Is that a Wisp? - Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: 55

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But to enjoy that view, Krune has to first pass the test himself, but then again, if him who had his soul tempered with tribulation lightning doesn't pass, then the others better give up there and then.

He was teleported to the room with the sphere in the center, it shined goldenly and left some ripples now and then, Krune moved forward to take a close look at it. It was then that the robotic voice talked again.

"Second test, soul endurance, you will receive ten attacks, if you resist all of them, the level of the attacks will increase and you will receive ten attacks again, as long as you resist five levels of ten attacks each, you will pass the test, contestant has one minute to put his hands over the Divine Sense sphere at the center of the room, if contestant wants to give up, just release your hands from the Divine Sense sphere and the test will be over, test starts now!"

Krune took a deep breath and put his hands over the sphere, outside, Shinja and the other were observing Krune's performance, if Krune doesn't pass, then they will have even less of a chance of doing so.

Krune put his hands over the Divine Sense sphere and made up his mind.

'I don't know how to resist the attacks to start with, so I will simply counter attack by sending my Divine sense against the one coming at me, it can't be considered a real Divine Sense attack but it's better than nothing.'

Outside, Yusa asked Hasik if it would be too hard for Krune to pass the test. Yusa and the other two understand very well that if Krune doesn't pass all ten levels, they definitely won't do any better.

"I think he has a good chance of reaching the eighth level, but to resist all ten will be somewhat difficult, but as long as he temper his soul enough to do that it will be very beneficial to his future, of course, if he pass all ten levels, then that's even better."

It was then that they heard a weird sound.


Hasik's eyes glued on the illusory image showing the Divine Sense sphere, he could swear that the sound came from it, just as he was about to check what happened.


The Divine Sense sphere became dust, it was gone, just like that…

Yusa and the other looked at Hasik, the look on their faces told more than a thousand words.

'Wasn't it supposed to be a somewhat difficult test? How come it broke the moment Krune started?'

Hasik wanted to cry, he also doesn't know what happened just now.

Krune passed through the teleportation formation and was back to the Order Hall, his face looked awkward, he went all out to be sure to resist all ten levels, but the sphere broke just like that, Hasik looked at Krune and simply asked.

"When the test started, what did you do?"

Krune sighed and recounted what happened, it was then that Hasik understood the situation, he couldn't help but look at Krune as if he was some anomaly.

"Well, I think that because the Divine Sense Sphere adjusts itself according to the contestant level, its defence also does the same, when you counter attacked with all your power, it couldn't resist a Divine Sense that was at the late stages of the Foundation Establishment and then turned into dust."

Krune heard that and felt a little helpless.

"The Mohie Sect products are quite low quality, aren't they?"

Hasik's mouth twitched a little.

'Low quality your head! You were supposed to resist the attacks, not attack back. Do you know how valuable and difficult to make those Divine Sense spheres are?'

"Cough, cough, I will send you to another test room, this time, don't try to attack back, just resist the attack, this is an endurance test, not an offensive one."

Krune nodded and was teleported to another room with another Divine Sense sphere.

The robotic voice explained all the rules again and initiated the test.

Back at where Krune's friend were, Hasik and they were watching the test when suddenly.


Hasik was just a sliver of will left behind in the illusory formation, but the will almost dissipated in that instant, he looked at the Divine Sense sphere and then…


It turned into dust again, Hasik wanted to cry but had no tears, Yusa and the other looked at that and then looked at Hasik, and they couldn't help but say.

"Isn't this Divine Sense sphere a little too fragile?"

Hasik pretended that he didn't hear anything.

Krune came back, his face contorting, it was obvious that he also didn't expect that it would turn to dust the second it started, Hasik looked at Krune and calmed himself.

"What exactly did you do now?"

Krune shook his head.

"I really didn't do anything, I only protected myself, I didn't know how to defend against a real Divine Sense attack, so I simply converged my Divine Sense entirely around my soul, but who could have guessed that the attack was so weak that it receive a backlash from my Divine Sense and made the sphere turn into dust again. That thing is too weak, it can't be used at all!"

Hasik started to consider if it was really a good thing to have this guy to receive the Mohie Sect Legacy.

'Whatever, it just means that his Divine Sense power and control are excellent, I should be happy instead.'

He looked at Krune and said,

"There is no point in you doing this test anymore, it's obvious that the Divine Sense sphere isn't a match to your Divine Sense in the same cultivation level, I will just consider it as you having passed the test with the highest score, just take the spirit stones reward with me when the test for your friends is over."

'Besides, this branch doesn't have many others, if you break everything, this test will be doomed.'

Krune nodded and stepped aside, Ao went forward first to try his luck against the Divine Sense sphere.

This time things went as they should have, Ao resisted the attacks level by level, all the way to the sixth level when he couldn't hold back anymore, but just as they had discussed earlier, he opted for failing the test, they will use the Divine Sense sphere to temper their souls from now on and only pass after they can resist all ten levels.

Yusa did pretty much the same as Ao, deciding to fail at instead of passing, Shinja did a little better, she passed the sixth level but fell short on the seventh, also choosing to fail instead of passing.

Outside, Krune looked at their terrible faces with a bright smile on his face, he doesn't remember when he had been in such a good mood before, Yusa looked at him and for some reason his smile made she feel like giving him another beating.

"What is so funny?"

Krune came back to himself and turned his face away.

"Cough, cough. Nothing! Nothing at all! Haha!"

The other looked at Krune, they didn't believe a single word that he just said.

Krune then left, Hase Hasik had told him to go to another building, the Books Hall, that was the place where he could get a cultivation technique for the soul, when he entered the place he was surprised with the amount of books there, a few puppets walked around cleaning or making new copies of old books, it made Krune remember that this is a Secret Realm from back when technology still didn't exist, so they kept everything in books.

Hasik voice appeared in the Books Hall but not his illusory form, his form could only be seen in the Order Hall.

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"There is five floors available in this Book Hall, the first three floors have techniques that can be accessed by ordinary disciples, that is your case at moment, the last two can only be accessed by Legacy Disciples, before there was outer, inner and core disciples as well, their access variated too, but now there is no point in having such thing, so now there is only ordinary and legacy, nothing else."

"You can chose any technique that you think is compatible for yourself in the first three halls, there is also Divine Sense attack and Defence techniques plus miscellaneous ones too, just take your time and ready through them, the best technique is the one most suited for you, not the strongest, remember that."

After that, Hasik's voice disappeared, Krune then looked at the shelves, there was way too many books, but then again, he has a lot of time as well, so he started to read the introductions of each cultivation technique.


It had been three days since Krune entered the Book Hall, back at the Divine Sense sphere test rooms, Ao, Yusa and Shinja were still in the middle of using the Divine Sense attacks to slowly temper their souls, their progress was much slower than Krune of course, but they still had got some benefits already.

Yusa had just finished another round of attacks, he face was pale due to the constant attacks, but she would be okay after recovering for a while.

'This thing hurts as hell, if it was a tribulation lightning, I might have been dead already, how did that idiot survive that in the end?'

She then remembered that smile Krune was giving when they first tried the test, she finally understood why he was so happy at that moment.

'Just you wait!'

She could only sigh and concentrate on recovering, it will take some time before she can complete all ten levels.

At Ao and Shinja sides, the situation wasn't much different, although the last three days had helped them improve their souls, the time that they need to wait for it to recover still took the most of their time, but cultivation has always been a slow process, there was no point in caring about that now, at least they can still cultivate while they wait for their souls to go back to its peak state.

At Krune's side, he had already read the introduction of the techniques of the first and second floor, but he still haven't found one to his taste, he noticed a point that all Divine Sense cultivation techniques had in common, they were usually centered in a certain element, simply put, through the use of the best element that the cultivator can control, the Divine Sense technique will have better results, the problem is, Krune doesn't specialize in any element, although there is a few elements the he uses more than others like fire and wind, the fact is that if one thinks about control only, he is pretty much good at all of them.

One mustn't look down on the Myriad Energies Technique!

Krune couldn't see any cultivation for all elements so far, so he went back to the Order Hall to ask Hasik about it.

"A Divine Sense cultivation technique for someone specialized in all elements?"

Krune nodded

"I don't have any preference over elements, I can pretty much use anything, so if I get a cultivation technique that uses only a single element to cultivate, I feel like it will be a waste over the others. The most that I found in the three floors was a few techniques that could be used through the control of two or at most three elements at same time, but not a single one for all five main elements together."

Hasik pondered a bit, but in the end he shook his head.

"It's not like there isn't, but those techniques are extremely rare, because of this they are only available in the fifth floor, and there is only three of them on top of that, you will need to become a legacy disciple first before being able to see them. I might as well tell you that they are very difficult to cultivate."

Krune couldn't help but ask.

"Isn't it weird, if there is a disciple capable of cultivate a five elements Divine Sense technique but he can't access them, would it be a waste of a talent?"

Hasik nodded his head.

"You are right about that point, in those cases there was an option for such disciples, it was to get enough contribution points from the Sect and exchange with the required cultivation technique, but now such thing as contribution points don't exist anymore, so the option is useless now."

Hasik looked at Krune and felt helpless.

"Alright, let's do it like this, it you can tell me how your Divine Sense got this strong while still at the 4th Stage of the Foundation Establishment, I can trade the information for the cultivation technique in the fifth floor. Don't think that I'm taking advantage of you, the Divine Sense cultivation techniques in the fifth floor might not be many, but they are still extremely precious, I refuse to believe that they are any less valuable than your information."

Krune pondered a bit, the problem is because Hasik is only a sliver of a will, so he can't sign a blood contract to keep the secret, not to mention that if the real Hasik was here, his cultivation would probably be more than sufficient to ignore the existence of the blood contract anyway.

Hase hasik understood what Krune was thinking.

"A blood contract would be useless even if I was the real Hasik, but I guarantee that I won't spread it around without your permission, first of all, I would need someone to come here first before being able to say anything, you should know very well that to reach this place isn't anything easy at all."

Krune finally gave up and decided to go ahead with the trade.

'What is the point if I don't get the most suited technique? It's not like this is something that can be copied by someone anyway.'

Krune then explained to Hasik how was the process of creating his foundation, the Heavenly Tribulation, and how he now has tribulation lightning in his rainbow core that he can use to further temper his soul. When Hase hasik heard it, he first thought that Krune was making fun of him, who would believe that you can use tribulation lightning? But then Krune summoned a little of the tribulation lightning power for Hasik to see, if even after looking at it he doesn't believe, then there is nothing more Krune could do.

"To think that someone was crazy enough to use tribulation lightning for soul tempering, I don't know if I should call you brave or idiot. I would take the idiot though."

Krune's mouth twitched, but since the trade was completed, he didn't biker with Hasik over that comment.

He then went back to the Books Hall and as soon as he entered, the three cultivation techniques that used all elements were already in the table in front of the first shelves, seems like he still can't enter the fourth and fifth floor anyway, Hasik just sent down the cultivation techniques that he required.

'Let's take a look.'
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