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Chapter 1533: Like Moths Rushing To A Flame!

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Chapter 1533: Like Moths Rushing To A Flame!


Time passed in the Cosmic Holy Land as Noah experimented with the newly gained Nomological Edict of the Gazer, his body now having finished absorbing Soul Crystals as he simply devoured the Shards of a Seed of Reality and Existential Pearls.

His number of Royal Cosmos approached 10 Billion as his Ascendancy Value…it was surging within the bounds of a single million and heading upwards as Noah went to clinch the stage of Seventh Firmament in the next few hours no matter what!

And as he continued to strengthen every part of himself thoroughly, the effects of his strength were spreading out across Realities as he was connected to truly too many beings!

Within an Emerging Reality that Cecilia used to oversee.


The cry of a glorious penguin echoed out as the Emperor Penguin was in the midst of a thrilling battle against a Champion of Reality!

Its body was enthroned in a golden glow of grandeur due to the Archetype granted upon it, moving across the starry sky like a golden armored Primal creature as its golden flipper thundered down towards a Cyclops that shone with the glow of the Invincible System.

“Come on!”

The True Blood within the Emperor Penguin churned in excitement as the singular eye of the Cyclops Champion of Reality pulsed and released a shocking ray of light, the impact bound to be glorious but…


The flipper that the Emperor Penguin was throwing down instantly accelerated and bore down with an even more terrifying force that even caused the stellar space to crackle and shatter, the golden figure of the Champion of Reality that was retaliating valiantly feeling a suffocating feeling of power as in the next instant…he was pulverized into nothingness!

“Ah….” The Emperor Penguin came to a stop as he was dazed.

“I…I was already holding myself back to 1% of my power…Master’s strength is still rising?!”


This bird was shocked to feel an uncontrollable surge of strength that instantly vaporized a champion course through his body, and this was still when he was limiting himself to 1% of his total power!

These were just some of the effects Noah’s rise in power was having as those who had pledged Fealty to him…well, their Ascendancy Value could actually be counted in a simple manner.

Under the Nomological Edict of the Tyrannical Emperor, there was the ability that accounted for Noah’s ridiculously large capacity of concepts as his soul was reinforced based on the number of existence pledging their Fealty to him. In turn, there was also the ability of that allowed his Vassals to take from a portion of his strength!

It was described that those below the Cosmic Realm could access 1/50th of Noah’s power, where it was easy to calculate this as if Noah had surpassed 1 Million in Ascendancy Value, Vassals at that stage could actually display power at the Fourth Firmament of Ascendancy!

That was a mere portion of a 50th of Noah’s strength.

Of course, this was only in pure power alone as if they didn’t have the proper Ascendancy Halos or Primordial Relics, they might not be able to withstand genius existences of this same level. But apart from those below the Cosmic Realm, there was a distinction with the Vassals who had stepped into this stage like the Emperor Penguin as they were granted 1/10th of Noah’s power. At this current moment in time…that was enough to make one a Fifth Firmament powerhouse!

And all that power…came just from merely pledging fealty.

How glorious the Tyrannical Emperor was!

His Legend…was only beginning.ᴘ ᴀꪁⅆa ɴꪫꪚⅇ​ʟ

In the region that held the clusters of Realities under the influence of the Cardinal Royal Wolf Bloodline, there was also a prominent neighboring Cardinal Bloodline that shared the borders.

A Cardinal Royal Bloodline with a unique disposition and lineage that rivaled the Royal Wolf Bloodline if not exceeding it due to their unique means- the Cardinal Royal Spirit Bloodline!

Across the Infinite Realities, within a Primordial Temple at the very depths of a unique Prime Reality under the banner of the Cardinal Royal Spirit Bloodline.

The core domain of this Prime Reality was extremely unique as it pulsed with enormous technologically advanced structures that shone with a glint of purple blue light, the entire domain looked at from above taking away the breath from others as it seemed like an intricately designed system of runic lines with constantly moving pieces and structures!

It was one of the Domains of Prime Realities under the banner of the Cardinal Royal Spirit Bloodline that was known for their ingenuity, their forms that were formed purely of their souls always being covered by terrific metallic technological armaments that granted them great power.

It was one of the lands of the Cardinal Royal Spirit Race that was known for their cutting edge technology and strength of understanding of the natural laws of Reality through their bloodline as they combined these two to achieve a unique power very few could wield- Technomancy.


Within the depths of this domain.

“Professor Anity, this new Blacklister that has caught the ire of the Royal Wolf Emperor is interesting, is it not?”

A sonorous voice tinged without an ounce of emotion rang out from a glorious looking robotic structure that shimmered with purple and blue light, this magnificent robotic structure being a suit that housed a Royal Spirit of the Seventh Firmament!

“Hmph, are you so bored, Professor Craven? It is merely a Peerless Forger. If you had been focusing on elevating the stage of your Technomancy, you would have long since been able to create Techno Relics that can rival Primordial Relics. Our time is better spent on researching the truths of these Realities and not chasing down some fool that you can kill with proper planning…”

Another emotionless voice echoed out as it came from another heavily armored and fortified mechanical form that shone with countless Runic Lines, this one also releasing out a profound aura of the Seventh Firmament as both of these beings were looking at holographic projections around them, and the Primordial Blacklist was also among these projections as a certain name of Noah Osmont was especially prominent amongst the Seventh Firmament Blacklisters!

The one known as Professor Anity went quiet briefly after his companion’s reply, a flash of light coursing through the Techno Relic he was adorned in as he spoke decisively.

“Research has to be backed with experiences. I haven’t stretched my soul for a long while as this existence who managed to take down that hotshot Gazer…I want to see what makes him tick!”


ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏ ᴠᴇʟ. ᴄᴏᴍ Silent waves of destiny spread out as his companion only harrumphed, continuing with his work as his voice replied back.

“You have fun and watch your back then. Statistically speaking, there lies a small chance your fate could be the same as that Gazer…that will be something fun to see if it actually does happen.”

“Haha, my chances of staying alive even against those at the Eighth Firmament is more than 70%. Who can match our Cardinal Royal Spirit Bloodline in Soul Power and manage to kill us, especially if you have attained a Techno Relic? But yes, I will be careful…we all have to heed the words of the Technomancy Legends and not be among those perishing in this chaos.”

The emotionless voice was tinged with a hint of intellect and pride as it left, the mechanical set of armor flashing away from this Prime Reality and shooting off towards the vast Boundary Between Realities as on the Primordial Blacklist…another hunter’s name was added to those seeking Noah Osmont!

If one looked closer, they would even be able to notice that multiple names were written down as those who had taken up this task…all of these names representing Seventh Firmament Primordials as each one wondered of the Existence that had caused the death of a rising Primordial who was once known as the Gazer!

Even existences from other Bloodlines in this region began to join in as at this moment, it was mainly a few powerhouses within two Cardinal Royal Bloodlines that had caught onto the name of Noah Osmont…
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