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Chapter 173: 173

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An Atlantean and a Demon were floating through the dark waters.

The Atlantean had a calm face while the Demon continued to swim around him constantly talking.

"We're going deeper and deeper into this Abyssal Zone, is that little trident over here?"

"What's your true form really, little fish? Since you said this world is just your mission, you should be a rare species I haven't come across before."

"Oh yeah, what was that isolated treasure you used to defend against my full attacks? Let me see it again."

"Hmm, are you already worried about your manhood and aren't as talkative anymore?"

After the contract had been made and Noah guaranteed his life against this powerful Demon Empress, he had gone back to his loner ways and kept the conversation to a minimum, but Barbatos with her warped mind could not stop talking.

She only ever had undead for companionship over the years as she continued to build up her World of the Dead, and they were the only ones she would crazily talk to aside from the other Rulers of the Demon World.

Noah looked with annoyance at this Phantasmal ranked being that had to aid him now as he said.

"All you need to do is aid me, and I'll keep my end of the deal in two months. For now, we'll explore the Abyssal Zone while I take down some of the Deep Sea creatures here."

A light passed through the dark eyes of Barbatos as she replied.

"Yes yes, you seem very interested in killing things, and I've noticed their origins quickly being drawn to you when they die. Is this an ability of yours? Hmm?"

The hundreds of years old demon continued to pry secrets from Noah as time passed, wanting to know more about this interesting being. Noah thought for a moment as he knew his movements and skills would be under a lot of scrutiny for the next few days and planned accordingly to make sure Barbatos didn't learn too much about him.

"I'm actually a connoisseur of sorts, and enjoy trying new things for the worlds I visit. I've found the meat of the sea creatures to be delectable, and that's why I'm collecting them."

Barbatos swam near him as she nodded her head rapidly, the air of the terrible Ruler of the Demon World all but gone as she seemed like an innocent 18 or 19-year-old, though she didn't believe any of the things Noah was saying. It was this rapid change of personality that many people fell to as they had no idea of the destruction they would face when the personality suddenly changed to a cruel one.

"Wow, you enjoy eating as well? Me too! I just had a little fish a while ago, it made a lot of sounds, and the dinner was interrupted in the end, but I see what you mean."

Noah felt cold sweat trickling down as he recalled the memories of the Skeleton Warrior that showed Barbatos eating a Mythical Atlantean that was most likely a Seeker of Atlantis whole. She had tortured and then ate a Mythical being while he was still alive. It was actions like these that made Noah act all the more carefully around this Demon Empress.

He focused on the task at hand as he kept her rapid questions in the back of his mind, delving deeper into the Abyssal Zone to farm for more higher-ranked skills. He had gained two more Mythical Skills from the death of Barbatos's Skeleton Warrior that he now learned.

[Aura of Death] :: When active, all attacks gain the death attribute. Damage will be heavily increased as defenses are ignored and the origin of enemies is targeted.

[An Undead's Stamina] :: The dead do not tire as easily. When active, exhaustion is completely removed as the body can work for days without feeling the strain.

The skills had fairly simple explanations, but the fact that they were Mythical Skills made their effects ridiculous. Noah's attacks held a thin layer of black smoke that caused terrible damage to those he attacked, while his body now felt as if he had just woken up and was full of energy 100% of the time.

He always enjoyed sleeping because it kept him refreshed, but with this skill, he could go on for days without worrying about feeling exhausted. He moved across the Abyssal Zone with a Demon Empress in tow as he took down yet another Mythical Sea Creature, this one being a terrifying [Killer Whale].

The Legendary Whale he had received from the King of Atlantis as a gift had died the moment Barbatos appeared earlier, and Noah found himself taking down another one of its species not too long after.

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His body that was now boosted by many Mythical ranked skills easily tore apart the hard muscles of the [Killer Whale] as he only used the secret techniques of the Mountain Sea Sect to the fifth form, [Descent of the Emperor], along with using [Hydrokinesis] to heavily restrict the enemy in its home turf.

His figure was that of a hazy outline of a regal emperor as he had wings sprouting from his back and two vibrating swords on both his hands, his damage becoming further boosted as he kept active [Aura of Death] and caused the defeat of the Mythical [Killer Whale] in just a minute.

Barbatos was looking at the large body of the whale that disappeared in front of Noah as she said,

"You're collecting them to eat them right? So let's eat."

Her words carried a playful tone while also being serious, making Noah look towards this Demon Empress that he couldn't ignore for too long lest she changed to her other terrible personality yet again. He thought for a bit and nodded his head towards her, the conditions in the contract they were both under not allowing her to do many things against him.

"Don't resist, I'll bring you to the isolated treasure you're so curious about."

A light twinkled in Barbatos's eyes as she nodded, and their figures disappeared from the dark sea and appeared in the skies of the Spiritual Land. Barbatos looked around the Frozen Plateau and found the few Legendary beasts looking up to their figures with caution as she let out a sound.

"Wow, look at how cute your little pets are! Can we see how tasty they are too?"

Dangerous words came out of the Demon Empress as soon as they arrived in the Spiritual Land, making the [Emperor Penguin] fearlessly come forward as his body crackled with silver light. Noah's face remained impassive as he said.

"Remember the contract. You don't want to lose all the undead you've collected over the years right?"


The mention of the contract reigned in the fearsome Ruler as they moved down towards the first modern house that Noah had built. The large body of the [Killer Whale] appeared outside as a set of knives appeared in Noah's hands.

The Golden Battle Suit he wore came off his body as a small apron appeared, and he began cutting up the large body of the whale while keeping watch on the wandering Barbatos that was moving around the surrounding area.

He was about to cook for this powerful monster at the peak of Phantasmal rank as he continued to plan and ponder how to move from here. He would keep her entertained long enough until he amassed enough skills to be confident to stand against the being that even she couldn't defeat.

The Oppressive Tyrant, Baal. His rank was also peak Phantasmal, but it was his unique and Ultimate Skills that made him nearly unbeatable. The thought of this brought about new apprehensions to Noah as he thought of ways to increase his strength even more rapidly while using his contract with Barbatos to the fullest.
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