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Chapter 483: 483

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Chapter 483: A Visitor. Ali the Crystal Dragon

The light was piercing. The darkness of the Chaos was taken over by the bright light, like someone coming out from a dark night into a room full of light.

“Huh? This is…”

The person jolted. He looked around and raised an eyebrow. “A broken small world?”

He looked up and took a sip of wine. He shook his head as he started walking around this Eldritch World aimlessly.

Behind him, his long sword jolted and started to grow, “Brother Feng, be careful now that we’re in others’ world.”

“Ha-ha, don’t worry. This world’s much smaller than our world. It’s trying so hard to hide itself, how can we be in danger?”

The man calmed his long sword and said, “Furthermore, we don’t have bad intentions. Since we’re here, it’s by fate. We might as well explore this world.”

He seemed wasted with no goal. He was staggering aimlessly.

However, he knew that by the look of this world, the Laws here were not as powerful. He would not be attacked and even if he lost, any major fight in here would break this world into two!

Therefore, he was not anxious.

He gradually took a step. However, with just one step, he had crossed countless distances. From Outer Space, he went past the Heavenly Palace, Immortal Realm, and landed in the Ordinary Realm causing no scene.

“This world’s trying its best to hide itself from danger. Interesting.”

The man walked around in the ordinary realm. He traveled miles with one step. He was sightseeing in this world as if he was on a vacation. However, this was not a random tourist attraction. This was the entire world.

It did not take long before he arrived at the Xia Kingdom. Since the development, the Xia Kingdom had expanded and prospered greatly with lots of Human Luck.

The man’s feet halted. He looked surprised. “This world’s so weak and the humans are weaker. How can they have so much Luck in this place? How did they do it?”

He went into the Xia Kingdom like an ordinary man. He did not attract any attention. He was feeling everything and observing with shock.


He looked at the farmland from not far away. He had a look of disbelief in his eyes. “Luoyun, look, there. They have different fruits from the normal seasons!”

Not only that, the grains are different here. They had a very likable shape which did not make sense!

The man closed his eyes to feel it and said, “There’s no spell cast and the world doesn’t have any major change. How did this happen?”

His longsword jolted. It called out in shock, “This…the ordinary men made these?”

They had no cultivation and yet they managed to do this. It was as if this was a normal thing to do.

The man walked forward and let out his Divine Consciousness to observe closely. Quickly, he saw the schools in the Xia Kingdom and learned about everything they taught. A rush of information went into his head which made him perplexed and shocked.

“Breeding plants and mass production. And the herb manuals, the law of nature, and everything else…”

The man gasped. “What a genius idea! And the strange way of calculation…

“One had to understand the world so much to come up with this! No wonder! No wonder the Luck’s so strong here. A leader was born here!

“As expected, each world has its unique place. It’s such a shame that this selfless leader was born in this broken and weak world. What a pity…”

He used the word ‘selfless’!

For someone like him to use the word ‘selfless’ showed how much he respected this leader!

“Unfortunately, there’s no point for us to learn these. Our world no longer exists.”

The man had a nostalgic look on as he shook his head. He did not disturb the villagers and walked away. With one step, he traveled miles, across the mountains and seas.

Quickly, he stopped on top of a big river. The river was twisted and seemingly calm. The surrounding view was very calming with mountains and green trees.

“This is an interesting river. It has the law of nature embedded inside it. One will get pregnant after drinking from it and will give birth to a girl.”

The man smiled casually. He touched the longsword behind him and said in a gentle tone, “Luoyun, watch, I’ll do something interesting with you…”

Liusha River.

Nanan was like a child who had made a mistake, apologizing to Immortal Jiao.

However, she was too powerful. Immortal Jiao dared not accept her apology. She was too intimidated.

Li Nianfan went ahead to help her out. He said, “Immortal Jiao, we’re too sorry. This young girl’s foolish and caused unnecessary trouble. Sorry for offending you.”

Immortal Jiao bit her lip and shook her head. “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

What else could she say? She was not as powerful, she was unlucky to have been wronged. At least she was still alive.

Meanwhile, Li Nianfan finally noticed the look on Immortal Jiao. She had some shells on her hair which was slightly blue with a pair of snow-white earrings. She had some scales on her neck. She seemed gentle with a look of elegance.

She looked like a newly grown small crystal prawn.

“Your lips are bleeding, how are you fine?”

Li Nianfan could not help sighing and glaring at Nanan again.

He learned from the villagers that Immortal Jiao was guarding the Liusha River. She was in charge of the rain and current here. She had gathered many merits and the villagers worshipped her.

Li Nianfan had some knowledge of crystal dragons. They were a mix of dragons and python. In mythology, they were kind and it seemed true.

Li Nianfan could tell who was kind and who was not.

Although they were also dragons, they were not the same as the Eastern Sea Dragon King.

The Eastern Sea Dragon King evolved from carps. Similar to this crystal dragon, she had dragon blood in her but she was not an actual dragon either.

The most authentic dragon was only present in the faraway time when the Dragon Ancestor was around.

If Immortal Jiao and the Eastern Dragon King continued to cultivate, they would then transform into actual dragons eventually.

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Li Nianfan asked, “May I ask what’s your name? And are you part of the Four Seas Dragons?”

“My name’s Ali, I’m part of the Dragon Palace,” Ali said.

“So, we’re friends.” Li Nianfan smiled. He introduced himself, “I’m Li Nianfan, I’m friends with the dragons. This is really a misunderstanding, I’ll think of a way to make it up to you.”

He was guilty. He wanted to tell the Dragon King to take good care of Ali. It was nice to have connections.

Li Nianfan?

Friends with the Four Dragon Kings?


Ali’s head went blank! She stood back up not long ago and now she jolted. She almost fell to the floor.

How could she have not heard of the expert’s name?

This was the taboo in the Heavenly Palace! Any Immortal with some rankings were carefully instructed to treat the expert with the utmost respect. It could be an opportunity!

This was the expert! She had met the expert!?

Ali felt her small head buzzing. She panicked as she became helpless with an increased heart rate and breathing.

“I—I—I…” her lips quivered. She did not know what to say. She was in so much panic that she wanted to die!

Seeing that she was perplexed, Li Nianfan thought that she did not understand. With a thought, he gradually opened his eyes and a golden Deluxe Merit flower slowly floated in sight. It was rotating slowly.

It was eye-catching!

He smiled. “Luckily I’m not any ordinary man. This is the proof.”

“Gasp… I believe you. Of course, I believe you!”

Ali’s voice was shivering. She quickly greeted, “Greetings to Lord Saint.”

Li Nianfan returned the gesture, “No need to be so polite. We’re sorry to have wronged you.”

“It’s okay, it’s really okay, Lord Saint.” Ali shook her head vigorously. She did not know how to interact with the expert. She was helpless and small in her heart.

She bit her lip and said weakly, “Lord… Lord Saint, is there anything I can do for you? I’ll try my best!”

Li Nianfan comforted, “You don’t have to be so nervous. I don’t bite.”

Ali dared not speak. She thought to herself, ‘I know you don’t bite but you like to eat wild meat. And I’m wild meat! If you suddenly want to eat me, I won’t be able to resist and will give in to you.’

She was still young and was not good at bootlicking. This was more of a danger than an opportunity. She was not greedy either and she only wanted to respect him.

Li Nianfan continued, “I don’t have anything to ask for. I’m just in the mood to walk around the Liusha River. You’ve been here for how long? Are you familiar with this place?”

Ali said, “I’ve been here since young, and I was given the position by the Dragon Palace to guard this place. I know this place…quite well.

“If Lord Saint’s interested, you may…come over to visit my place.”

Li Nianfan was interested. “At the bottom of the river?”

Ali nodded.

Li Nianfan smiled. “That’s not bad, sure.”

Ali nodded and her body jolted with light circulating. Soon, she turned into a crystal dragon and went into the water. She floated on the water and said with respect, “Lord Saint, please, come up.”

“Okay.” Li Nianfan smiled and did not hesitate to sit on the neck of the crystal dragon with Nanan.

Ali prepared them before rushing into the Liusha River.

She was getting around the water easily. Although the current of the Liusha River was urgent, the current around Ali would become calm and back away. Ali was not only calm, but she could also make the water go away. Thus, Li Nianfan and Nanan were unaffected.

However, the surroundings were nothing close to the other ocean. The water was impure and there was not a lot of variety. There were many stones. As Ali went down further, she arrived at her cave soon.

It was indeed a cave with an empty and bald entrance.

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