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Chapter 180: 180

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For someone that had been able to rapidly increase in strength every few days, time was the only enemy in becoming even stronger. Now, if time was something that they had plenty of, the results would be astounding.

Noah continued to be a special case in this new environment as he could continue to spam and raise the proficiency of his skills at an insane degree. The beasts that were raising their skill proficiencies in the [Time Space] just as him would never be able to match his speed.

In the [Time Space], an entire week had passed as Noah raised the proficiencies and combined multiple skills. He used a variety of ways to escape boredom as his own body was filled with energy while also having [An Undead's Stamina] that made the idea of tiredness even further away from him.

He first battled with the newly advanced Mythical beasts until they were spent. The beasts found themselves not being able to match Noah even after they advanced to the same rank as him, the arrogant [Emperor Penguin] hanging its head just a little lower as none of its surprise attacks went through.

After they were about to run dry of energy, Noah activated the [Beast Armament] feature as the powers of the beasts instantly became boosted with terrifyingly fitted armor appearing on their bodies. When they fought with their armored forms, Noah had to activate all the six styles of the Mountain Sea Sect's Secret Techniques just to keep up with the ferocious attacks of the beasts.

But the results were spectacular. His skills continued to increase at a rapid rate while he gained more combat experience with them. There was also no sense of boredom as he battled the enthusiastic beasts who were raising their proficiencies just like him.

The beasts were becoming more and more used to the boost provided by the [Beast Armament] feature of the Spiritual Land as they began to work in conjunction to deliver deadly blows. As for Noah, the Skill Combinations he was looking at were abundant, and his strength had begun its first phase of skyrocketing like never before. It was about to get plain ridiculous.

First off were the 6 Mythical Skills that he learned for himself from the deaths of the Mythical Sea Creatures that were lured by the burst of energy from the upgrade of the Spiritual Land as well as the ones Barbatos brought in. The six skills that were already learned and had risen past 60 in proficiency in the past 7 days were [Admantine Skin], [Titan's Regeneration], [Metamorphosis], [Thunder Distortion], [Megaladon Transformation].

Aside from the new skills that had already been risen past 60, his old Mythical skills had already reached the required 100 proficiency, with a few of them already becoming combined.

Mountain Sea Sect's Fifth Style- Descent of the Emperor + Mountain Sea Sect's Sixth Style- Dragon Form :: MYTHICAL+ [Descent of the Dragon Emperor]

Summon Creatures of the Deep + Gigantification :: MYTHICAL+ [Summon Destructive Titans]

Aside from the rapid and spectacular appearance of these new Mythical+ skills, there were also many Legendary+ combinations.

Mountain Sea Sect's Third Style- Healing Water + Mountain Sea Sect's Fourth Style- Wings of the Sea :: LEGENDARY+ [Healing Wings]

Whirlpool + Hydrocyrokinesis :: LEGENDARY+ [Whirling Frozen Death]

Corrupted Sigil of Hegemony + Demon King's Haki :: LEGENDARY+ [Demon King's Banner]

There were also the skills that graduated from EPIC+ to become Legendary, as the spectacular efficiency of [Skill Combination] added to [Time Dilation] continued to exceed all expectations.

Fiendish Sword Beast Transformation + Summon Saint of Death :: LEGENDARY [Summon Death Reaper]

Destructive Domain + Storm of Ice and Bones :: LEGENDARY [Devastation]

This was just in one continuous week of training and spamming of skills. This one week was only equivalent to a day and a half in the outside world.

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One of the things he did run into for the first time was not having equivalent skills to combine for the lower-ranked skills. There were many skills ranked Epic and lower that would be considered null in any helpfulness towards Noah's level, but there were a few that he still used and continued to be crucial.

Examples of these were the rank A [Language Comprehension], [Recorder], [Cook], as well as the rank S [Thought Acceleration] and [Crisis Avoidance]. They were skills that were not combat related, but boosted his power and or had their own usefulness.

Noah continued to spend the days in the Time Space as the proficiencies of skills continued to spike at a fast rate, coming out for an hour or two a day to entertain Barbatos as he felt the thrill of visibly growing in power every day once more.

In the first week he spent in the space affected by [Time Dilation], which was equivalent to a day and a half in the outside world, he had gained two Mythical+ skills and three Legendary+ through combinations. The week after that, the 6 Mythical skills that were more than halfway maxed during the first week had reached 100 and were also combined, producing another 3 Mythical+ skills.

Noah stopped spreading his focus to lower-ranked skills as he focused on achieving a PHANTASMAL ranked skill as soon as possible. Only Legendary skills and higher continued to receive his attention and combination as during the third week, after 21 days, he had multiple Mythical+ ranked skills that were maxed in proficiency.

21 days.

This was equivalent to four days in the outside world, and he had achieved the conditions to obtain a PHANTASMAL ranked skill through skill combinations. For Noah, it did not matter if he had the strength of Phantasmal rank, as long as he had a skill of that rank that required mana, he would dominate any average being in that rank.

The beasts practicing with him in the Time Space had only been able to raise 1 or two skills to Mythical+ rank, and weren't anywhere near ready to combine skills to reach the Phantasmal rank. They could not replicate his horrendous cheat of spamming skills continuously and simply watch as the proficiency rose every hour, and they were about to be left behind in rank once again.

Noah looked at the additions of Mythical+ skills that were now already maxed in proficiency as he chose carefully what his first PHANTASMAL skill should be.

Megaladon Transformation + Metamorphosis :: MYTHICAL+ Deep Sea Terror

Admantine Skin + Titan's Regeneration :: MYTHICAL+ Titanium Body

Thunder Distortion + Aura of Death :: MYTHICAL+ A Rain of Death and Lightning

Besides these three, he already held [Descent of the Dragon Emperor], and [Summon Destructive Titan]. Between these, which ones were compatible and would come together to form his first PHANTASMAL skill?
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