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Chapter 160.1

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Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch. 160 Pt. 1

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That night.

For some reason, Yaoniang was very excited.

More excited than she has ever been.

She was normally reserved, and would only be more vocal as she neared her peak. But today she was enthusiastic and even took the initiative. Jin Wang felt that she was especially greedy, sucking him more deeply than ever before, making his scalp numb.

With her arms tightly wound around Jin Wang’s neck, Yaoniang mumbled nonsense with her mouth. Eventually, her mumbles dissolved into sobs.

She has this thing where she cries when she feels comfortable and cries when she feels uncomfortable. The more she cried, the more Jin Wang wanted to bully her, bully her fiercely.

But today’s crying was not the same as before.

Her pupils seemed to be out of focus, and she was very agitated. Even as she cried, she didn’t forget to put effort into her current task. She said that if he has a change of heart one day, he should tell her in advance so she could take the initiative to give up her place and leave. Don’t let her go through what Consort Qing experienced, or she definitely wouldn’t be able to bear it.

It was very difficult for Jin Wang to hear what she was saying. At first, he wasn’t focused on hearing what she had to say. Plus, her words were incoherent and all over the place. He forcefully held back his urges and listened for a while before he understood what she was trying to say. He immediately knew what she was afraid of.

Recalling that she said she would leave, Jin Wang felt a burst of anger in his heart.

Leave? Leave to go where?

He spanked her perky ass twice, and immediately regretted it. Unable to hold back any longer, he didn’t continue the conversation. After a long while, he finally collapsed on top of her.

She was still shaking all over. Silent, he remembered what she had said earlier, and spanked her again.

“Where do you want to go?”

A moment later, Yaoniang’s head was finally clear. She realized she had done something stupid earlier when she told Jin Wang all the words hidden in her heart.

She didn’t want to admit such a shameful thing, so she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Little fool. Even though she was pretending to be asleep, her eyeballs were still moving. Jin Wang mocked her in his heart. Afraid that his spanks had hurt her, he stretched out his large palm to rub the soft tofu-like flesh, before rolling off the bed to clean himself up.

Once he was done tidying himself up in the bathroom, Jin Wang brought over a warm damp towel. He lifted the blanket to help her clean herself. Since Yaoniang was pretending to be asleep, she definitely couldn’t expose herself at this time. She could only keep her eyes tightly shut while her body turned as red as a lobster. Jin Wang also ate a few handfuls of tofu along the way.

When Jin Wang got on the bed again, she quietly shuffled toward him.

Jin Wang snorted and pulled her into his arms.

“Your Highness,” whispered Yaoniang in the silence.

Jin Wang made a hmm sound.

“You definitely won’t find someone else, right?”

Jin Wang made another hmm sound.

“Is that a yes or a no?” Yaoniang couldn’t hold herself back, and her voice became louder.

At this moment, Jin Wang didn’t want to bother with her anymore, and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

“Tell me.”

Jin Wang still ignored her.

Yaoniang was angry, about to fly into a rage out of embarrassment. Without caring that she was still naked, she lifted the blanket as if she was about to leave. “I’m going to sleep with Xiaobao.” 

She rolled over Jin Wang’s body but was suddenly grabbed by the waist and pressed down onto the bed.

“If you still have energy, let’s not sleep tonight.”

After that, the two of them didn’t sleep the entire night.

The next day, Jin Wang got up late since he didn’t need to report for work or visit other households.

When Yaoniang got up, she didn’t see Xiaobao or Yueyue, so she went to the east wing. Before entering the room, she heard the laughter of the young girl. Upon walking in she saw that Erbao was long awake and was sitting on the bed playing with Xiaobao and Yueyue.

To be more accurate, it wasn’t Erbao playing with his brother and sister, but more like being naughty and provoking Xiaobao and Yueyue.

He didn’t do anything besides sitting there and rubbing Xiaobao’s little bald head and tugging on Yueyue’s pigtails from time to time. His chubby face was very close to theirs. Eyes full of curiosity, it was as if he was studying why the top of the head was different for the two.

And Xiaobao and Yueyue probably slept late last night, so they didn’t want to get up. Even though Erbao was playing with them, the pair only shifted. The wet nurse tried to stop Erbao’s movements and Erbao let out a loud cry of frustration.

In the end, Yueyue couldn’t ignore him any longer and sat up. Looking at his wrinkled face as he tried to hold back his tears, she said, “Xiaobao Gege!”

Xiaobao immediately sat up, and fiercely said to Erbao, “Little stinky, what are you pulling on your Sister Yueyue for?!”

Erbao didn’t understand what his brother was saying. Thinking that his brother was playing with him, he smiled so wide that his two front teeth were showing and he screamed with excitement.

“I’m going to give you a beating.”

Yueyue hurriedly blocked him, protecting Erbao in her arms. “Erbao is still young, don’t beat him.” 

How could Erbao understand what his brother and sister were doing? Thinking that they were playing some sort of game with him, he hid in Yueyue’s arms and let out a peal of laughter. As he giggled, he turned to peak at Xiaobao, making Xiaobao furious.

Yaoniang was amused by this scene, so she leaned against the door and watched the three little ones without announcing her arrival. It was Yueyue who noticed Yaoniang first with her sharp eyes and called out to her.

Although Erbao was small, he knew that Yueyue’s cry of auntie referred to his mother, so he followed her gaze. As soon as he saw Yaoniang, a ray of light shone in his eyes. Calling out to her, he waved his little hand, making Yaoniang wonder whether she had been spending too little time with her second son.

Unlike Xiaobao, Erbao was taken care of by the wet nurse most of the time. Occasionally, Yaoniang would come by to feed him during the day, but this gradually happened less and less. When Yaoniang had a lot of things to do during the day, she would forget and Jin Wang also didn’t want her to feed him.

Yaoniang came over and lifted Erbao into her arms. Erbao was very happy and made all sorts of sounds as if to tell her what had just happened.

“Little rascal. Making trouble for your brother and sister so early in the morning.” Yaoniang nudged his little nose.

The wet nurse standing nearby said, “When Second Young Master woke up this morning, he saw that the Eldest Young Master and Miss Yueyue didn’t go to see him. Then he made a big fuss wanting to come over.” 

“Has he eaten yet?”

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