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Chapter 807: 807

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Chapter 807 - Since powering up has been so slow...

Aside from the gorgeous loot, one must not forget an even bigger present out of an all out war with beings that were considered different existences from Noah.

It was, of course, the Skill Points that made many things possible that Noah was now looking at with passionate eyes as he made his subordinates wait even longer before they could enjoy the loot before them.

In his stat panel, he saw the gorgeous count of 12,358,013 Skill Points!

From the measly 2 million he had before, he had jumped up by 10 just from defeating the army that the Entity Vast led!

Such a number of skill points made his emotions churn as with them, he achieved his goal of 10 million skill points that were required to create a particular skill.

It was a skill meant to accelerate Noah’s growth, since he felt like he had just been rising too slowly in the past few weeks...

The rising he was thinking about wasn’t in terms of Realms or comprehending Daos and Laws, he knew very well that he was nearing or even already breaking any existing balance jumping from QUASAR to Low Tier and then Middle Tier in just weeks, where he was even about to attempt reaching Peak Tier Galaxy after just a bit over a week since his last Realm advancement!

The rising that he felt was going very slowly was of course the progress of assimilation of laws, and eventually it would be the assimilation of Daos that would stump him for years to come!

He found many loopholes to bypass the hundreds of years others would need to bypass Realms and comprehend laws and daos, but his progress in assimilation was abysmal as even now- he only had 5% in the progress of assimilation all Universal Laws.

To him, such a number was unacceptable as he wanted to bypass this point as well as the future hindrances of assimilating Daos. The solution...was to create a fearsome skill after he got some inspiration from seeing a particular Affix of the Ruination Core!

Thus, a skill named [Loot Drop- Assimilation Crystals], was created! Though its cost had stumped Noah until now.

A skill for his biggest problem at this moment.

A skill that allowed him to have a cheat when it came to something that would take beings hundreds or thousands of years to do- the Assimilation of Laws and Daos!


He laughed out grandly as he gave the confirmation, 10 million skill points disappearing just like that as he gained a new passive skill on his stat panel.

He stared at this ability with shining eyes for a few seconds as he thought of a future where both Dao Crystals and Assimilation Crystals would drop freely, imagining a future where it wouldn’t take him months or over a year to assimilate all universal laws and step on the path of a Cosmic Dao that was promised to him, of a future where fully assimilating Daos to become a Sage or a Great Sage would only take him a matter of months if not less!

Who needed 100 years?

Who even needed 10?!


His essence thrummed forth domineeringly as he gazed upon the experts of his Infinite Galaxy that were still eyeing the loot- especially the Dao crystals, with shining eyes.

"There shall be no favoritism when it comes to these Dao Crystals that are an easy path to becoming an Entity."


Kazuhiko, Steel Mikhail, and all the other guys and Beasts of the Infinite Galaxy breathed out sighs of relief as they half expected the curvaceous women around Noah to be the first to be given these Dao Crystals as they awaited their turn for whenever the next battle came.


Barbatos saw their expression as she pouted while looking towards Noah, Elena’s eyes only shining ever brighter as it seemed her fanaticism only increased!

Noah continued as he gazed towards all of them calmly.

"Simply put, the strongest at this moment will receive enough crystals to grant them 100% comprehension in the Lesser Dao of Withering. As for deciding the ranks of is naturally through combat!"


Noah brought his arms to his head as he brought down the wiggling blue slime, continuing with his words as he pushed the slime forward.

"This little guy has the keenest senses out of all us here, so he will oversee you guys competing as the strongest 11...will be among those who will very soon step into the ranks of Entities!"

Essence blazed out wildly as the subordinates looked at each other with wild eyes.

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They each knew what a power like that represented, and wanted to grasp it within their hands as they knew it was the peak of power at this moment!


The Emperor Penguin bellowed out wildly as it floated in front of everyone else, calling out domineeringly with its golden beak raised high.

"As the first beast of the original Spiritual Land, I will naturally have to keep my lead as the strongest! Who shall match me...!"


The scene became competitive as a mini tournament would go underway in the Infinite Galaxy!

Meanwhile, Noah stepped away as he grabbed the Middle and Peak Tier GALAXY Cores, disappearing from the starry space as he entered the depth of the Infinite Realm that was at the center of everything, and also the location where essence converged the most.

The area he arrived in was a culmination of multiple Law Spaces, where multicolored milky essence of all types could be seen physically coagulated because of the intense concentration!

’Just when will I have Dao Law Spaces...Ah!’

He shook his head sorrowfully as he sat down at a location that wasn’t too far away from the core of his Infinite Galaxy, choosing this place to absorb the numerous Middle and Peak Tier GALAXY Cores as he tried to see if they were enough for him to enter Peak Tier!

Thereafter...he would absorb one of the 12 portions of the Dao of Withering Crystals as he became a genuine Entity...

When one looked at the time, he spent 2 weeks traveling to the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter as he then spent just a bit less than 2 weeks within this Ancient Power.

Yet in this period of time, he went from QUASAR to Low Tier GALAXY, to Middle Tier GALAXY, and now...he wanted to enter Peak Tier GALAXY!

Less than a month!


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