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Chapter 1653: 1653

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Chapter 1653 Azure Treasure Emperor's ModusOperandi!l

Noah's two other True Sanguine Clones were finished with the exploration of the other unexplored Treasure islands as Natalya had yet to see them, so she had no knowledge of just how ridiculously advanced Noah's level of power had become within this past day as she simply gripped the Heartsplitter Bow tighter while speaking to him.

"It cannot be too easy at the end as it is not a Destiny Goblin appearing that you can easily overcome, but this powerful creature. We might be capable of bringing it down with long distance attacks while the Destiny Goblins attract its attention, but it will still be extremely dangerous!"

She spoke seriously as even though she felt it was dangerous, she truly couldn't allow their exploration to stop here as two more pages that would complete a Modus Operandi were right there!

She vowed to get it even if she had to fight with her last breath as there was also another reason for her confidence…the dazzling stellar looking being whose very figure seemed to be made of Cosmos.

When he had abruptly taken this form a while back, Natalya did not probe as to her, it didn't matter what race this being was! They were each on this path because they were searching for something, and they were now this close to getting their hands on something that many Bloodlines would fight to death over.

She turned towards him to hear his thoughts and plans as she still saw him as carefree as ever, his face actually having a light smile as he spoke while raising his hand- the glimmer of Ascendancy Halos rising around him.

"No plans or ganging up on it will be necessary."


Confusion swept over the Overseer's expression as before she could ask, her origin shuddered as her eyes were drawn to his finger!

Her very origin quaked as she felt a horrific ray of stellar light be released from the finger of this Peerless Forger before her, this ray being something that could make any existence in the Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy tremble!



A ray of vacillating Realities barreled out and cut apart space as it entirely superseded the innate defensive barrier around the slug like Ultimate Amalgamation of Greed, this creature's fat muscles barely rising before it exploded into a mass of golden flesh and light.



Natalya's heart trembled at such a scene while the Destiny Goblins behind her instantly fell to their knees at such a show of power- paying respects to Noah with fearful excitement at their Master's unfathomable power!

An Eighth Firmament Ultimate Amalgamation of Greed…destroyed with a single flashing ray of light!

"That…how did …?!"

Natalya had been faced with many surprises while traveling with this being, but nothing was more dreadful than this as she confirmed once more with her awareness and soul that the being before her truly was still in the Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy.

She couldn't probe any Reality Passages or see any indications to say otherwise…so how were the sequence of events that this being undertook even possible?! Natalya locked onto him with any move he made as she sought answers.

Yet Noah wasn't even gazing at her as his eyes curiously looked at a prompt before him.


A ridiculous prompt rose over Noah's eyes as he now seemed surprised as well, Natalya having to look at him with even more incredulity as she wondered what the hell he could be surprised about!

'The passive formation of loot over time in a Domain? This is just…'

Noah shook his head at what seemed to be the ultimate present of this Forsaken Treasure Reality apart from the Azure Treasure Emperor's Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi, observing his elevated destiny and fortune as he waved his right hand, his authority barreling out as it caused the two floating ancient pages and all the other loot in the domain space to flow towards him!

Natalya looked at this in a daze as she finally voiced her words out.

"How…are you capable of releasing power that can eradicate Eighth Firmament existences? Did you…have this when the Gazer was coming for us?"

Her eyes were filled with disbelief and skepticism as she began to question everything she knew about this existence- but her destiny didn't tell her anything about him being harmful to her as she was further confused!

Noah grasped the two golden pages in his hands as he smiled while speaking plainly.

"No, I held power at the first and third Firmament when you met me and as we moved. Over the past day, I've just had my first body make some progress by powering up a little bit…and I can do this much now."


Silence reigned in the surroundings after these words as even the Destiny Goblins stared at Noah blankly!

Yet he had a bright smile on his face as he got what he wanted as he didn't bother with this.

"Two more pages of the Modus Operandi…with this, it can be completed!"

His heart felt grand achievement for rapidly exploring this Reality and getting his hands on such a treasure, but Natalya was still lost as her confounded voice echoed out once more.

"Don't we still have a few more Treasure Islands to explore and obtain the other pages…?"

"Oh, my Clones took care of that."


A voice rang out from the entrance of the cavernous space of this Treasure Island as another stellar form of Noah that looked exactly the same as the one Natalya had been traveling with appeared, another one following closely behind while followed by a few Destiny Goblins as each of them carried two pages of the Azure Treasure Emperor's Modus Operandi!

Natalya Rostova looked at this scene with utter daze as the Destiny Goblins scrambled to pay their respect, the Clones meeting up with all the loot of the Azure Forsaken Treasure Reality as with it…a complete Modus Operandi could be obtained!

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