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Chapter 480: 480

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Chapter 480: Never Forgetting That Shocking Day


Gao Yue’s body jolted with a pale face in anxiety.

The bull demon was panting heavily and said in a hoarse voice, “Yue, don’t mind me!”

Gao Yue had a sad face and angrily said, “Sun Yun, I can’t imagine the Qingling Mountain disciples are all so pretentious! I thought too highly of you!”

“Ordinary people are idiots! You should be honored that I spent so much time playing with you! However, you don’t appreciate it and are asking for death!” Sun Yun smiled coldly. He raised his longsword and placed it on the bull demon’s neck.

“I’ll give you three seconds to tell me where the treasure is!”

“Look, here!”

Nanan reached out her hand as the Golden Cudgel appeared. It landed on the ground giving out a golden glow with a wave of her hand. The golden light filled up the space and blinded everyone.

“T-this is…”

Everyone gulped as they had their guesses. Their hearts were thumping and they wished they could stick their eyeballs on the cudgel.

Sun Yun rushed over with his disciples—reaching out trying to grab it.

However, Nanan merely smiled and said, “Get bigger, bigger, and bigger!”

The Golden Cudgel instantly expanded upon her words as it had grown taller than the mansion like a skyrocketing pillar. It then fell toward Sun Yun and his men.

There was a glow on the Golden Cudgel. Its weight was many times heavier than it appears to be. It was so heavy that even the moving air made a sound as it fell, causing Sun Yun and his men’s faces to change drastically.

All of them took out their weapons and cast spells without a second thought and instantly formed a glowing shield to barely block the Golden Cudgel from crashing them.

However, it took all of their entire strength to do so, hence they were unable to move anymore.

Nanan’s body flashed and jumped on top of the Golden Cudgel before she nonchalantly sat on it and grinned at the people being crushed by the Golden Cudgel.

She mocked, “How’s this treasure? Not bad, eh?”

Sun Yun’s face flushed red and coldly scoffed, “You demon! How dare you make an enemy of Qingling Mountain!? You better let me go and hand over this treasure if you’re smart. You must also beg on your knees and perhaps I’ll keep you alive!”

“You’re asking for death!” Nanan’s face sank. Other than obeying Li Nianfan, she was the fearless demon girl who was not afraid of anyone! Her temperament turned bad as her eyes became cold. She lifted her hand and heavily slammed on the Golden Cudgel!

Instantly, the pressure against Sun Yun and his men multiplied by a few times. Their cultivations were shaken as all of them started spitting out blood—suffering instantly severe injuries.

Those people would have died long ago if Li Nianfan did not forbid her to kill.

Nanan glanced around at the remaining cultivator and scoffed, “The treasure is here, may I ask if anyone else wants to try taking it!?”


A gust of Qi completely disproportionate from her size rushed out of her body like a mountain collapsing tsunami as it overwhelmed the entire Gao Mansion. The crowd was rendered unable to breathe.

“Peak of…Mahayala?!”

“Perhaps she’s already an Immortal.”

“Gasp…this girl’s appearance must be false!”

Everyone was shocked by Nanan’s age as the crux being she was really too young! She should be a genius for her to have become a Golden Core cultivator at such a young age as a girl her age realistically should only be an Out of Aperture the most! However…she was in the Mahayala realm!?

Was she born a demon? It did not add up!

Their eyes would pop out if they realized it was merely the tip of an iceberg!

Li Nianfan had also instructed her to do so.

If Nanan immediately showed her full might, the hidden person in charge would be terrified and it would not be as fun.

“Genius! You’ve reached the level most cultivators could never reach in their lifetime at such a young age! How shocking!”

The white-robed Qingling Mountain Sect Master suddenly appeared in the air with his powerful Qi as he glared at Nanan.

Other than him, a few other highly cultivated cultivators appeared in the air—they were the Elders of Qingling Mountain and had surrounded the entire Gao Mansion at that moment.

It was not exaggerating to say that all of the Elders from Qingling Mountain had come out. After all…the treasure was too precious!

It was beyond Immortal Treasure and was even considered an impressive treasure to Immortals!

Once they got hold of it, Qingling Mountain would become even more powerful! Therefore, they had to obtain it!

Nanan pouted and scorned, “Old man, all of you combined still can’t fight me.”

The Mahayala Cultivator Elder did not refute.

Although there were a few of them and outnumbered her, Nanan had the Golden Cudgel with her. Even if they could fight her, it would be a tiring battle.

However, he did not panic. He wanted to win, so he squinted and smiled, “Little girl, the Immortal from Qingling Mountain isn’t any ordinary Immortal. He’s currently a Heavenly Guard in the Heavenly Temple and holds a God post! I want this treasure to worship my ancestor! If you’re smart, put down the treasure now and I’ll pretend as though nothing happened. It will be a win-win solution.”

Nanan scoffed and arrogantly said, “So what if he’s a Heavenly Guard? Do you think I’ll be intimidated? Go away if you can’t fight me! This treasure is mine! Snatch it from me if you can!”

The Elder frowned as his eyes turned furious.

It was always troublesome to deal with that little girl. How brainless and stupid!

The Ancestor did mention to him that it was best to not get the Ancestor involved. After all, he was a Heavenly Guard and restricted by their strict rules. He could not be too obvious.

However, Nanan was not intimidated and refused to give in.


Suddenly, a faint sigh was heard in the air. “How stubborn!”

They saw a figure gradually appearing from the sky when they looked over. He was wearing armor with clouds under his feet as he gradually landed.

A powerful Qi emanated from his body. The emanated Qi was not merely excluding pressures but also an air of power and status. The moment he stood there, it instantly gave the impression that he was better off than everyone present. It was due to him being an Immortal!

It was something every cultivator looked up to!

The face of Qingling Mountain Sect Master flushed red as he excitedly called out, “Ancestor! Greetings to the Ancestor!”

The remaining Qingling Mountain disciples were very excited. They had a look of reverence on their faces as they called out, “Greetings to the Ancestor!”

“Ancestor! The Ancestor of Qingling Mountain is here!” Sun Yun was still being crushed by the Golden Cudgel as he blankly looked up at the figure in the sky. His excitement caused him to spat out even more blood as he laughed, “Haha haha, the Ancestor is here! Demon Girl! You’re over! It’s over!”

Nanan scorned him before revealing an evil smile, “What a fool. I don’t really want to kill you now as it’s more fun to watch you die from shock later on.”

Sun Yun was amused and mocked, “You’re trying to scare me? I think you’re the one who should be scared, not me. Look at you, you’re so scared that you’re speaking nonsense!”

Nanan remained emotionless as she looked up at the sky.

Everyone in the Gaojia Village had their sights up in the sky and looked at the figure with the utmost respect. They held onto their breaths and dared not to breathe.

The Ancestor of Qingling Mountain glared down from the cloud with his eyes fixated on the pillar-like Golden Cudgel. A glint could be seen in his eyes.

He excitedly said, “This is indeed the Legendary Golden Cudgel! Good stuff! A good cudgel! Nice!”

All of his assets combined were not even close to that Golden Cudgel. His excitement came to no surprise as he would become more powerful with that treasure at hand and might even be able to improve his ranks!

It was worth it to personally pay them a visit with such an Ultimate Treasure’s reappearance. Unfortunately…it was not perfect.

He looked at Nanan and frowned from displeasure.

Originally, he did not want to step in as his status was different after all as he would be offending the Heavenly Laws once rumors went around. However, it was worth the risk for such a treasure!

Qingling Mountain Sect Master flew up and respectfully bowed at him. “Ancestor.”

The ancestor nodded. “Hmm, well done.”

Sect Master was delighted. “Thank you for your compliments. It’s my pleasure being able to serve you.”

The Ancestor waved it off and calmly said, “Get into formation.”

The disciples surrounded them upon his words and unleashed their power. Their Qi started rushing to the sky which turned into a cage and enveloped everyone like flowing water—completely locking Gaojia Village down.

“T-this is…”

Everyone panicked and felt uneasy as if they were cut off from the outside world.

“I didn’t want to do this. Blame her if you need to blame someone!” The Ancestor pointed at Nanan and smiled coldly. “She forced me to show myself. Nobody here will be able to live. This formation can keep us from Heaven’s radar, so all of you can get ready to die!”

He was very decisive and did not want to waste any time and about to turn the entire Gaojia Village into nothing with a gesture.

However, a low growl was heard among the crowd.


The Ancestor frowned and looked at Li Nianfan.

Qingling Mountain Sect Master introduced, “Ancestor, this man is with the little girl!”

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Li Nianfan gradually walked forward. He walked out from the crowd and sighed, “Sigh, I didn’t want to see this happening. Unfortunately…as a Heavenly Guard, you’re crueler than I thought.”

“Who are you?” The Ancestor sized Li Nianfan up from head to toe with a shocking look on his face.

The man seemed ordinary but his words were unusually arrogant. Any ordinary man would not dare to say such words.

“Who am I?” Li Nianfan shook his head. “I’m just an ordinary man.”

He looked at the sky. He would have to let Nanan kill them if they had not contacted anyone from the Heavenly Temple.

“You’re only an ordinary man?” The Ancestor was so triggered that he smiled. He was speaking so much with an insignificant ant! It was the biggest humiliation in his life!

“You’re seeking death for wasting my time!”

“You’re the one seeking death! Argh!”

A thunder-like sound exploded in the air before a figure rushed down which sent vibrations all over. The voice growled urgently—buzzing in everyone’s ears.

In the next moment, Juling Shen landed with his eyes widened and filled with anger. Behind him were countless figures, each of them was shockingly powerful such that nobody dared to look them in the eyes.

All of them had clouds beneath their feet—bigger and thicker clouds.

“J-Juling Shen!?”

The Ancestor’s face turned pale as his arrogance had suddenly disappeared. He was instead filled with terror.

His head went blank as he did not understand the reason for Juling Shen’s involvement.

Juling Shen did not even bother looking at him as though he was transparent.

After landing urgently from the sky, Juling Shen quickly went to Li Nianfan and greeted, “Your humble Juling Shen is at your service. Sorry for arriving so late, please forgive us, Lord Saint.”


Sun Yun was dumbfounded.

Qingling Mountain Sect Master was dumbfounded.

Everyone around was dumbfounded.

The Ancestor’s head wanted to explode at that moment! He felt as though he was struck by lightning as he trembled all over. He was completely overwhelmed by the chills coming out from within.

His cold sweat was dripping like the rain—falling onto the ground.

‘Lord… Lord Saint?

‘Even Juling Shen had to bow at him?

‘I have offended such a terrifying existence!?

‘Oh no! Oh no!’

Meanwhile, another terrifying Qi rushed down from above as a thick cloud appeared in the sky.

A sword shot out from the clouds and landed right in front of Li Nianfan. “Your humble Xiao Chengfeng is at your service! Sorry to have arrived so late! Please forgive me, Lord Saint!”

Before the crowd could get over their shock, two more clouds rushed down.

“Your humble Yang Jian and Ye Liuyun at your service. Sorry to have arrived so late. Please forgive us, Lord Saint!”


Everyone gasped in unison. The weak-hearted ones could no longer take it and had already fainted.


None of them had ever seen something as majestic as that! They dared not to even dream about it!

What kind of existence was that man? He was able to call upon so many powerful Immortals from the Heavenly Temple?

So shocking! So unbelievable!

Sun Yun opened his mouth blankly in utter terror with goosebumps all over. His terror had completely overwhelmed him.

He did not know what Lord Saint was but…so many Heavenly Guards arrived for him! His existence was beyond one’s imagination!

The level of terror was already beyond his understanding.

At that moment, he wished he had listened to Nanan rather than die of terror at that moment… How terrifying! He wanted to cry…

Everyone from Qingling Mountain was shocked and felt their bodies going soft. They fell listlessly on the floor, holding on to their chests, and trying not to die from shock.

They genuinely felt how it was like to be an ant. No, they were not even ants…

As for that Ancestor, he had gone numb from the shock and could not even control his body from shaking vigorously.

‘I’m merely a lowly Heavenly Guard. What did I do to deserve the arrival of so many powerful Heavenly Guards…’

At that moment, he only wanted to kill himself.

In truth, he was doing it.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood all over as his body fell from the air and died.

He was still so arrogant a moment ago. He was the Immortal that everyone looked up to and yet…he killed himself!

Everyone in the Gaojia Village could never forget how shocking it was!

Death was the only way out with so much fear and despair. Unfortunately, it was not ideal on some occasions.

On top of a cloud, the Black and White Impermanence scoffed, “How daring of him to offend the Expert! He can’t make it up even by dying a hundred deaths! Let’s go and grab his soul back!”

White Impermanence nodded. “Indeed, let’s bring him to the eighteenth level of hell first!”

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