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Chapter 175: 175

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While momentous events were occurring in different corners of the world, in the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land, a scene that would surprise any knowledgeable beings was taking place.

The terrifying Demon Empress that seemed to have multiple personalities was sitting on a table salivating at the dishes placed in front of her. It was a sauteed Mythical [Killer Whale] that Noah himself cooked while activating the skill that always guaranteed the best tasting meals.

The powerful Ruler dug in the moment the plates landed on the table as she devoured bountiful meat from a Mythical ranked creature in large bites.

"Little fish, what the hell did you do to make it taste like this?!"

Amidst her mouthfuls, she was letting out compliments to the chef freely as she enjoyed herself. Noah looked at this figure that was threatening to kill him not too long ago but was now nonchalantly eating without a care in the world as even he found this contrast a bit difficult to accept.

He was lost in thought when he found his hand being pulled down, and saw a miniaturized [Emperor Penguin] that was tugging on his sleeve while looking suspiciously at Barbatos.

The penguin's eyes shifted from Barbatos onto the many plates of cut-up [Killer Whale] as he looked at Noah with his beady silvery eyes. Noah sighed and nodded as he watched multiple plates disappear from the table with a silvery light as the [Emperor Penguin] grabbed some for himself and the other beasts of the Spiritual Land.

This was the meat of a Mythical ranked being, the essence collected in its meat and bones being extremely thick and would be a great source of strength. Barbatos noticed a few plates of the [Killer Whale] disappearing when she lifted her face up, and a stifling pressure erupted out as her gaze landed on the [Emperor Penguin].

"Little bird, the fuck are you doing?"

The [Emperor Penguin] was pushed to its knees at the stifling pressure Barbatos released as Noah jumped in between them and looked sternly at her.

"There's tons of meat just from just that one whale, I'll continue to make some more so don't do things like that. If you accidentally kill any of my forces, the deal will be off."

The pressure was lifted as the terrifying Demon Empress only heard that there would be more of the glistening meat she was eating and she went back to enjoying herself. The penguin she had pressured down rose up with an arrogant expression as it stared fearlessly at this PHANTASMAL ranked individual and used its ability to take a few more plates before its body flashed away.

They were in the futuristic house that held a wide kitchen for Noah to work with as he spent the next few hours cooking and enjoying the meat of a Mythical ranked being. When Barbatos was on her 20-something plate, her face of bliss and contentment stopped as it quickly turned wrathful and sour.

Noah wondered what had caused her to change now as shocking words came out of her still chewing mouth.

"Baal has grown impatient and is collecting all forces towards the City of Atlantis. He'll be striking up another deal with the Cultivators once more to besiege Atlantis."

The Demon Empress released horrendous information as she went back to eating the glistening meat while her face looked towards Noah impassively.

Noah's eyes turned into piercing slits as he heard this new information and asked the nonchalant Demon Empress in front of him.

"How long till their forces group up and arrive?"

"Hmm? Well, he's coming from some dangerous zone in some corner of this world while the Cultivators are spread throughout. I give the little fishes of Atlantis 2 weeks before the full force of two Large Worlds knocks at their door."

She was licking her fingers and grabbing yet another plate as she talked, treating the food in front of her more important than the disastrous information she was letting out.

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"Oh, since you aren't even a native here, do you care what happens to the fishes in Atlantis? You seem to have many unique tools and skills, which makes me believe that your promise of taking down that asshole Baal in 2 months might be a possibility, but I doubt you will be anywhere close to matching him when he attacks Atlantis and grabs that trident for himself."

The mouthful Barbatos made Noah think some more as plans rapidly shifted in his mind. He still had plans for Atlantis, and couldn't have Baal raze it to the ground so soon.

'Well, I guess I will be depending on you now.'

He thought this as he looked down towards the Spiritual Land. The numbers of Legendary beasts passed more than 15, and he was already bolstering the strength of talented beasts like the [Emperor Penguin] and a few others that had reached the realm first as he prepared to upgrade the Spiritual Land to the next rank.

[Frozen Plateau-3]

Beasts: F-XXX, E-XXX, D-45,342, C-14,322, B-8,323, A-1,234, S-499, EPIC-125, LEGENDARY-17

Plants- Whitefall Trees, Snow Vine, Sacred Rye. Available for planting(Ice-fire Persimmon, Pigmy Melon…)

Features- Size Regulation(Unlocked), Movement(Unlocked), Anchor(Unlocked), Boost Surroundings(Unlocked), Architecture(Unlocked), Frozen Barrier(Unlocked), Offensive Maneuvers(Locked), Time Dilation(Locked), @#[email protected]%(Locked), [email protected]##$(Locked)...

Upgrade- Conditions not met. @%%^#$

The fourth tier...had many things that Noah looked forward to. Most of all were the features of [Offensive Maneuvers] and [Time Dilation]. He wanted to see just what surprises these two features held.

The [Ice-Fire Persimonn] that had been growing abundantly in many fields across the Spiritual Land would be maturing by the next day at the latest, and these were the resources specifically cultivated to help the beasts born in the Spiritual Land advance through the ranks.

For the talented ones like the [Emperor Penguin], they should breakthrough without a hitch. For the others, they just needed a little push. Noah had been making this process even faster by leaving behind Legendary cores and skills for the beasts to learn and propel them to the peak of that rank, where only a slight force would be needed for them to breakthrough.

As of now though, he had many Mythical cores, as well as two skill books from the Mythical [Killer Whale] he was roasting that he had not yet used. If he gave these, as well as the consumption of [Ice-Fire Persimonns], he should have five Mythical beasts in no time. After that, the upgrade to a fourth tier Spiritual Land would be a breeze.

He would then find out just what spectacular things he could accomplish with the new features, especially [Time Dilation]. The one thing he needed was time, so what if he actually had a lot of it to spare? A confident smile crept up Noah's face as a Demon Empress stuffed her face with a Mythical whale while looking at him quizzically.
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