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Chapter 159.2

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 159 Pt. 2

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Jin Wang didn’t speak and only glanced at Consort Qing.

“Are you agreeing with her? Do you also think she’s not a good person? Fifth brother, am I still your younger brother? You were the one who asked me to marry her, is that why you’re on her side?!”

Qing Wang was clearly not keeping his tongue in check. His words cleanly denied all the good things that Jin Wang had done for him and his long-term marital relationship with Consort Qing.

He and Consort Qing did become husband and wife due to Emperor Hongjing’s decree, but it was Jin Wang who took a small portrait of Consort Qing to him in advance and arranged for them to meet. Only after Qing Wang agreed did Jin Wang go to ask Emperor Hongjing to bestow a marriage decree.

But now this sentence of his completely denied all of Jin Wang’s good intentions.

It even denied the development of his relationship with Consort Qing from when they first met, and their mutual promise to each other.

Consort Qing had thought about how far she would need to be pushed before her heart dies. At this moment, she heard the sound of her heart shattering to pieces.

Instead of crying, she laughed, “Today, I will show you what it means to be ill-intentioned. Isn’t she pregnant? Being tortured like this, she must’ve had a miscarriage. Mama Xiao, the doctor hasn’t left yet. Have the doctor come to take her pulse.”

Side Consort Han, who was curled up on the ground, stiffened. With everyone’s attention on her, this movement was naturally seen by everyone.

She groaned in pain and called out to Qing Wang, “Cousin, cousin…I want to go back…I won’t stay here anymore, everyone here is evil…”

“Go back to where? If you want to leave, leave. But before you do so, you must let the doctor take your pulse. Actually, a normal doctor won’t suffice. I’ll have someone go to the palace to invite an imperial physician over to take your pulse. Let’s see how long you can continue to pretend. That time, I only let you stand for a short while, and you suffered a miscarriage as soon as you went back. Because of this incident, although he didn’t say anything about it, he held resentment towards me. The amount of benefit you gained from this, I won’t mention, but do you think I’ll let you use the same trick to fool me again?”

Qing Wang’s face stiffened. He looked at Side Consort Han in disbelief.

Side Consort Han couldn’t be bothered to defend herself. She grabbed Qing Wang’s hand, and cried, “Your Highness, I really had a miscarriage that time. The consort is framing me. She has always disliked me…”

Consort Qing interrupted her, “Don’t worry. He’ll believe you, you don’t need to be so dramatic. You’ll be having another miscarriage this time, won’t you?” 

Her words caused Side Consort Han to choke. At this moment, the doctor who was invited over finally arrived and he approached Side Consort Han’s side to take her pulse.

Side Consort Han struggled, unwilling to let the doctor take her pulse, but Mama Xiao made a move and suppressed her. It was unknown what Qing Wang was thinking, but he didn’t help her.

This was probably the most unusual scene Yaoniang had ever witnessed: a patient being pressed to the ground so the doctor can take her pulse.

The doctor quickly finished taking her pulse, and said, “This woman is not pregnant. Her time of the month seems to have just passed, and there are some signs of loss of qi and blood.”

Side Consort Han screamed, “You’re lying! They’re all lies! You are one of the consort’s people and must have been bought by her…”

“Have someone go to the palace to invite an imperial physician.” Consort Qing said.

Qing Wang stood up. “No need.”


Consort Qing smiled and said, “Indeed there’s no need. Even I think it’s pointless. Whether you believe it or not, what has it to do with me?”

“No, it’s not like that. Jirou, I believe you.”

Consort Qing closed her eyes. Although he said this every time, he’d actually be shaken inside. She knew him too well. She knew him so well that she could understand what he was thinking from just the look in his eyes. His hesitation, doubt and skepticism were all too clear.

He didn’t trust her. He only wanted to appease her.

Consort Qing opened her eyes. Her gaze was clear and bright. “Let’s get a divorce.” 

What happened today was so unexpected, Yaoniang still hasn’t recollected herself by the time she got on the carriage to go back home.

There was no grief as great as despair. Consort Qing may have truly given up. After dropping the bomb of getting a divorce she had people pack up her stuff to return to her maiden home. She even took Yan Ge’er and Zhuzhu away with her, and Qing Wang did not stop them.

In fact, Qing Wang couldn’t stop her even if he wanted to. Side Consort Han was up to her usual ploys again. With blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, she hugged Qing Wang’s leg tightly, crying that she was in pain.

Yaoniang was angered by how shameless this woman could be. She was also extremely disappointed with Qing Wang.

After sending off Consort Qing, she dragged Jin Wang away angrily, unwilling to bother with Qing Wang, that foolish bastard.

“Your Highness, do you think Jirou will be able to divorce seventh brother?”

Jin Wang glanced at Yaoniang silently, making her feel like she had asked a stupid question.

Obviously, she couldn’t. Throughout history, there has never been a princess consort who dared to divorce a prince. To put it bluntly, there have only been princes who didn’t want their consorts. Even if he dies before her, she could only live as a widow for the rest of her life.

“Is their relationship salvageable?” murmured Yaoniang.

It was because she understood how complicated everything was that Yaoniang said that. Not to mention whether they would be able to successfully divorce, even if they do reconcile, Qing Wang would definitely remarry. Then what would happen to Zhuzhu? What about Yan Ge’er? It was said that once there’s a stepmother, the father would become like a stepfather. Not to mention that Side Consort Han still remained in that household. Who knows what would happen to the two children in the future?

And what would happen to Jirou? A woman that has been divorced from the imperial family, who dares to want her?

Just thinking about it caused Yaoniang’s head to hurt. Discouraged, she said, “How can there be such shameless and despicable people? Does her conscience not bother her?”

Her conscience definitely wasn’t a bother, since there wasn’t one in the first place.

Jin Wang had seen how ruthless a woman could be. They could achieve greater things than men because they were willing to be extremely ruthless to themselves in order to achieve their goals. As for men, they are sometimes held back by dignity and face. “There’s a Qiao Xiuli in the front and a Han Zhi’er in the back. These people are really terrible, like a venomous snake hidden in the dark, waiting to bite at any given moment. Why don’t you talk to Qing Wang? Doesn’t he listen to you the most…”

Yaoniang talked non-stop, her words pouring out one after another. It was obvious that she was greatly disturbed in her heart.

Jin Wang grabbed her hand and rubbed it in the palm of his hand. “Enough. Let’s not worry about other people’s affairs.”

Yaoniang saw that Jin Wang’s brows were wrinkled, and then she remembered the hurtful words that Qing Wang had said. She really hated iron for not turning to steel, and she had no idea what was going on in Qing Wang’s mind.

“Things happened too suddenly. Let both of them have some time to calm down.”

Yaoniang said hesitantly, “What if Jirou insists on a divorce?”

Jin Wang pondered for a while, “Benwang was responsible for setting up this matter in the first place. If she really wants a divorce, I’ll help her get a divorce.”

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