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Chapter 482: 482

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Chapter 482: Fight For the Expert

Everyone had a look of realization. They recalled the ‘Classics of Mountains and Seas’.

The Heavenly Palace treated the expert’s menu very seriously. They had remembered every beast from the menu and kept an eye out for them to find out if they existed in this Eldritch World.

Unfortunately, they had not been able to find any trace. The conclusion was that most of these beasts existed in the Chaos or other worlds.

Yang Jing frowned and sighed. “It’s been a long while since we brought Qiongqi to the expert. How can we not bring him the second beast after this long!”

Juling Shen said, “Even the expert couldn’t help dropping hints to pester us! How embarrassing was that!”

All of them felt useless.

Although they knew about their mission, they felt…powerless!

One had to know that the Chaos was infinite, hidden with all kinds of different worlds in it. Some worlds were so huge with great dangers. They could not go over to someone else’s world to hunt down a beast!

This could easily turn them into someone else’s dish!

Even the Goddess Nuwa almost got in trouble!

Meanwhile, Xiao Chengfeng suddenly stood up. He said, “Jade Emperor, I’d like to resign from my God post!”

The Jade Emperor frowned. He asked doubtfully, “General Xiao, you’re…”

“I’d like to go into the Chaos to hunt down the beasts for the expert!”

One would die upon entering the Chaos!

However, so what? Dying for the expert was an honor!

If he was scared and did nothing, he would have wasted the expert’s expectations of him. He would be too embarrassed to live!

“Brother Xiao, you’re so mean. You never thought of bringing me along?” Ye Liuyun laughed and said, “Jade Emperor, I’d like to resign as well!”

Yang Jing said coldly, “The two of you aren’t even a Daluo Golden Immortal! You have no right to go into the Chaos! If anyone’s going, it has to be me! I, Yang Jing, have never owed anything to anyone. However, I can never repay the expert for what he’s given me. Nothing less than my life is worth giving him!”

Juling Shen took two axes from his waist. He swung them in the air and growled, “No matter what, I’m definitely going!”

The four of them were looking sincere and impatient.

The expert must be so disappointed in them. After all…he had helped them so much and given them so many opportunities. And yet, they were unable to do anything for him or help him!

Sigh, they were so useless!

“Nonsense! If anyone’s going, it should be me!” the Jade Emperor scoffed with a serious look

The Empress said, “Indeed, you’re all too shallow, what can you do? What will you gain? The expert has given you so much, do you think you can just go and get yourself killed?”

“Alright. I’ve planned for this. Whether it’s the understanding of the Chaos or the cultivations, you all are way below me. Of course, I should be the one going,” Goddess Nuwa said, her tone sacred. “Furthermore, in the world that I went to the other time, there was a beast.”

Yang Jing quickly said, “Empress, we can help.”

“You guys? You all will just slow me down.” Goddess Nuwa shook her head. She took a deep breath and said, “I’ve been thinking a lot recently. I even went ahead to seek help from Miss Daji and Miss Fire Phoenix to learn more about the expert.”

The Empress asked in a serious tone, “May I know what’s your realization?”

Nuwa said in a serious tone, “I realized that the expert seems really bored. Therefore, he had invented many games to kill his time. Given this situation, do you think the expert came here merely to experience life?”

The Jade Emperor speculated, “Unless…the expert treats this as a game, too?”

“Very likely.” Goddess Nuwa nodded. “I learned that the expert likes to level up in games. If so, what are the levels in our Eldritch World? The beasts in the menu consist of different levels. Since they’re on the menu, of course, we must catch them all!”

“Level up?”

Yang Jing and the rest heard with excitement. They clench their fists with their eyes glittering as if they had found their purposes. They said with determination, “We must help the expert level up!”

“This is a serious matter. The expert has helped us too much. He’s given us too many opportunities and we must work hard ourselves!” Goddess Nuwa halted as if she was making a serious decision. She said with a trembling voice, “I have a feeling that the expert’s trying to level up to turn our Eldritch World into the number one in the Chaos!”

“Number one in…the Chaos!?”


Everyone gasped as their hearts thumped. They almost ran out of breath.

This idea was too wild.

It was the Chaos! What was the concept of being number one in the Chaos? They were unsure because it was beyond their imagination!

Without a doubt, the current Eldritch World was definitely not number one. It was likely to be one of the worst…

Xiao Chengfeng suddenly laughed wildly. “Number one in the Chaos! Ha-ha-ha! Nice! Thanks to the expert for his truth and patience, I’ll prove to him that I, Xiao Chengfeng, am not weak!”

Yang Jing and the rest turned to look at Xiao Chengfeng. He was always good at boasting.

Juling Shen patted Xiao Chengfeng’s shoulder. He smiled and said, “Well said, I have the exact same thought!”

Ye Liuyun continued, “What a coincidence, I had the exact same thought as the two of you!”

Yang Jing’s third eye popped out with surprise. He could not help saying with respect, “Treating the entire Chaos as a game, is this the bigshot? A bored bigshot can be so wild?”

One could never imagine a bored bigshot!

Goddess Nuwa said, “Therefore, it’s our Eldritch World’s honor to be chosen by the expert!! We must cultivate well to make a name for ourselves in the Chaos. We can’t let the expert down! If our performance doesn’t please the expert, he could easily…kill us all!”

The Jade Emperor and the rest said with a determined look in unison, “Don’t worry, we know the importance. For the expert, we’ll work very hard to level up!

Goddess Nuwa nodded. She reminded them, “Well, then. I’ll rush back soon. I’ll now leave you all with the Eldritch World.”

With that said, she flew into the air and disappeared gradually.

“Goodbye, Nuwa Empress.”

In the ordinary realm.

After leaving the Gaojia Village, Li Nianfan brought Nanan toward the Liusha River according to the map.

Because of the Absolute Era, there were some geological changes. Therefore, once they crossed the Liusha River, they could arrive at the Daughters Kingdom by the next stop.

Li Nianfan did not intend to visit but the name of this place was too famous, he really wanted to see more of this world. He wanted to see what it was like for a kingdom to be made up of only women.

He was merely curious.

Thinking of it, the feeling of seeing a kingdom of only women…how exciting!

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The two of them were not in a rush. Time passed slowly.

Unknowingly, they had walked out from the woods. The trees became more spread out. The soil on the ground had turned yellow. Not far away was a hill.

Walking forward, the air had turned moist. They could hear the sound of a stream flowing.

Nanan put the Golden Cudgel across her shoulder. She sniffed and said, “Be careful, Brother. There’s the smell of a demon in front.”

Li Nianfan nodded. He did not forget to remind her, “Don’t overdo it.”

Nanan nodded seriously, “I know, Brother.”

It did not take long before a long and wide river came into sight.

The river was flowing rapidly with water splashing everywhere. The color was yellow, just as implied in its name as the Liusha River.

However, this was not the main point.

By the side of the river, there were twenty people gathered, knelt on their knees. On the table in front, there was a pig, a cow, and a sheep.

Beneath the river’s surface, there was a white and transparent crystal dragon showing half of its body to the crowd.

The outlook of this crystal dragon was unique. Its body was glass-like, looking very beautiful under the sunlight.

With that, the two people in the forefront each held on to a child and handed them to the crystal dragon.

“How dare you!”

Nanan glared, her small face flushed red. “Cruel dragon! Take my cudgel!”

Before she finished her sentence, she rushed over and lifted her cudgel, smashing between the crystal dragon and the crowd.

She not only smashed the table into pieces, she even caused some ripples in the river. She was so powerful that the crystal dragon jolted. Its face changed and did not hesitate to rush into the water.

“Trying to run away?”

The cudgel in Nanan’s hand rapidly thickened and elongated. It rushed into the river and started stirring it.

Instantly, splashes were everywhere.

It did not take long before a swirl was made. The energy was so powerful that one would find it hard to breathe.

Swiftly after, a figure was sucked out of the swirling pool. It fell heavily on the ground.

It was a woman in a white silk dress. Her face was pale with blood on the corner of her lips. She moaned listlessly on the ground. She then begged on her knees, “Please, let me live.”

“Let you? You bullied the villagers and tried to eat the children! This is unacceptable! I want you to try my cudgel!” Nanan was angry. When she was younger, she was almost eaten a few times. Thus, she hated demons that bullied children. Nanan’s face was cold as she raised her hands, ready to hit the demon!

“Please, please, let me go.”

“This is a misunderstanding. Immortal Jiao didn’t bully us.”

“Please, forgive her.”

Meanwhile, twenty or so villagers begged on their knees for the crystal dragon’s life.

Nanan halted. She frowned and looked at the crowd. She looked at the two children who were handed over and asked, “You’re all trying to make the crystal prawn eat these two children?”

The two villagers shook their heads as they explained, “Of course not. Why would Immortal Jiao eat children? We wanted our children to touch Immortal Jiao and to get some Immortal Qi.”

The two children were hiding behind the adults. They were terrified.

Li Nianfan ran over with an angry face. He smacked Nanan’s tiny head from the back.

“I told you to look closer! Look at what you’ve done!”

Li Nianfan was quite speechless. He scolded, “Do you want me to confiscate your Golden Cudgel?”

“Sorry, Brother. I thought the two children were in danger.” Nanan lowered her head. “I’m sorry…”

Li Nianfan looked at the listless Immortal Jiao. His mouth twitched. They had wronged a good Immortal…

He quickly said, “Go and apologize to her!”

At the same time.

Among the Chaos, a figure gradually stood out. He had a grey robe on with holes everywhere. He seemed worn out with messy hair and clothes. He had a wine jug in hand, staggering in the Chaos. He seemed wasted.

He was walking aimlessly, half drunk and half sober. He took a step into the Eldritch World…

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