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Chapter 479: 479

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Chapter 479: Mighty Golden Cudgel—Show Thyself!

Li Nianfan could not stop his heart from thumping. “Where?”

Gao Yue pursed her lips and doubtfully said, “We have lived here for generations and are familiar with every blade of grass here, but we’ve never come across anything strange as we’d always go to that place. We’d have found it by now if there are any treasures.”

Li Nianfan could not help pestering. “Miss Gao, just tell me where it is! Don’t waste any more time!”

He was speechless. What was she doing to drag on and on? What if she was suddenly killed by someone? She would not be able to speak at that time and it would be too late then!

Such was the taboo of revealing secrets!

Luckily Gao Yue did not make Li Nianfan wait for too long and immediately said, “It’s my family’s ancestral temple.”

“Ancestral temple?” Li Nianfan raised his eyebrows before nodding at the likelihood.

Zhu Bajie liked the Gao family’s daughter who was naturally an ancestor of the Gao family, which made sense for them to keep things in the ancestral temple.

White Impertinence was interested and said, “Miss Gao, bring us over to have a look.”

“Sure! Please, follow me.” Gao Yue nodded and led them out of the room. She then walked toward the ancestral temple.

Li Nianfan thought it was strange that their ancestral temple was built underground. Once they arrived at the ancestral temple, there was another room containing a passage leading underground.

Black Impertinence could not help saying, “It seems your ancestor wasn’t someone ordinary.”

Gao Yue said, “We are used to it so we don’t find it strange. In addition, nothing strange had happened either.”

The underground was not too deep as they had arrived at the temple after walking down the stone stairs.

Gao Yue habitually lit up the lantern—lighting up the entire underground area.

It was not big down there but was quite narrow with walls in four directions. There was a small table in the middle with an incense burner on top used to worship the ancestors.

The way they worshipped their ancestors shocked them.

On the wall in front of the table was a drawing of a beautiful woman in a long dress. Li Nianfan looked at it and noticed the rough drawing—it was drawn quite some time ago.

However, the woman in the drawing was a beautiful young lady.

Li Nianfan was shocked. “Isn’t she Gao Cuilan?”

Gao Cuilan was Zhu Bajie’s wife!

Gao Yue nodded and said, “I think so. That’s all there is to it in the entire ancestor temple. We only have these, so there’s no way any treasures could be hidden here.”

“The walls are smooth and don’t seem to be hiding anything.”

Black and White Impermanence frowned as they looked around. Meanwhile, they also cast some spells and cautiously checked the walls, yet still did not find anything suspicious.

White Impertinence said, “It’s unlikely to find out anyway if they really left anything behind. Furthermore, the treasures can suppress their Qi and stay under the radar.”

Zhu Bajie was a Marshal Canopy and was also appointed as the Jingtan Messenger. He was very powerful and his strength should not be dismissed.

Li Nianfan looked around and started thinking out loud, “Could there be some spell or perhaps a name to call? For example, the Mighty Golden Cudgel—show thyself!”


The entire Gaojia Village jolted following his words. Although it only lasted for a second, everyone felt the huge movement with many who were unable to stabilize their stance and immediately fell to the ground.

The Black and White Impermanence exchanged looks—not seeming surprised.

It was finally coming!

The Expert must have found it annoying and directly called for it!


A strange rhythm appeared between Heaven and Earth from within the ancestral temple.

The surrounding walls suddenly let out a glaring golden light. The drawing gradually landed on the small table following a gentle breeze, thereafter the wall behind the drawing started to collapse. The golden light was so eye-catching like a pearl that came out of nowhere and exploded.

The golden long shaft inside the wall gradually appeared in sight under the golden light. Li Nianfan could not help but automatically pair it with the unique background music of Wukong’s arrival upon seeing the scene.

Besides the golden long shaft was the Nine Tooth Rake. Although its appearance was retro, it was also glowing.


The glaring light crashed onto the floor and reflected straight up in the air. A golden pillar was formed and almost tainted everything else in gold.

The Black and White Impermanence’s faces straightened before quickly making a gesture to suppress the visions.

However, countless people had seen that vision at that moment. The entire Gaojia Village went into an uproar.

Qingling Mountain Sect Master had a glint in his eyes. His aged face was flushing red from extreme excitement.

“It has reappeared! The treasure has reappeared! Gaojia Village does contain hidden treasures!”

He was very excited!

If it was the Dinghai Needle Nine Tooth Rake—he would be rich!

Those two treasures were the Ultimate Spiritual Treasures made by Old Taishang. The Golden Cudgel contained Dayu’s Deluxe Merit! It was a Deluxe Merit Treasure!

Let alone an ordinary Immortal, it was a precious treasure even to a Daluo Golden Immortal!

Sun Yun’s eyes reddened and impatiently said, “Father, why did the visions disappear? Let’s hurry!”

The Elder smiled coldly. “Don’t rush. We need to stay calm in times like this since they are within the Gaojia Village. We’ll get them in no time!”

Inside the ancestral temple.

Li Nianfan halted in surprise but found it funny. “Wow, it’s so simple? It’s indeed a Spiritual Treasure! So, we merely have to call its name for it to appear!”

Zhu Bajie was so cool! Who would have thought that instead of looking for them everywhere, one merely had to call its name!

Though the Black and White impermanence could not help smiling bitterly.

How was that simple at all!

It was only simple for you! If someone else called its name, the Golden Cudgel would not even budge even after that person tore his throat from shouting.

White Impertinence coughed gently and said, “Who’d thought the Golden Cudgel was kept in here. No wonder.”

The Mighty Golden Cudgel contained Deluxe Merit. It made sense as Gaojia Village had been protected since it was guarded by the merits.

“Brother, is this the Mighty Golden Cudgel?”

Nanan quickly went over with lit eyes as she looked at the Golden Cudgel in awe as she even reached out to touch it.

Li Nianfan gradually approached and looked at those Godly Weapons.

Although he had seen a lot and touched quite a few treasures better than those treasures lately, seeing the Golden Cudgel still made him emotional.

After all, he was extremely excited as that Godly Weapon was too famous.

Nanan was curious and asked with anticipation, “Brother, can I try holding it?”

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Li Nianfan smiled and nodded. “Yes, but the Mighty Golden Cudgel is thirteen thousand five hundred pounds, so be careful.”

“Haha, the weight isn’t an issue!”

Nanan was very excited. His small feet went forward and with a soft growl, she picked up the Golden Cudge and held it.


She only did a simple gesture and could easily control it while feeling as though she was full of power. She then delightedly said, “A nice cudgel! A nice cudgel!”

Li Nianfan emotionally looked at Nanan.

He remembered the time Nanan first started cultivating—she was using an axe. It seemed that she really liked heavy weapons and had no interest in flying swords. No wonder she liked the Golden Cudgel so much as it suited her.

Li Nianfan made a decision and noted to himself—It would be a good idea… to let Nanan keep the Golden Cudgel.

Meanwhile, Nanan had put down the Golden Cudgel and imitated instructions from ‘Journey to the West’ by calling out, “Thicken! Get thicker!”

Li Nianfan was speechless.

However, the Golden Cudgel did not get taller but instantly expanded to be as thick as a water bucket.

Li Nianfan watched with his scalp numbing and could not help but asked, “Nanan, what are you doing?”

Nanan said, “I’m trying it out as you can see! It’ll be bad if it gets taller and makes a hole in the ceiling.”

Li Nianfan looked at the ceiling and thought it made sense. She was indeed very thoughtful.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Alright, those movements must have attracted some attention from above. It’ll be quite troublesome.”

The Black and White Impermanence nonchalantly said, “It’s a small matter. Lord Saint, don’t worry as the Onis out there will fix it.”

Li Nianfan smiled. “I know it’s a small deal for both of you, but…I think we can use this chance to test that bunch from Qingling Mountain. I’ll need you two to make a trip first.”

The Black and White Impermanence’s eyes jolted with lights upon hearing they could help Lord Saint. They happily said, “Lord Saint, please tell us!”

Li Nianfan said in a low voice, “We could….then…”

They discussed for a while before the Black and White Impermanence went ahead to execute their mission. Li Nianfan, Nanan, and Gao Yue then walked out from the ancestral temple as though nothing had happened. They headed back to the Gao Mansion.

It was a mess inside the Gao Mansion as expected.

Regardless of those visible cultivators or hidden ones, all of them had revealed themselves. Lights were flashing above the mansion as all of them were searching rudely.

Countless eyes fixed on Gao Yue upon seeing her. Some even asked urgently, “Miss Gao, what’s with that vision? Can you explain to us?”


Sun Yun scoffed and rushed over with a cold face. He seemed flirtatious and handsome before arrogantly said, “Gaojia Village is under my protection. Why should the Gao family explain this to you!?”

The Qingling Mountain’s ancestor was a reputable Immortal and so everyone was intimidated.

Sun Yun showed a smile before going over to Gao Yue and quickly glanced at Li Nianfan and Nanan on the side with darkness in his eyes.

‘Why were these two with Gao Yue?

‘Was the opportunity taken…’

He took a deep breath and caringly asked, “Yue, are you okay?”

She felt the fakeness of Sun Yun’s actions since Li Nianfan had warned her. She could not help frowning while she said, “I’m fine, thank you for your concern.”

Sin Yun asked, “Yue, where did you go? I’m so worried.”

Gao Yue followed Li Nianfan’s script and said, “Father sent me a dream which allowed me to learn something about the Gao family. Meanwhile, he also told me that Boo didn’t kill him, so please let go of Boo as I’ve decided to marry him!”

“What!?” Sun Yun’s eyes widened. He looked at Gao Yue with disbelief and could no longer hide his emotions. His face started changing while his eyes darkened.

Gao Yue repeated, “I hope you’ll respect my decision.”

“Haha, okay, I’ll respect your decision!” Sun Yun scoffed eerily and turned around with completely darkened eyes. He then said in a low voice, “Bring the bull demon over!”

It did not take long before the yellow bull was brought forward. He had yet to recover and was still in his original form—the seemingly weak original form.


A sword flashed before blood spurted out without a warning!

Boo cried out as a part of his flesh was sliced off before falling on the ground.

Sun Yun held onto the longsword with freezing glaring eyes and a cold smile. “Gao Yue, I’ve no more time to play with you. Handover the treasure or I’ll turn your lover into beef noodle soup!”

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