face darkened when he saw the surrounding mess.

“It seems that Little Girl has an expert supporting her and might have been immortalized! Her goal here is likely Zhu Bajie’s Immortal Relic!”

A glint shone in the Elder’s as his mind was quickly spinning. “It seems I must report this to my ancestors!”

Li Nianfan was inside the room.

“The disciples of Qingling Mountain attacked you?”

Gao Yue took a deep breath. She could not help shaking her head and sighed. “I never expected them to behave as such!”

“They pretended to be nice on the surface to gain your trust, but only wanted to reach their goal through you.”

Li Nianfan had met too many of those types of people. He looked at Nanan curiously before frowning, “Are you certain the ancestor of Qingling Mountain is a Heavenly Guard?”

Nanan nodded. “Yes.”

Sigh, it was difficult.

Why did he always have to use his connections?

If he did it on his own without informing the Jade Emperor, it would seem rude to the Jade Emperor. Although a Heavenly Guard amounted to nothing, it was still a post in the Heavenly Temple and represented the Heavenly Temple’s face.

Li Nianfan thought for a moment. “I wonder if their ancestor is involved in this matter.”

“It doesn’t matter if he’s involved or not. This guy has a disciple who is bad with ill-intentions! Lord Saint, you don’t have to care about the Heavenly Temple’s face. I’ll go over to find out who their ancestor is and immediately take away his soul!”

Black Impermanence rolled up his sleeve and could not wait to impress the Expert.

Oh yeah! It was so exciting to be able to help the Expert! It was worth his entire existence!

“No way, we must tell them in advance.” Li Nianfan did not want to cause trouble with those bigshots due to a small matter, so he had to be cautious. He then said, “Think of a way to find out if their ancestor is involved. We can’t wrong a person.”

“Such consideration and convincing! Lord Saint is indeed my idol!”

“Lord Saint is clever! Clever!”

Black and White Impermanence started bootlicking him again.

Gao Yue merely sighed with a bitter look. “I didn’t expect the Immortal Relic would cause so much trouble such that even Immortals want to find it.”

White Impermanence said, “Miss Gao, you don’t know. If there’s really a Dinghai Needle or Nine Tooth Rake, they’re both the finest treasures! I don’t even have one!”

Gao Yue widened her eyes. It was not until then when she realized the importance of those treasures.

She hesitated for a moment and said to Li Nianfan, “Mr. Li, Father told me that if there’s really an Immortal Relic, the most likely places of all would be there…”

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