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Chapter 177: 177

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Noah was overseeing the advancing of multiple Legendary beasts in the Spiritual Land as he provided cores of the Mythical rank for the advancement. He was saving and stockpiling more cores and skill books to boost the strength of Steel Mikhail and Kazuhiko, but he could always obtain more later.

The powerful Barbatos should even come back with two or three Mythical creatures that would add even more to his collection. It had been a few hours since she left and the process started, some of the fields holding an abundant amount of [Ice-Fire Persimmon] shining a blue and red light as the fruits fully matured.

There was a resplendence of light as it seemed two opposing forces were trying to occupy the same thing, but they melded together to form into glistening blue red fruit handing off large trees.

The surrounding beasts were roused by the allure of the fruits as they looked towards Noah, where he nodded to the [Emperor Penguin] as he took the lead in absorbing them, with the beasts absorbing the cores already having their auras changing to become Mythical.


The beasts were full of enthusiasm as the process went on in full swing, with Noah monitoring any changes as more and more fields where [Ice-Fire Persimmon] was growing became resplendently covered in mystical lights as they matured.

During this process, a hazy red light formed into the figure of Barbatos as she returned into the Spiritual Land that Noah had anchored into the area of the sea they were fighting in before.


Her appearance came with a mischievous laugh as her dangerous aura ran about unbounded, around her appearing two creatures that were covered in transparent dark chains with barely any signs of life remaining.

Noah's eyes turned up at the appearance of two Mythical deep-sea creatures that were near death as he affirmed the abundant usefulness Barbatos would have from now on. She could spread her army for miles to look for enemies, leaving and finding these two creatures after just two hours. It was another [Megaladon] and a golden shining [Sting Ray] that were tied up in the deathly chains as they continued to struggle.

"Here are two fishes for you to make something good later. Now, what more surprises am I gonna be seeing from you, little fish?"

Barbatos's eyes were wandering around as she looked at the figures of the [Emperor Penguin] and other beasts absorbing essence from the [Ice-Fire Persimmon] fruits. The resplendently shining fields of produce that felt enticing even to her made her give surprised every few seconds. Light passed through her eyes as she tried to pry the secrets of this figure that claimed to be from a powerful organization.

Noah felt her piercing gaze as he activated the first five forms of Mountain Sea Sect's Secret Techniques and went towards the bound Mythical beasts beside her, the two vibrating blue blades in his hands carrying the deathly glow of [Aura of Death] as they struck down towards the nonmoving targets.

He wasn't worried about Barbatos looking at the process about to occur as he understood her personality after looking over the plundered memories. She was a cruel being who had very few interests, with the recent things he introduced to her being new and foreign peeking her attention. But to her, they would just be that, interesting things.

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As long as she didn't stand to benefit from him or her trust wavered, he would find himself faced with the cruel Demon Empress that ate a Mythical Atlantean while he was still alive without batting an eye, because to her, he was just another one of the little fishes she saw in the sea.

His mind wandered off from Barbatos as he felt more Mythical ranked skill books and cores appear in the [Sea Pearl] and he nodded towards Barbatos, keeping the bodies of the creatures in his storage space as well.

His attention was focused on the rapid breakthroughs taking place, where he could feel two auras at the Mythical rank spread out from two beasts, the [Winged Spider] and [Arctic Fox]. The arrogant penguin wasn't far behind as his body began shining with a radiant silver light, the essence of the Spiritual Land seemingly congregating around him as he continued to absorb many [Ice-Fire Persimmon] fruits.

Barbatos looked at this sight in stupefaction, as she felt like she was watching this Atlantean growth Mythical ranked beings as if it was nothing. Her surprise only increased as a third aura that pulsed at the Mythical rank spread out, with a fourth and a fifth one soon after.

This didn't stop as Noah had inadvertently appeared next to a few more legendary beasts and had them absorb more Mythical Cores on top of the [Ice-Fire Persimonn] fruits. He could feel his blood boiling as something exciting was in front of him yet again.


An arrogant howl could be heard where a penguin glowing in silver could be seen floating in the skies, its body letting out crackles of power at the Mythical rank. A glossier sheen had appeared on its sleek fur as its beak could be seen pointing towards the skies.

A bright smile spread out as a blue glow released from Noah, spreading out to cover the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land as he began pumping mana to push forward the process of upgrading to the fourth tier!

Barbatos was looking at this sight with a serious expression as her gaze landed on the brilliantly shining Noah. He looked like the center point that was causing a huge change as the isolated space treasure they were in began shaking. The beasts around them were howling as if calling forth the advent of something new.

The land around them was vibrating, seemingly resonating with the mana that Noah released as a change began to occur. The water around the Spiritual Land in the Abyssal Zone was churning as the upgrade caused a significant disturbance, releasing waves of power that spread out for miles. Powerful creatures of the deep quite a distance away felt this tremendous surge of energy as their attention was captured in a certain location.
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