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Chapter 1654: 1654

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Chapter 1654 Azure Treasure Emperor's ModusOperandi ! ll

The figures of three stellar Clones met on the last Treasure Island as they held everything required to bring to fruition a unique treasure that always remained behind locked doors of all powerful Bloodlines.

Natalya stared at the scene before her in disbelief as from the three Noahs, a few ancient gold glimmering pages flew out until 12 shining points of light formed!

"The Azure Treasure Emperor's Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi…let's see what you have in store!"


Noah's eyes released luminous light as he observed everything with great concentration, the 12 ancient pages having been pulling the moment they neared each other as in a chain reaction, strings of golden light shot from each as they connected to each other.


These strings then pulled the pages together as one by one…they were stacked on top of each other akin to archaic metal doors closing every microsecond!

Until in mere moments…


Pristine light of authority and power spread out as when it dimmed ever so slightly, the hidden wonder within was revealed.

Surrounded by a natural golden Halo of light, a smooth golden scroll that had the Runic Ecritures meaning could be seen floating silently!

It seemed like an entirely blank scroll with the only words being AZURE TREASURE, but Noah could feel this single scroll filled with such astounding waves of destiny that the entire Forsaken Treasure Reality could not even compare.

The Destiny Goblins were bowed down while paying obeisance, and the figure of Natalya stared at the glimmering golden scroll with complex eyes as it was everything she wanted!

A Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi could not even be preserved in memories as to learn it, one had to come in direct contact with it.

This was how Noah had learned the Low Tier Defective Celestial Modus Operandi…and he now reached out to grasp onto the dazzling scroll that had been achieved with a decent amount of effort!


His fingers reached out for it, but the page itself shockingly seemed alive as even before Noah fully unfurled his hand- the page floated over by itself!


Such a scene could barely be thought of for long as in the next instant that Noah came in contact with it, boundless information surged into him as yet another method for one to break their shackles and begin rotating their Origin akin to a genuine Reality showed itself!


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