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Chapter 481: 481

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Chapter 481: A Hint From The Expert—My Duty

The entire Gaojia Village fell silent.

Everywhere in the sky was filled with countless Heavenly Guards standing on clouds.

On the ground, Yang Jian and the other three guards stood there.

Any one of them would be a mega bigshot in the ordinary realm, and yet all of them showed up together due to one man!

‘I’m only an ordinary nobody surrounded by countless Immortals! What should I do? Help! Urgent!’

Li Nianfan blankly looked at the four in front of him and could not help smiling bitterly. “It’s just a small matter. All of you are making too much of a scene.”

He asked the Black and White Impermanence to inform the Heavenly Temple and merely asked them to send over a witness so that the Heavenly Temple knew about the matter.

Who would have thought they sent out so many Heavenly Guards over. It was over the top!

All of that was too exaggerated.

Ye Liuyun said, “We are worried for your safety, Lord Saint, hence we must ensure everything is sorted out.”

Yang Jian said with a straight face, “Yeah, this is related to the Heavenly Temple as well. He had wronged Lord Saint, so we must punish and never let him off!”

Juling Shen said angrily, “Ya! Argh! That worm pisses me off! How unfortunate that he killed himself! Otherwise, I’d tie him to the pillar and whip him with Heavenly Thunders!”

Xiao Chengfeng said, “All of us came to help since we’re bored!”

In truth, the Heavenly Temple exploded upon receiving news from the Black and White Impermanence!

It was doing Lord Saint a favor! Someone was offending Lord Saint in front of his face! How bad was that! It was the most urgent matter for the Heavenly Temple!

It was so rare to gain an opportunity to help the Expert, thus Yang Jian and the rest all rushed over in excitement.

Jade Emperor and Empress would also have come down were they not having to maintain their image!

Li Nianfan had nothing to say. He was very touched and said, “Thank you so much!”

Luckily he had good connections with all of them. All of them immediately rushed down upon hearing he was in danger. Being a Lord Saint was indeed a powerful matter. Haha!

Li Nianfan said, “Unfortunately, this isn’t a big deal as there’s no Deluxe Merit. Sorry to have made you come all the way.”

“Eh, Lord Saint, do we look like those who only care about Deluxe Merit?”

“Lord Saint, if there’s anything in the future, we’re happy to help even without Deluxe Merits!”

Yang Jian and the rest bootlicked very naturally. Li Nianfan felt really good. Those Immortals were good with their words!

The Black and White Impermanence exchanged looks with each other and noticed the stress therein.

As expected, they were nowhere close to the four Heavenly Guards yet who had mastered the art of bootlicking and made the Expert so happy! They were taking the lead!

It was apparent they had to work harder!

“Oh, right. We’ve found Wukong and Zhu Bajie’s weapons in the Gaojia Village!” Li Nianfan called for Nanan.

He said after a moment, “Zhu Bajie’s weapon will be returned to the Heavenly Temple. As for the Golden Cudgel, is it okay…to let Nanan keep it?”

“Of course! Of course!” Yang Jian did not hesitate at all. “You’re being too humble. These two weapons belong to no one and since you found them, they actually belong to you. You may do as you like!”

Juling Shen said, “Exactly, Lord Saint is too polite. Those who found them get to keep them! They don’t belong to the Heavenly Temple.”

Ye Liuyun quickly said, “The Golden Cudgel suits Nanan! Lord Saint is wise!”

“Haha, alright then!” Li Nianfan smiled. “However, all of you should keep the Nine Tooth Rake as I don’t need it.”

All of them rushed down, so he could not let them return empty-handed.

Yang Jian did not turn down the offer and made a gesture. “Lord Saint, thank you for your gift.”

Li Nianfan waved it off and said, “You’re welcome. Right, hurry and go back to your matters. Don’t waste time down here.”

It was such a waste of resources to have so many Heavenly Guards gathering there.

Xiao Chengfeng said, “You’re right! We’ll leave now. Lord Saint, do call us if you ever need anything.”

“Goodbye, Lord Saint.” The Black and White Impermanence bid Li Nianfan farewell.

The Heavenly Guards left as swiftly as they came and soon the clouds had all gone away.

Of course, they cleaned up the Qingling Mountain on the way back.

As for those remaining in Gaojia Village, they not only survived but also witnessed such a shocking scene. All their fantasies had disappeared and all of them ran away as soon as possible.

The rest of the cultivators had nothing to do there as the treasures had been given off. The place was too dangerous with many bigshots hiding in there, hence they would stay away from that place.

Gao Yue woke up from the shock. She bowed at Li Nianfan and said, “Thank you so much, Mr. Li.”

Li Nianfan not only saved her but also the entire Gaojia Village.

She spoke as she quietly kicked the bull demon by her side. The bull demon did not react as his bull mouth was left open. He had turned into a sculpture and not moved for a very long time.

He could not even feel the wounds on his body. He was so shocked that his soul had left his body.

He was merely a small demon, a very small demon. Let alone the Heavenly Guards, it was even intimidated by cultivators, hence it came to no surprise that he was utterly shocked by what just happened.

A bigshot! A mega bigshot!

He did not have the courage to speak and even wanted to give up breathing! He merely wanted to be a nobody!

Li Nianfan looked at the bull demon and found it funny. He then said, “Miss Gao, you’re welcome. In fact, we should be thanking you since we took some treasures from here.”

Gao Yue sincerely said, “You’re too polite, these treasures do us more harm than good. It’s good that they’re gone now. Mr. Li, would you like to stay here for a few more days? We’ll treat you well!”

After Li Nianfan’s arrival, he first saved the bull demon then brought her to meet her father in the Underworld. He even saved the entire Gaolao Village! He had helped them too much!

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Li Nianfan smiled and shook his head. “No need, it’s time for me to leave now that things have sorted. Miss Gao, I’ll see you in the future.”

Gao Yue was disappointed. She sighed and said, “Let me walk you out.”

After leaving the Gaojia Village, Li Nianfan could not help feeling emotional. He originally came to sightsee. Who would have thought that that would happen and…Zhu Bajie actually left treasures there! It seemed that he was really in love with Gao Cuilan!

Nanan happily held on to the Golden Cudgel while walking and jumping with the cudgel. Her eyes were glowing as she waited for demons to appear so that she could fight them.


Yang Jian and the rest reported back to the Heavenly Temple.

It was related to the Expert, so the Jade Emperor and Empress were very concerned. They let out a sigh of relief when they heard that it was resolved.

Yang Jian said, “Right, Jade Emperor and Empress, they’ve found the Golden Cudgel and Nine Tooth Rake from Gaolao Village. The Expert only kept the Golden Cudgel and said that the Nine Tooth Rake should belong to the Heavenly Temple and asked me to bring it back.”

He took out the Nine Tooth Rake as he spoke.

Jade Emperor said with guilt, “Sigh, it does indeed belong to the Heavenly Temple. Who’d have thought the Expert is so considerate! While we… While we can’t do much for the Expert!”

The Nine Tooth Rake was made by Old Taishang and belonged to Marshal Canopy and so it naturally belonged to the Heavenly Temple. However, so many years had passed and the Heavenly Temple was unable to find it. It was then found by the Expert and even returned to them…

They had taken too many advantages from the Expert which made them even guiltier!

Jade Empress sighed, “The Expert has been giving and treating us with so much respect. All we could do is to show our faces when he needs us.”

For example, why did they send out so many Heavenly Guards that time? It was because there were too few things they could do for the Expert. They would of course do their best when there was anything they could do for him! Even if it was a very small matter!

It was the respect they must show to the Expert!

However, they clearly knew that they were only comforting themselves. At the end of the day…they were useless! They had no way of proving themselves useful!

Most importantly, they did not even help the Expert at that time, and yet brought back the Nine Tooth Rake…

“Hurry up and improve ourselves! Let’s try to be more useful to the Expert!” Jade Emperor said and continued, “General Ye Liuyun, you don’t seem to have a suitable weapon yet. You may keep the Nine Tooth Rake since the Expert likes you.”

Ye Liuyun said, “Thank you, Jade Emperor. I’ll make the most out of it to help the Expert!”

Jade Empress beside him said, “Right, did the Expert give any instruction?”

Yang Jian shook his head. “No, the Expert told us not to waste time. He asked us to hurry back to do our work.”

Jade Emperor was disappointed. “That’s all…?”

“Did the Expert really say so?”

Meanwhile, an ethereal voice was heard in the air as a glow was seen with many flowers blooming following that. It was a sacred sight as a figure arrived.

Everyone greeted, “Greetings to Empress Nuwa.”

“It’s alright. I’ve heard everything you’ve said.”

Nuwa was concerned with Li Nianfan’s news. She had overheard every word they said and still could not help but appear at the end.

Jade Emperor curiously asked, “What do you mean? Did the Expert mean something else?”

Nuwa coldly said, “What do you think? Have you forgotten how Dao Zhu liked to speak in riddles? I don’t even like to say things clearly, let alone the Expert!”

Once they had reached a certain realm, they could not simply speak. For example, if the Emperor was hungry and said he was hungry, it would seem degrading. Instead, he would usually hint at others about it. Therefore, those who could understand the Emperor would be promoted.

The Jade Emperor instantly said, “Please enlighten us!”

Nuwa said in a serious tone, “The Expert asked all of you to hurry and do your own matters. What would that be?”

“What would that be?”

The crowd frowned. Were they not working already? Unless they had to work overtime?

Meanwhile, the Jade Emperor saw the third eye on Yang Jian’s forehead and had a flash of inspiration in his eyes as he cried out, “You’re referring to the Expert’s menu!?”

“Yeah, how can I forget such an important matter! Providing food for the Expert’s menu is my duty! I’m such a failure! Even the Expert had to remind me of it himself! I’m such a failure!”

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