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Chapter 154.3

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 154 Pt. 3

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Jin Wang nodded.

For a while, Liu Da’s complexion kept changing. It was obvious that he was considering different scenarios in his mind. He soon made a decision and surrendered, “Your Highness is decisive and wise.”

Mr. Hei still couldn’t understand. What kind of games were these two people playing? However, since the idea of making a move was first proposed by him, he felt obliged to show some concern.

Liu Da came forward and said, “Don’t forget that His Highness is not getting involved at this time. Since he wasn’t involved in the first place, why get involved now?”

“But this isn’t called getting involved.”

“Why not? How is it not called getting involved? Fighting with them, is that not getting involved? Setting up stumbling blocks for others, is that not getting involved? Both of them are involved, at least in the eyes of His Majesty.”

“Alright, Big Hei. Listen to His Highness and Liu Da,” interjected Li Maotian.

“Forget it. What you say is what it is.”

With the Lunar New Year soon approaching, the capital was full of noise and excitement.

The people walking on the streets were all smiling. Even the coldest winter couldn’t stop the joy of celebrating the New Year.

Meanwhile, each ad every household was busy. Even Jin Wang Manor was no exception. Yaoniang was busy with housekeeping matters. Everything had to be prepared for the New Year. She was in charge of all sorts of matters such as bestowing the servants with new clothes and performing New Year rites.

The Bureau of Astronomy chose an auspicious day ​​and the emperor put away his seal. The other ministries also followed one by one.

This meant that the officials no longer needed to go to work, and Jin Wang finally no longer needed to report to the Ministry of Works. Although he didn’t have much workload these days, it was still extremely annoying to have to get up early every day.

Yaoniang was responsible for sending New Year’s gifts to various places, such as the palace, the princes’ manors, and other households with whom they shared a close relationship. Even if the vast majority of gifts were going to end up in storehouses, they must still be given.

There were details to pay attention to when giving New Year gifts. The elders are prioritized ahead of the younger ones, and the elders aren’t obliged to give New Year gifts to the juniors. This meant that besides the gifts sent to the imperial palace and the residences of the four older princes, the rest didn’t matter as much.

As for what exactly to give for these New Year gifts, Yaoniang had a hard time deciding.

If it was too valuable, it would seem like showing off. If it wasn’t valuable enough, others would laugh. With the guidance of the palace mama, Yaoniang eventually drew up the New Year’s gift list and handed it over to the servants.

After deciding on the gifts for the palace and the princes’ manors, it was Duke Ningguo Manor’s and Duke Xuguo Manor’s turn. Needless to say, the more generous the gift for Duke Ningguo Manor, the better, but Yaoniang was unsure about what to do for Duke Xuguo Manor.

After all, it was the maternal family of Consort Jin, and it was somewhat out of place for her to give the gifts as a side consort. At the same time, Consort Jin, who was still recuperating in the countryside, was also an issue.

Were they also supposed to send some New Year’s gifts over there too?

On top of all this, there was also Marquis Ruyang Manor, the maternal family of Side Consort Liu, which couldn’t be forgotten. Normally, she didn’t feel anything, but now that it was the holiday season, all sorts of matters seem to pop up.

Yaoniang had a hard time making up her mind. Once Jin Wang arrived, she threw it all to him. She wanted nothing to do with it and pretended to be busy with studying.

Jin Wang was unaware of what she was thinking. He turned around and threw the matter to Fucheng to handle instead.

Situated about fifty kilometres away from the capital was a village. Unlike the desolate colours outside, lush and vibrant greens were everywhere.

This place was blessed by nature. Many hot springs were nearby. With the heat generated by geothermal energy, it was much warmer than other places.

A place like this was not for ordinary people to live in. It was less than an hour away from the capital. All the families in the capital with some power had a villa here in this village.

Naturally, there was a villa here that belonged to Jin Wang. It was actually bestowed by His Majesty. Located halfway up the mountain, the scenery was pleasant, and there was even a spring located on the property.

“Consort, the manor sent something.” Zi Yan came hurriedly from a distance and said to a woman who was cutting branches of plum blossoms off a tree.

She was wearing a simple satin cape embroidered with flowers with a jade hairpin inserted in her bun. Hearing the voice, she didn’t turn her head. Once she cut the branch currently in her hands, she placed it in the basket beside her feet.

“I’ve already told you many times, don’t address me as consort.”

“But if this servant doesn’t address you as the consort, what should this servant address you as?”

“Use whatever form of address you wish. Didn’t you use to address me as young miss? Just address me as such from now on.”

Zi Yan stammered out a young miss then proceeded to continue, “The manor sent something.”

“Let it be. There’s no need to disturb me with this kind of matter.”

Ever since she arrived in the countryside, this was where Consort Jin stayed. After the initial listlessness, she gradually recovered.

She considered death, but she was too timid. Ever since she was a child, she had been afraid of pain.

The face of the imperial family was also important. Even if she was sent to this place, she couldn’t neglect it. Xu Yanru understood Jin Wang’s temperament. He wasn’t someone who would go out of the way to tarnish others’ reputations. What she had done must have reached the ears of the emperor, so no one questioned her disappearance. Xu Yanru also knew in her heart that it was likely she would never return in her lifetime.

To be honest, it was also good not to go back. Although she didn’t know any of the servants who worked here, she had Zi Yan here to accompany her. Without needing to deal with those annoying matters, her heart gradually calmed down. Xu Yanru even felt that she should have come here a long time ago. She could only feel at home in such a place.

As for Jin Wang Manor, Duke Xuguo Manor, and even Su Yaoniang and He Wanyi, what did it have to do with her? Now that she was far away, out of sight, out of mind.

Xu Yanru cut two more branches of plum blossoms, placed the scissors into the basket, and bent down to carry the basket.

Zi Yan wanted to carry it for her, but she didn’t let her.

“By the way, someone arrived from the ducal manor and expressed that they want to meet you.” Actually, this was the main reason behind Zi Yan’s hurried arrival.

Xu Yanru was stunned for a moment. Even her natal family was aware of her matters?

“Who is it?”

“It’s Mama An.” Mama An served Duchess Xuguo and was the one in charge of many matters

So her mother knew what happened?

For some time, Xu Yanru’s mood fluctuated up and down. Silence settled over the pair.

“Then I’ll go see her.”

As soon as Mama An saw Xu Yanru, she began to cry. Supporting her back, she lamented that her young miss had suffered and lost weight.

Xu Yanru had actually gained some weight and looked much better than before.

Mama An cried for a while and then said that Duchess Xuguo knew that her daughter was sent to the countryside to recuperate.

The only reason why Duchess Xuguo even knew about this was because of what happened in the manor. Once Duke Xuguo found out Xu Yanru had become an abandoned wife and that even His Majesty was already aware, he began to have other ideas.

There was no need to go into details about the complexities that were involved. Long story short, Duke Xuguo wanted Jin Wang to divorce Consort Jin and marry Side Consort Xu as the main consort. Anyway, with both daughters of the Xu Family in Jin Wang Manor, it wasn’t impossible to replace one with the other.

Somehow, this matter became known to Duchess Xuguo. She cried all night, then ordered Mama An to visit her.

Xu Yanru gave a sarcastic smile. “Is it her or the other one who came up with this idea?”

The first one she was referring to was Xu Yueru, and the other was Lady Yulan.

“Consort, don’t take it to heart. If you really…”

Xu Yanru interrupted her. “Don’t worry, the prince will not agree. Even if the prince abandons me someday, it won’t be Xu Yueru’s turn to replace me.”


“You go back and tell my mother that I’m doing fine here, and I’ve never been better. If she thinks that the cats and dogs in the manor are too annoying, she can come here and move in with me. She’s not young anymore. There’s no need to continue to fuss with that person.”


“Mama An, you’re a smart person. Do you want me to be like my mother and live like that for the rest of my life?”

Mama An looked at Xu Yanru as if struck by lightning.

She did understand. Normally, she would try to persuade Madam, but she had already fallen into that pit and she didn’t want to climb out. It honestly wasn’t worth the anger and frustration, but she insisted on thinking about it and wasting her emotions. Nothing good ever came out of it, except a worsened health.

“You find what you seek and what I’m looking for is different from her.” Xu Yanru sighed and smiled before looking at Mama An. “Now that I live here, I can’t do anything about the matters outside. I’ll have to leave my mother in your care, Mama An.”

After speaking, she turned around and walked away.


Xiaobao: Mian Mian, you meanie. You actually let Yueyue look at my peepee. I’m still small, so it’s also small…

Mian Mian: You are still so young, so it’s normal for your peepee to be small. How big do you want it to be?

Xiaobao: 555, 2333…

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