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Chapter 159.1

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch. 159 Pt. 1

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Side Consort Han was wearing a lotus-coloured embroidered long jacket with an ice blue skirt that had a circle of pearls embedded on the hem. With a pearl hairpin inserted in her hanging cloud bun, she looked as gentle as water, like an orchid in a valley.

To be honest, Side Consort Han doesn’t have an extraordinary appearance. There’s nothing great about her facial features. What she does have is a superior temperament. It wasn’t obvious at first glance, but the more one looks at her, the more evident it becomes.

At this moment, Side Consort Han looked very pitiful. Her bun was messed up with strands of hair hanging down along the side of her fair face, making her look innocent and weak. Yaoniang couldn’t help but glance at Qing Wang. Sure enough, Qing Wang was looking at Side Consort Han with a complicated gaze. She turned to look at Jin Wang. Although Jin Wang was also looking at Side Consort Han, his eyes were full of coldness.

“Jirou, you…” Qing Wang hesitated.

Consort Qing looked at him with a sneer on her lips, “I’ve told you, Zhuzhu is worth much more than that mama’s life. If it wasn’t for Xiaobao and fifth brother today, my Zhuzhu would no longer be here. As a father, you’re charmed by women, but the mother is still there. Since you won’t pursue this matter, I will pursue it!”

As she spoke, Side Consort Han was brought in. Crying like a pear blossom in the rain, she wanted to rush over as soon as she saw Qing Wang but was held back by a mama.

This mama had a round face and one could tell from first glance that she was not easy to get along with. She pulled Side Consort Han back with a smile, and said, “Niangniang, the master hasn’t said anything yet so where do you think you’re going? Is it because the consort treats you so well and you don’t even understand the rules anymore? In the imperial family, your status is a side consort, but in any other family, your status would simply be that of a concubine. Do you know what a concubine is? When the master is sitting, the concubine stands. When the master tells you not to move, you behave yourself and you don’t move.”

The person who spoke was surnamed Xiao, known as Mama Xiao. She shares the same surname as Consort Qing because she is also a member of the Xiao Family, a distant relative of Consort Qing. At the same time, she was also the wet nurse of Consort Qing. With both these two relationships added up, Mama Xiao was a close confidant of Consort Qing.

Mama Xiao hasn’t been able to see eye to eye with this Side Consort Han for a long time. If it wasn’t because she wanted to avoid souring the relationship between the consort and His Highness even further, she would’ve crushed her to death already.

Mama Xiao’s words were so ugly that Side Consort Han couldn’t help but look at Qing Wang. But Qing Wang didn’t look at her. He was looking at Consort Qing, seemingly wanting to say something.

Consort Qing did not look at him, but looked at Side Consort Han and said, “You’re pregnant?”

Side Consort Han did not expect her to ask such a question. Her eyes flickered, and she said with tears streaming down her face, “Consort, this concubine… “

“Stop crying. From what I can remember, you have always been arrogant and complacent. In front of him, you act one way, in front of me, you wear another face. Aren’t you tired of wearing two different faces all day long?”

“Consort, what are you talking about, this concubine doesn’t understand.” Side Consort Han lowered her head, swallowing her anger, and portraying a look of being wronged.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. As long as you can recognize people that’s enough. Do you know that mama outside?”

Side Consort Han’s heart skipped a beat. “Which mama are you talking about, Consort?”

Consort Qing didn’t speak. Mama Xiao didn’t need anyone to instruct her before she dragged Side Consort Han out with ease as if she was a chicken. She pulled her to the mama who was beaten to death.

The mama was already a bloody mess, her lower body was soaked in blood. Lying face down on the bench, she had long stopped breathing.

Mama Xiao was not polite at all. She pressed Side Consort Han’s head close to the body for her to take a good look. Side Consort Han struggled hard and looked at Qing Wang desperately: “Cousin, please save me, save me…”

“Jirou…” Qing Wang’s voice was full of helplessness with a hint of begging.

Consort Qing remained unmoved. Mama Xiao asked the mama who was in charge of beating the person just now to turn the corpse’s head. An extremely terrifying face suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

The mama’s entire tongue was sticking out and it was a bloody mess. She couldn’t help biting her tongue hard because of the pain. Her eyes were wide open, and blood was pouring from all seven orifices. Those who were timider would be scared to death upon seeing this face.

Side Consort Han jolted back, but she couldn’t resist Mama Xiao’s strength at all. A light shriek sounded from her throat, evidently due to the extreme shock.

As soon as Yaoniang saw the face, she automatically covered Xiaobao’s eyes, while Yu Chan covered Yueyue’s. With no hands left to cover her own eyes, she could only turn her face away.

“Jirou, if you’re angry, you can take it out on me. After all, she’s pregnant. Even if you don’t respect the monk, can’t you look at the Buddha’s face?” Qing Wang finally found his voice, but it was weak and drained. 

Consort Qing smiled and said, “When she attacked Zhuzhu, why didn’t she think about Buddha’s face? It’s all because I thought too much of the Buddha’s face in the past that I ended up suffering so much loss from this little demon. By the way, she’s pregnant with a child. Normal pregnant women wouldn’t be able to withstand such a shock, yet she seems to be doing just fine.”

Before she finished her sentence, Side Consort Han retched, covering her stomach while whimpering in pain.

“Xiao Jirou! You…”

Consort Qing suddenly raised her eyes to look at Qing Wang and sneered, “We have been married for so many years. This is the second time you called me by my full name. The first time was the night we married in the bridal chamber…”

Hearing this, Qing Wang’s eyes suddenly showed a touch of pain, and his face softened: “Jirou…”

“These matters are matters of the past, things are different now. I told you she harboured ulterior motives but you didn’t believe me. I said she has a vicious heart, you still don’t believe me. I once hoped that you would believe me, but not anymore. I’ve told you that my Zhuzhu is worth more than a mama’s life. Aren’t you nervous since she’s pregnant? There’s a life in her belly, isn’t my Zhuzhu also a life? Don’t forget, it’s a tit for tat. This way no one would blame the other…”

Consort Qing’s voice became lower and lower, and she suddenly raised her voice, “Mama Xiao.”

“Yes!” Mama Xiao responded loud and clear.

It was unclear what the master and servant duo meant. Then they saw Mama Xiao shove Side Consort Han to the ground. She lifted her foot and stepped on Side Consort Han’s stomach. She even had a smile on her face as she said, “Side Consort Han, you mustn’t be resentful. Given how much suffering you caused Her Highness, it’s only natural that you’ll get what you deserve one day.”

Qing Wang wanted to stop her but it was too late. He could only watch helplessly as Mama Xiao’s large foot stepped down. Jin Wang was the closest. He shifted forward a bit, then stopped.

Yaoniang automatically covered her mouth.

Mama Xiao pressed her foot down completely and even turned it twice. Her face was full of glee. It was clear that after experiencing all the helplessness and suffering in the past, she finally vented it all today.

Side Consort Han made a scream that barely sounded human. Qing Wang wanted to rush over but was blocked by Jin Wang’s outstretched arm.

“Fifth brother!”

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