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Chapter 176: 176

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A few paths were laid out in Noah's mind as he turned to look at the powerful Barbatos. The City of Atlantis would be alerted as soon as large movements of forces begin to move in the sea, so he didn't have anything to worry about there. What he would focus on now is the Spiritual Land upgrade while heading towards the Calamity possibly holding the Trident of the Sea in this Abyssal Zone.

"We'll make our movements too. Why don't we start with a little aid from you?"

The apron he had on disappeared as a Golden Battle Suit covered his body once again, looking to Barbatos for a reply. She looked up at him between her mouthfuls and said,

"What do you want, little fish?"

"You have hundreds of thousands of undead moving across the depths, I want you to move seriously for a bit and use them to look for and capture at least two Mythical creatures."

Noah was preparing to boost the strength of five beasts to the Mythical rank, and having them absorb cores as well as learn the skills of the Mythical rank will do just that. While he prepared to move around the Spiritual Land for the maturing of the [Ice-Fire Persimonn], he could have Barbatos go out to collect even more cores for him to use.

"Hmm? What's in it for me?"

The Demon Empress looked down towards Noah impassively as she licked her fingers clean, making him rub his temples as he looked towards her.

"Besides it being on the contract, I'll cook any of the deep sea creatures you manage to bring. They might taste even better than this [Killer Whale] if they are rarer and more exotic."

These words caused a light to shine on the cruel face of the Demon Empress as her small figure stood up.

"I'll be back!"

Noah calmly watched a red light erupt out from Barbatos as her figure began to fade away into nothingness. He let out a breath as he appeared on top of the Spiritual Land and sent a command to the Legendary beasts that were either eating or training. The message was very clear, the time for their advancement had come.


Beasts clamored in the Spiritual Land as they congregated together for this event, looking forward to seeing who among them would lead the way once more. One particularly arrogant penguin didn't have any worries as it watched Noah bring out Mythical cores and Skill Books.

In a few hours, the [Ice-Fire Persimonn] specifically cultivated for the advancement of beasts in the Spiritual Land would be matured, and then a world defying process of mass advancement would occur.


Barbatos was moving across the dark seas as hundreds of thousands of green lights were surrounding her. She had a face devoid of emotions as she sent commands for her pets to spread out and look for any signatures of life as she actively looked for Mythical sea creatures.

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Her endeavor with the Atlantean was simply one of curiosity and for the possible possibility, but it was turning out better than expected. She was still only 50% sure of the Atlantean's words based on the abundant amount of information and unique tools he held, but she was sure of Baal's strength even more that even now she expected this endeavor to fail.

'Well, I will at least enjoy myself before then.'

If it failed, Baal would definitely extend his wrath towards her and even possibly kill her one or two times, but so what? It was nothing new. This was done before multiple times when she didn't want to be compliant. The only thing she would remotely care about would be her pets, as they would lose the energy anchoring them down when she died.

She hated recalling how many times she had to build up her Army of the Dead from scratch after reviving in the Demon World. The Oppressive Tyrant did not get his name for nothing. If things did not go his way, he would take them by force, and he had the strength to do it.

'If the little fish's words are true though…'

Her eyes twinkled at the possibility of freedom that she never believed she would come across, before they soon became deep circles of Abyss. Her gaze turned to the side a few nautical miles from her as a small smile crept up. The undead that she had spread to cover a wide net had caught something big. Barbatos moved in large strides as her figure appeared and disappeared, moving yet again to another target.


An [Emperor Penguin] looked towards the brothers he had known all his life as he prepared for a breakthrough yet again. The master that had taken over the Spiritual Land wasn't bad at all, and had helped them immensely while introducing surprising new things.

Never in his wildest dreams did the penguin expect the treasures used for the catalyst of their strength be grown at such unbelievable speeds. It shocked many of the beasts when they first saw it with their own two eyes, but now it seemed like the norm.

He was currently watching a few of his brothers consume Mythical cores for the chance to breakthrough from the Legendary rank and advance forward. His talent was much higher, and should be able to break through as soon as he consumed a few [Ice-Fire Persimonn], so he told the Spiritual Land Master to start with the advancement of his brothers and sisters first.

The shining flippers on his body tighten as he yearned for more strength, never wanting to be pushed down again. His thoughts moved towards the arrogant figure of a demoness that had made him kneel just with a glare as silver light erupted from his eyes.

He would show them all just why there was such arrogance ingrained in the bones of the [Emperor Penguin]. The first beast to be born in the Spiritual Land, as well as its strongest, looked forward into the future.
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