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Chapter 487: 487

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Chapter 487: So Seductive. Can You Blame Me?




Li Nianfan jumped in shock!

How could she say that?

Did she want him to live?

“You’re kidding me. I’m just an ordinary man, my power is limited. How am I even comparable to the Mother River”

Li Nianfan twitched and he said with a straight face, “I think what’s important now is to fix the Mother River again.”

“Mr. Li, don’t panic. We’ll give you enough time to rest. You can do it when you feel like it.”

The queen said understandingly. She stared at Li Nianfan with lust. “When you walked over, did you find anyone that you fancied? I’ll send them over right away. They’ll be willing to.”

“Ha-ha, no need.”

Li Nianfan backed away slightly. He hid behind Nanan and said, “Your Highness, we just met today. You don’t even know who I am. Who knows, maybe I’m a bad person, maybe I’m not even your type.”

Who would have thought that a Deluxe Merit Saint like him had to be protected by a small girl in this Daughter’s Kingdom?

The queen said, “You’re kidding me. We like how you look, everything else doesn’t matter.”

In other words, only looks mattered. Right?

Li Nianfan was speechless. He could only say, “To be honest with you, I know the Heavenly Palace well. I can ask some Immortals to help fix Mother River. I can assure you it’ll be running again. Goodbye for now, I’ll come back next time.”

He definitely would not!

A kingdom with only women was scarier than what he imagined. Women were like tigers, this was not a lie!

“You want to leave!?”

Seeing that Li Nianfan had stood up, the queen’s face changed. She stood up and said, “No way!”


From the outside, a row of women rushed in. Each of them was weaponized with armors. They blocked Li Nianfan from leaving.

They did not hide their desires in their eyes. They glared at Li Nianfan, either licking their lips or gulping.

Li Nianfan almost went soft. He did not doubt that if the queen did not make an order to protect him, these women would have rushed upon him. It would be bad.

A handsome female soldier suggested, “Your highness, why so polite? Once we capture him, he’ll accept his fate and listen to us.”

“Exactly, let’s do that!”

The female soldiers were more excited than ever.

“How dare you all!”

Meanwhile, Nanan straightened her face. Her small face was blushing. She outstretched her hand abruptly and a strong Qi pushed the female soldiers back.

Instantly, the weapons in their hands rushed out. They all gathered in the sky as controlled by Nanan and formed into a ball.

Nanan said with a cold face, “How dare you think so lowly of my brother? It won’t be just your weapons in the sky next time, it will be you all!”

Everyone jolted. They had a shocking look on their faces as they backed away.

“Mr. Li, you…”

The queen’s face turned pale. She looked at Nanan, feeling shocked. She did not know what to do.

Li Nianfan felt more secure. He smiled and introduced, “This is my sister, she knows some tricks. Don’t worry, as long as I’m not under attack, she won’t hurt you all.”

He paused for a second and said, “As I said, we have connections in the Heavenly Palace. As long as we can leave, it won’t take long before Mother River is fixed.”

He said as he signaled to Nanan that he was ready to leave.

“Mr. Li, please, stay.”

Meanwhile, the queen called out. Her beautiful eyes looked at Li Nianfan with a pleading look. She had tears in her eyes as she bowed at Li Nianfan. She said sincerely, “Mr. Li, if you leave now, as the queen of Daughter’s Kingdom, I can’t pass on this news to my people. I’d rather die!”

“Mr. Li, please, stay.”

“Just for a few days.”


Instantly, all of the women turned into vulnerable women. They were all sobbing and begging.


Li Nianfan frowned. He found it challenging.

Of course, he knew what they were concerned about. Once Li Nianfan had gone back, Daughter’s Kingdom would be in danger.

Once he left, the queen might as well kill herself. She was not kidding.

“Mr. Li, I have an idea.”

A beautiful advisor beside the Queen said, “You may ask your sister to inform the Heavenly Palace while you stay here for a few days. Don’t worry, we’ll treat you politely.”

“You all will treat him politely? The pigs might as well fly!”

Nanan scoffed and swung the golden cudgel in her hand. “Why would I care about your life and death? Brother, let’s go!”

The queen walked forward and cried out, “Mr. Li, I can guarantee that we won’t offend you!”

“Sigh, whatever.” Li Nianfan sighed and shook his head. “Nanan, you go and inform the Heavenly Palace. Ask them to come and have a look. I’ll stay here.”

It would not take more than a day. Li Nianfan felt that he might be okay.

Nanan asked, “Brother, will you be fine?”

“What else could happen?” Li Nianfan smiled and shook his head. He reminded her, “Remember to hurry!”

If not, he could always fly up and he would be safe.

Nanan thought about it and nodded. “I know, brother.”

“Thank you, Mr. Li.”

The queen was delighted. She looked at Li Nianfan with joy as she instructed her staff, “Bring over some nice dishes. Bring the dancers and entertainers over.”

In a green mountain a few miles away.

Suddenly, laughter was heard.

The originally bored man let out a laugh. He shook his head and said, “Interesting. Very interesting. The man was interesting and the group of women are interesting, too. Luoyun, did you see that? There are such people in the world.”

According to his understanding, no matter who it was, any man would turn wild for a month before crying to leave.

However, the sword behind him jolted. It did not smile. It pointed out, “Brother Feng, if so, you’re a gentleman?”

“How could it be? Of course, I’m not an easy person. Luoyun, don’t you know me?”

He was shocked. He quickly continued, “What I’m trying to say is that even women…”

The sword behind him asked, “Even women what?”

“Cough, cough. Nothing. Even women can be…adorable.”

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Time passed. It was already dark.

The queen kept her promise. She did not try to touch Li Nianfan, but there were many hints. She did not try to hide her intentions which really shocked Li Nianfan.

Even the dancers rushed over Li Nianfan like a wave. Li Nianfan felt as if he was not the one admiring their performance, it was them admiring him!

A man had to protect himself well in Daughter’s Kingdom.

Li Nianfan felt as if he was in a wolf’s den. He could not sit still. Seeing that it was getting dark, he quickly finished his dinner and wanted to go back to his bedroom.

On the other hand, the queen was looking at Li Nianfan like a fangirl.

Although Li Nianfan did not speak a lot, each gesture of his turned her on. Even a glance at him made her heart flutter. She was in love. Was this the attraction from a man? This was too wild, too handsome…

By the side, the advisor asked, “Your highness, you’re not going to do anything?”

The queen sighed and said, “What can I do? Do you want me to force him against his will?”

The advisor said, “I heard that a man and woman communicate best late at night. Each party attracts one another. Why don’t you try it tonight? When his sister comes back tomorrow, we won’t have a chance.”

The queen was touched. “What should I do?”

Instantly, they discussed it. They dressed the queen up as they went to Li Nianfan’s room.

Knock, knock, knock.

They knocked on his door.

Inside the room, Li Nianfan’s heart jumped. As expected, they came for him. He knew it!

He did not even remove his clothes. He did not want to lose himself during the night.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Mr. Li, are you asleep?”


Li Nianfan opened the door. When he saw the queen outside the door, he was shocked.

The Queen dressed up more delicately than during the day. She was no longer wearing her majestic robe. She was now wearing an orange silk dress with diamonds. She looked like an elegant young lady. Her cheeks were pinkish and her lashes long. Under the moonlight, she looked as if she was glowing.

Li Nianfan looked away and asked, “Your Highness, you’re not asleep yet?”

Seeing that Li Nianfan was attracted to her, the queen felt confident. She said elegantly, “May I come in?”

Li Nianfan tilted his body. “Please.”

The queen said, “How are you finding this place so far? Do you feel cold at night?”

“Thank you for being so thoughtful. No, I’m not cold,” Li Nianfan answered directly. He said, “May I ask what you’re doing here so late at night?”


The queen frowned and sighed. She looked pitiable as her small body leaned forward. Her curves were showing and she looked very alluring.

“To be honest with you, although Mother River’s our source of reproduction, this incident…made me realize how we must eventually rely on men. We can’t give birth to boys with Mother River.”

The queen widened her eyes as she stared at Li Nianfan and said, “I won’t stop you from leaving. However, could you help us make one male baby, just once?”

Li Nianfan jolted. He felt confused.

If only he was a bad boy. Should he let himself loose?

Was he to blame? It was…too tempting!

He was a very normal man. It was already an achievement for him to have restrained himself up to this stage. It was not easy.

Suddenly, he was reminded of Daji and Fire Phoenix.

Although the queen was as beautiful, compared to the Immortals, something was lacking. He was finally able to repress himself at the end.

The urge was evil. It would affect his self-image. He had to hold it!

“Your Highness, we have only met for one day. We don’t know each other well enough. There’s no hurry, we have plenty of time.”

Li Nianfan let out a sigh of relief. He asked, “Even after I’ve left, it doesn’t mean I won’t be back in the future.”

He had his private intentions. There was no man in this kingdom. He could simply connect them with the outside world. All the problems would be solved.

However, he took that back before he spoke up.

“You’d come back?”

The queen was both sad and surprised.

“Yeah, I will.”

Li Nianfan nodded. It did not take too much effort to come over.

He changed the topic. He said, “Your Highness, the night is long. Since we’re not going to sleep, why don’t we play a game?”

The queen was interested. “What game?”

“Call in two others, four of us will play together.” Li Nianfan took out a square wooden box. “Let’s play flying chess!”

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