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Chapter 485: 485

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Chapter 485: Is She Insulting Our Friendship


I burped!

How embarrassing!

Ali’s face was burning. Especially when she felt Li Nianfan’s eyes on her. She felt very ashamed.

Since the beginning of her cultivation, she had never felt so embarrassed.

‘I actually burped. I can burp?’

Li Nianfan saw how embarrassed Ali was, so he coughed and pretended nothing had happened. He said, “Come, let’s continue eating.”

This tiny crystal dragon must have been eating too much raw food. She reacted after tasting such yummy hot food. It was interesting.


Ali nodded. She was very emotional.

She looked at the tomato fish again. Her beautiful eyes were very shocked as if she was dreaming.

When she felt her internal energy again, she had reached the Real Immortal Realm!

She carefully reached out with her chopsticks. This time, she was not picking the fish, she was picking the tomato. She sent it to her mouth.

The soft tomato was gradually unleashing its juice inside her mouth. It was sour and sweet, very delicious. Meanwhile, a strange Spiritual Power rushed out and pushed her closer to the Law! The new energy she just gained was empowering!

She did not doubt that if she cultivated now, she would learn more than before!

This…this…this was the Spiritual Root!?

Not just any ordinary Spiritual Root!

Ali’s scalp was itching. She had some tomato in her mouth that she did not want to swallow. She dared not chew as well.

This was too precious!

It was like going to a restaurant and only realizing how expensive the food was after tasting it, fearing to continue chewing because of how priceless it was. Would one pay for it? However, one could not even pay for it even if one sold their soul!

She had not seen the world before. Since she did not look closely. She had not noticed anything strange.

Most importantly, who would have thought that the tomato would be made of Spiritual Roots!

She did not know this before! She learned something new!

No, not only the tomato!

Other than the black fish, even the ginger and garlic were made of Spiritual Roots…

So, out of everything, the black fish was the least important. Even the water was many times more expensive than the black fish.

Facing this dish of tomato fish, Ali’s body jolted. She was dumbfounded by this otherworldly opportunity. She dared not eat it.

She had heard too much about the expert.

What she heard the most was how it was important to treat the expert with the utmost respect. Anything from the expert was an opportunity greater than years of cultivation. There were even rumors about how meeting the expert was someone’s blessing gathered from years of cultivation.

Ali thought someone was exaggerating it greatly. Now she realized that…the reality was way more exaggerated than that. The one mouthful of soup just now was more precious than her lifelong worth of cultivation. It was incomparable!

And yet, it was merely a meal that the expert made spontaneously…

So shocking! This made one…unable to accept it!

Was this the difference between the bigshot and an ordinary person?

Li Nianfan was surprised. “Immortal Ali, are you full?”

Ali jolted and shook her head. “No, not yet.”

“It’s not up to your taste?”

Ali was shocked. She almost cried and said, “No, no! This is too delicious! I have never tasted something so delicious!

“It’s so delicious that I was lost tasting it.”

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s good. Don’t get lost yet, eat more.”

Li Nianfan laughed pleasantly. He patted Nanan and said, “Nanan, eat less! Take care of Immortal Ali!”

At the same time, somewhere in the Chaos.

Goddess Nuwa arrived at a huge wasted star. Although this star was wasted, there was quite some traffic caused by powerful beings.

The Chaos had no limit.

There were limitless possibilities, anything was possible.

The difference between humans and demons was too tiny. In some worlds, humans were the main characters, and in some worlds, demons were. Some worlds were just like the Eldritch World, some broken and some rotten.

Therefore, there were quite a lot of people traveling in the Chaos. Some were homeless, some were looking for opportunities in the Chaos. As time passed, some spots had gained more traffic than the others.

Some spots were seen as a gathering spot and some were made into a spot for trading treasures.

These cultivators had high cultivations. There were not many Quasi-Saints around. They dared not show their faces.

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Although Goddess Nuwa had spent many years traveling among the Chaos, coming back here still made her rather uneasy.

The Chaos gave one too much pressure, she felt too tiny in it.

She took a deep breath. She was calm as she walked. She did not look around as she tried to minimize her presence.

On both sides of the path, there were people trading treasures. Those treasures were all at the Ultimate Spiritual Treasures level. Ultimate Heavenly Spiritual Treasures and Deluxe Merit Treasures were seen everywhere.

Quickly, she arrived at a spot. A classy and elegant woman was waiting for her there.

The woman looked at Goddess Nuwa in shock. “Sister Nuwa, you’re fine? I thought you…”

“I escaped, luckily.” Goddess Nuwa waved it off. “Sister Yun Shu, I need a favor from you this time.”

Yun Shu looked at Goddess Nuwa with disbelief. “You’re not trying to get back into the Yunhuang World, are you?”

“Yeah,” Goddess Nuwa nodded. “But I’ll just go and come back. I won’t stay there for long. Just capturing a fish.”

“You’re going there to capture a fish?”

Yun Shu thought she had misheard. “No way? What fish is worth the risk? Are you insane?”

If she was going back to get a treasure or law, she could understand. To capture a fish?

What was that about?

Although the Yunhuang World was complete and big, one had not heard of a fish worthy of a Chaos Daluo Golden Immortal to risk her life capturing. Perhaps it was a new breed?

‘Perhaps she had other intentions and she was brushing me off by using the fish as an excuse?’ Yun Shu thought that it was very likely. Everyone had their own secrets in the Chaos. She did not dwell on it. She said in a serious tone, “Sister Nuwa, are you sure? Are you sure about this decision? Is it worth it?”

Similar to Goddess Nuwa, she had to get out from her own world to live in the Chaos. The two of them had spent thousands of years together. They formed a team to look for treasures in the Chaos. They had good relations and trusted one another.

Goddess Nuwa nodded. She said without hesitation, “I’m sure and I must go!”

She was going to get the ingredients for the expert. This was an important issue, and that was the only location she was aware of that had the ingredient needed. No matter how great the risk was, she had to go.


Yun Shu frowned. She felt that Goddess Nuwa was taking a huge risk and she did not understand it.

In the Yunhuang World, the Laws were complete. There were 22 Chaos Daluo Golden Immortals and eight Saints working mainly for the Heavenly Ways Station. The Laws were complete and the conditions for cultivation were good. However, most people dared not start cultivating.

This world tended to repel external Spiritual Roots. If one barged in and was found out, one would be hunted and killed!

Goddess Nuwa was chased after and almost killed the other time. Had she not learned her lesson? Or was she more mentally prepared this time?

Goddess Nuwa said in a serious tone, “Sister Yun Shu, this is a very important matter to me. Please, help me.”

“Okay, be careful.”

Yun Shu knew it was useless to talk her out of it. She turned her wrist and a half-transparent crystal mirror appeared. She cast a spell and a weak glow washed over Goddess Nuwa’s body. Her Qi was concealed and would not be easily noticed by the Heavenly Ways.

“Thank you.”

Goddess Nuwa nodded. After a moment of hesitation, she took out a small bottle for Yun Shu. “You’ve helped me twice. Here’s a gift in return for your help.”

Everything was ready. Goddess Nuwa was excited. She turned over in a hurry and rushed into the Chaos.

It was just capturing one fish, it was not too difficult. She had to rush toward the Yunhuang World and capture the fish. As long as she stayed cautious, it should not be a big deal.

Yun Shu saw how Goddess Nuwa was rushing away in a hurry. She was suspicious. She felt that Goddess Nuwa was acting strange this time around.

She then looked at the small bottle in her hand. She could not help shaking her head and said, “Reward?

“She’s now being polite with me? I know her so well. We’re both poor, so what treasure could we possibly get? What reward can she get me?

“Furthermore…this bottle is so small, what does it contain? How is she not embarrassed to hand this to me? Is she insulting our friendship?”

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