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Chapter 157.1

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch. 157 Pt. 1

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“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“Get in the carriage.” Qing Wang retracted his hand.

Side Consort Han glanced at her elbow in disappointment. She nodded and climbed inside the carriage without saying anything else.

In another carriage, Consort Qing watched this scene through the carriage window, and her eyes shifted.

Beside her, Zhuzhu pulled on Consort Qing’s sleeve. “Mother, I’m sleepy.”

Consort Qing took her into her arms and said softly, “Since you’re sleepy, mother will hold you to sleep.” She shut the curtains of the carriage with one hand and stopped watching the scene.

When they arrived at Qing Wang Manor, Qing Wang swung off his horse and approached the carriage. He first helped Yan Ge’er off followed by Zhuzhu. Zhuzhu slept like a little pig and didn’t even wake up from being carried off the carriage. Holding Yan Ge’er’s hand, Consort Qing walked in with Qing Wang by her side.


A yelp came from behind. It was Side Consort Han’s voice.

With a turn of the head, they saw her stroking her calf with her brows furrowed, and a look of pain on her face. The maid next to her looked bewildered.

Qing Wang couldn’t help but stop. When Side Consort Han saw Qing Wang looking over, she immediately called out with tears in her eyes, “Your Highness, my foot seems to be sprained…”

Qing Wang looked at her hesitantly, then looked at Consort Qing.

Consort Qing’s face was expressionless. Side Consort Han let out another groan, and Qing Wang said hesitantly, “She’s pregnant… I’ll help her in first then come back…”

Consort Qing stretched out her hand to take Zhuzhu without saying a word. Holding Zhuzhu, she walked away with her head lowered.

Seeing their backs as the crowd left, a downcast look flashed in Qing Wang’s eyes. It wasn’t until the other party let out another groan that he slowly walked over.

“Mother,” called Yan Ge’er worriedly. Only in front of others would he address her as mother consort. Normally he simply called her mother.

“What’s wrong?” Consort Qing looked at him with a smile.

“It’s nothing.” Yan Ge’er shook his head, hiding the worry in his eyes.

After spending the second day relaxing at home, Jin Wang brought Yaoniang and Erbao out to offer New Year greetings.

The first place they went to was Duke Ningguo Manor, with the visit lasting for an entire day. Then they visited Hui Wang Manor, An Wang Manor, Dai Wang Manor and Yong Wang Manor. These households, they were obligated to visit. As for the others such as Lu Wang Manor and Qing Wang Manor, they only visited if they were invited over. When at other people’s homes, one needed to watch their own behaviour and keep an eye out for potential troubles. After several consecutive days of visiting, Yaoniang was exhausted. It wasn’t until the people from Qing Wang Manor sent an invitation that she finally showed a smile.

When the day finally arrived, they woke up at chen shi¹, washed up and had breakfast. Once the carriage and horses were prepared, they set off to go to Qing Wang Manor.

Qing Wang Manor was no different from the other manors. Everyone was full of joy. The servants are all dressed up and smiling. Even if someone in the family did pass away at this time, they have to wait until the New Year was over before mourning.

Qing Wang not only invited Jin Wang but his other older brothers as well.

Besides Hui Wang who didn’t bring his consort, all the other princes came with their consorts. As for Jin Wang, he brought Yaoniang. By now, everyone was aware that something had happened in Jin Wang Manor, resulting in Consort Jin falling out of favour, and being sent to the countryside to recuperate. Seeing that Emperor Hongjing didn’t say anything about Jin Wang bringing Yaoniang out to socialize, the others naturally didn’t say much.

At such a time, it was natural to be festive and lively. Qing Wang Manor even invited a theatre troupe over. The current trend amongst the people in the capital was to watch plays. Anyone who knows how to sing would hum a few lines of the songs with them. Yaoniang didn’t like watching the plays. The martial arts plays were too noisy, and the literary plays were too difficult for her to understand. She had watched them several times, but they only made her head ache.

According to Jin Wang, it was because she didn’t come in contact with it enough.

He wasn’t wrong. After all, back when Yaoniang was still a child, she only had the chance to watch a play twice. A wealthy family in the county had invited a theatre troupe to sing at a temple fair, but with so many people, she couldn’t see the actors at all.

As entertainment before the noon banquet, everyone sat in the theatre to watch the play.

Children also participated in such events. With all eight households added up together, there were more than 20 children. The older ones played with the older ones, while the younger ones played with the younger ones. As for the oldest ones, they stayed at the side of their mother or father.

Both Zhao Zuo, the eldest young master of Hui Wang Manor and fourteen-year-old Rongxia Junzhu, the eldest daughter of An Wang stayed with their parents. Rongxia Junzhu resembled Consort An, with a round face and narrow eyes. She was demure and didn’t talk much. With no one to talk to, she sat silently beside Consort An.

As the women chatted, they eventually discussed the topic of Rongxia Junzu’s marriage.

Amongst the consorts, Consort Wu was the youngest, but she was the most talkative. She asked questions until Rongxia Junzhu was blushing and felt the urge to hide, but she still wouldn’t shut up. Yaoniang and Consort Qing glanced at each other but didn’t interrupt. They sat there and only listened.

The men sat on the other side, across the hall. From where the women sat, they could see what was happening there but they were unable to hear anything clearly.

Meanwhile, the toddlers ran around here and there. It was completely different from what was usually seen in the palace. They knew that fooling around was prohibited in the palace, but not here, so they took full advantage of that.

Since they were celebrating New Year’s, it was important to have a cheerful atmosphere. Therefore, even if the children were naughty, no adults would reprimand them.

Seeing Consort An and Consort Wu about to spit fire at each other, Consort Qing and Yaoniang exchanged a glance, stood up and excused themselves saying they were going for a breather.

The two left the theatre.

The weather was good today. Although it was a little chilly, at least the sun was shining.

Yan Ge’er, Xiaobao, Zhuzhu and Yueyue were playing in the flower garden in front of the theatre, with several maids and mamas accompanying them. Seeing Yu Chan watching from the side, Yaoniang left with peace of mind.     

She followed Consort Qing down another path. Yaoniang asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter? I noticed that you are in a bad mood recently.”

Consort Qing wanted to cover it up at first, but now that she was directly asked, she looked down and said, “She’s pregnant again.”

Pregnant? Yaoniang was utterly shocked. It wasn’t until she saw the desolate look on Consort Qing’s face, that she hurriedly regained a neutral expression.

“It hasn’t even been that long but that matter is already over?” Yaoniang didn’t even know what to say. Qing Wang seemed to be a wise and thoughtful person, so why was he so muddleheaded in this matter?

Consort Qing smiled bitterly. “This is her usual method, pretending to be pitiful. She always has a way to win his sympathy. I used to lie to myself, His Highness only sympathizes with her and pities her, but he doesn’t actually like her. Now, I’m no longer so sure…”

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