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Chapter 181: 181

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A terrifying sight was occurring in the underground area of the Frozen Plateau Spiritual Land as powerful Mythical beasts found their bodies sinking lower into the ground at the pressure that their Master released.

The arrogant penguin that normally had its beak raised high was looking towards the ground with clouded silvery eyes as it felt a hit to its confidence once more. Its beady eyes peered at the sight in front of it once more as the oppressive feeling was enforced.

In the large space where [Time Dilation] was kept active, a ferocious kaiju was swiftly moving its three heads around the area as it acclimated to its new form. The body of the Kaiju shone with a black metallic sheen as it looked extremely real, its power pressing down on everything around it.

This was the PHANTASMAL ranked skill combined from [Descent of the Dragon Emperor] and [Deep Sea Terror].

The first PHANTASMAL skill that Noah grasped was called,

[The Dictatorial Kaiju-Hydra] :: The form of a pinnacle Three-headed Dragon is activated. The first head releases toxic poison that melts all it touches, the second head releases destructive lightning that shreds apart enemies, and the third head is blessed with the pinnacle control of the water element.

The cast skill allowed Noah to feel a tremendous amount of power in the body of an enormous Kaiju that felt like his own flesh and blood. It wasn't just a hazy outline of a dragon while he remained in his Atlantean form inside the body, but a completely transformational change when the skill was cast.

It was extremely painful the first few seconds as his body expanded and changed forms, but after the transformation was complete, the power he felt could not be denied.

He had to get used to the feeling of three heads as each of them had their own vision and could move independently, the skill [Thought Acceleration] granting him a huge help that allowed him to quickly adjust. He was about to continue testing the powers this new skill held when he felt a movement with his expanded senses that caused him to look in a certain direction.

In the ceiling of the underground area of the Spiritual Land, a hazy red light had appeared as something looked to be drilling through the frozen ground. The figure of Barbatos appeared grandly as her eyes piercingly looked for the tremendous pressure she felt when she was relaxing in a bubbling jacuzzi.

Her eyes expanded to become even bigger as she saw the huge formation of monoliths surrounding a large area that pulsed with a mysterious power. She felt her heart beat faster as she recognized the type of power she was feeling in the area on top of the powerful aura of a three-headed dragon. Her mind worked quickly as she came to multiple conclusions.

"Fucking hell, are you really some big shot member of the Celestials? You were playing with the power of time down here this entire time? You jumped to PHANTASMAL in the span of a few days, and that's actually the least surprising thing. Just who the hell are you, little fish?"

Her figure was floating confidently in the air without a single thread of clothing as she showed off her full figure without any reservations. She didn't even bother placing anything on her body after coming out of the jacuzzi, her powerful body drilling through the layers of the Spiritual Land to reach the underground portion.

Noah's tremendously large body that was the Dictatorial Kaiju-Hydra, looked at this questionable figure he had entertained these past few days as his voice thundered out from his three draconic heads, the vibrations sending out waves of power that caused the sky to tremble.

"My identity remains the same as I told you, whether you believed me then or now doesn't matter. At this moment in time though, it means we can continue to move forward with the next phase of plans."

His three heads were focused on different parts of the Demon Empress's body as he watched a gothic dress drape over her as she moved closer to the field where Noah had deactivated [Time Dilation], her eyes shining with interest as she looked over his body that was larger than twenty meters.

"...This is genuine PHANTASMAL power, and extremely powerful at that. With this type of ability, your words might actually not be bullshit, little fish."

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She floated across the skies as she went around Noah and observed the pulsating monoliths around the large field.

"Hey hey, why don't we battle again so I can see just how powerful you've gotten? You could stand against me before, but if you can defeat me now, I'll even allow you to have a taste of the body of a Demon Empress your eyes feasted on just now. What do you say little fish, why don't we have another bout?"

Barbatos's body was crackling with death energy as a red light expanded, her power bubbling and ready to go.

Noah's ears perked up at her ridiculous words as his power pulsed out just as powerfully, her provocation riling up his own interest to test the power of his first PHANTASMAL skill.

"We can test things again in the sea, after we're done we will head towards the location of the Trident of the Sea right away."

Noah's thundering voice reverberated again as a silver light covered his large body, teleporting himself out of the Spiritual Land and into the dark waters of the Abyssal Zone.

The battle intent from Barbatos was high as she stopped being surprised by the things this Atlantean did and focused more on the contract that seemed to have more and more credibility as she observed more of this interesting being's strength.

"Haha, come on little fish, let's see just how much more of my interest you'll capture!"

Blazing red suns began appearing around her as destruction and mayhem began around them. Deathly energy was in the air as transparent figures began forming around her as well. These were the [Dread Spirits] that Barbatos could summon and control under the usage of her ultimate skill. Their power was palpitating as Noah faced these attacks without fear this time.

His body that was that of a Kaiju roared with its three heads as a green poisonous light came from one head, purple lightning began to roar out from another, while a blue light shone powerfully in the other.

Waves of destruction spread out in the dark waters as two powers of PHANTASMAL rank clashed.
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